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2013 Ford Escape



  • I don't know about you, but apparently I'm always resting my foot while driving. My last suv with 100K miles, that had a rubber over carpet foot rest, I completely wore out. So I've found a perfectly fitting footrest on ebay. I've posted a photo in my album. It was very inexpensive, as long as you don't mine waiting 3-4 weeks for delivery.

    Next? I've order the matching accelerator/brake pedals.
    Cheers, Rollsplat
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Just picked up my new Escape today, came out of the old one, night and day difference, this new one just drives SO much better. Only thing I don't like in the new Escape is there isn't the same amount of nooks & crannies to put stuff on/in the middle console. Clearly wasn't a deal breaker. Came with the 201A package + MFT, 27,065msrp, 25,225invoice, bought it at invoice minus 1,000rebate + 750private cash offer. Also got around 2,000 more for my trade than anticipated, it was a deal to good to pass up (knock on wood). Will post mpg's when I get some miles on it. In the owner's manual they say not to track mpg during the 1st 1,000miles so everyone who isn't getting the mpg's they thought should wait until it breaks in a bit before thinking you got a lemon. I consistantly got 27-28mpg hwy in my old Escape doing 70-75mph which was right there with the 28mpg rating.
  • brianjames4brianjames4 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Finally got the two recalls taken care of. Took way too long to get the parts in. Now, the climate control fan does not work. The A/C does work but the cold air is not being pushed out by the fan. The MAX A/C doesn't do anything. I have to drop it off on Friday for Service to take apart the dash to get to the mechanisms. The only other problem, which happened once, was that there was no sound coming from the radio/Sirius/or iPod, nor could I hear the voice commands. A day later, everything was fine. Regardless, the Escape drives like a dream. I get 29-30 mpg on my 18 mile commute to work which is both city streets and highway. Hopefully there won't be any more issues.
  • southtxsouthtx Posts: 14
    Well we are now waiting for 'parts' to fix the cruise control that's still not working. And the MFT is doing whatever the hell it wants, whenever it wants to do it. The display changes, it powers the entertainment on and off by istelf, and oftentimes won't power off at all until you shut down and exit the vehicle. In Sirius mode, we now have the information 'block' in the middle of the screen on all the time with the message 'No Signal'. Even though Sirius is playing just fine. The message goes away when another status message pops up... but then comes back. Pull into the garage and actually lose the signal, and it goes to 'Acquring Signal', then disappears, then to 'No Signal'. And cycles like that until we either shut down or back out where we DO have a signal, then it's constant 'No Signal'. When we picked the vehicle up (delivery), in 'home display' mode, the Navigation would display the street and other info in the big box on the right. One day that disappeared and I couldn't make it come back. Then one day it was back... and now it's gone again. We still get the street info in the 'Navigation' box at the top right corner while in other modes... but only the compass shows in the big box in 'home' mode. When my wife took in it Monday and started describing the problems, the service advisior just started rubbing his forehead. I suspect that's not a good sign.
  • dlw2001dlw2001 Posts: 1
    Interesting to read these comments. Sucks the joy way out of new car purchase when you immediately have annoying issues. First I had to wait far too long on a part for recall. Then later had air bag malfunction light staying on... still in shop today for this, day 3. Gave me a loaner car, then wanted that particular one back, and made me swap for another loaner, pain! I was told that the airbag area had been worked on before by a different dealership (they had brought this car in for me btw), No one had disclosed this information prior to my purchase! I am irate about that! My dealer says they just didn't know until they got inside and found faulty workmanship and a part "taped" together!! What is my recourse? It remains to be seen now if my dealer can fix the problem, "should" know today.
    I am only seeing about up to 22mpg. mixed with a total of 750 miles on it, most not by me. Now I'm wondering if I have another problem, and should be seeing much better mileage based on reports of others? I'm trying to stay all zen about this, but I am way disappointed in this vehicle. I agree with others on the little things as well, such as lack of storage.. really ford not one cubby for small items in the dash area? A really big sticker is the fact that those clunky buttons on the steering wheel completely block the sightline to the ignition, I have to lean way over to see where to stick the key. If i could "do-over" i would get a different vehicle, and check this one out in another couple of years for improvements!
  • dlw2001 - Sounds like you've had some real problem with the airbag issue, sorry to hear that. But don't be discouraged - I have 1500 miles now and I know I complained about a lot of little things, but in general, I am happy with my decision and ride and don't have any "deal-killers". Once you get your car back and had some time to spend with it, I think you'll be happy about your decision. Hang in there! Cheers, Rollsplat
  • davesnedegardavesnedegar Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    My wife needs a new car and she wants an all wheel drive. I told her only if it gets good gas mileage. At the moment, we're considering the 2012 Honda CRV and the 2013 Escape. This car is for her and she is technology challenged. From my perspective, I'm interested in what people are getting for MPG with the 1.6L all wheel drive escape. Also, it seems like the "My ford" without the "Touch" may be a lot more reliable than the Touch version. The last thing I want to hear is about issues with technology (I wish Ford had used someone other than Microsoft). My view is the Honda CRV is the safe and boring choice, and the Escape is really what I want... but I'm not going to be driving it that much.

    Input is appreciated!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Toyota Venza, I4, F/awd, same rear drive system as the Escape but well beyond "birthing pains".
  • wnukwnuk Posts: 40
    edited August 2012
    I just this week leased a 2013 Escape. I compared it to the CRV just like you have. Though the CRV is a very solid choice, it felt too "car like" for me. Seating had you very low to the ground when getting in where as the Escape was more SUV like in that you felt higher up while driving. The second area I noticed was the CRV engine/tranny combo seemed to be geard more to staying in 6th gear to help on fuel. This left the engine feeling very "flat" in response, especially whne climbing a gentle grade. The Eco Boost in the Escape felt much more responsive to me. There were some nice features of the CRV , don't get me wrong. For me, the feel of the Escape was more of what I was looking for.

    I compared the CRV EX AWD to the SEL AWD.

    Enjoy your shopping experience. I would suggest test driving the two back to back (I did) and that may help you figure out which is right for you.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Google for:

    ecoboost condensation

    Apparently only happening to EcoBoost F150's at the moment and clearly can put one in a dangerous situation.
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    Compared 6-8 SUV's and decided on Escape. I liked the looks, 2.0 engine, Technology it offers, and reasonable gas mileage. Looked at Mazda C-5 under powered reviews say, Venza too Camry like, CRV, CrossTour double boring, Tiguan-over priced, RAV4 dated styling--- 2013 coming soon restyled, Highlander too pricey with options I wanted . Drove Honda's for years--- bought passenger car but found need SUV type so traded 2012 VW Passat gas engine. Delivery late next week. VW is and was flawless and better driving experience than all the Honda's I drove for years. Think I know what German driving experience is now having owned 2 VW recently. Honda was all trouble free but boring. Soooo if I was influencing the buying decision for my wife I would put her in the Honda just to avoid the uncertainty. If she likes the Escape then good call maybe to avoid the My Ford Touch (MFT). Seems to be the most issues that you hear about. I suspect they have sold 20,000 Escapes by now and suspect they are not all having problems but you don't need that possible phone call about My Ford Touch. McMahon Ford is offering 2000.00 off over their Internet web site on 2013 Escapes. No other area dealer was pricing them like they are. I have seen bigger discounts than that a few hours away from St. Louis area.
  • Just had our new 2013 Escape for 11 days. Was loving it, but just noticed that water has been coming in through somewhere and soaking the headliner. Reason I know is because of a water stain on the headliner around the top of the frame on the driver's side. I notice from previous comments on this forum about the same issue. Seems like the new escape is prone to this problem.
    Be interesting to see how many people have had this issue.
    We don't have a sun roof on ours so that can't be blamed.
    A previous poster is correct when they say that it sucks the joy out of new car ownership.
    I have been in contact with Ford and awaiting a response from them and will talk to my dealer tomorrow.
    I will post when I find out more. I certainly don't want a brand new car in for repairs for days and a new headliner to hide other damage caused by the water getting in.
  • Do you have roof rails? I can't imagine it could be anything but either the roof rails or front windshield, both of which seem highly unlikely. I wait for your findings.
  • -novascotiaguy
    We had ours for 2 days before we realized that we had growing water stains in the headliner (see my other posts). We immediately demanded a new vehicle or a refund. We didn't get any argument from Ford or the dealership, only their sincere apologies. According to the dealership, this was the first instance of this problem that Ford has seen. I really have no idea if that's true, and I have not heard if they have determined the root cause. In your case I would certainly demand a replacement vehicle. A leaking roof can cause all kinds of problems that creep up over time. Maybe you won't have any problems, or maybe you will have numerous issues that require multiple trips to the dealership for repair. You have no idea how long its been leaking, how far the water has spread and what has been affected. Its like buying a flood car. Its too big of an issue to have worry about on a brand new car. In our case they are building us a new car and gave us a rental (Ford Explorer XLT) until the new one arrives in early September. They are also doing a "show car build" on the new one, which means that it goes through more inspections during the build process.
    I started a thread for this specific issue on Blue Oval Forums. I would appreciate it if you would add your story to that thread so that it is clear that this is not just a one case freak occurrence. I have the panoramic roof, but as you said, you do not. This is obviously not just a case of some [non-permissible content removed] leaving the sunroof open. There is some other kind of problem going on with this car, and it should be documented. Just Google "2013 Ford Escape Leaking Roof" to find the thread. Thanks. I hope it all works out for you.
  • shark_driver - I have reviewed your post related to your 2013 Escape on this forum and blueovalforums. Thanks for sharing. I live in Hampton, VA and would like to know what dealership you purchased your vehicle. They are providing you with great customer service.
  • We bought it from Freedom Ford through NFCU's buying service. So far we've been happy with them. They were very responsive, and the problems we had are Fords issues anyway. The dealers are unfortunately caught in the middle. We still love the car and I think that the issues people are having are the exception not the rule.
  • flbentflbent Posts: 5
    Picked a new escape SEL loaded. 2.0,, park assist, touch, etc; and I have A real problem.
    When hard accelerating the car looses power, rpm drops to idle speed and the car will only slow down. Makes Passing and merging a dangerous proposition.
    The car is 1 month (3000miles)old and in the shop for the first time. This is my 5th new ford and the first in-warranty shop visit ive ever had to make. Makes me a little unsure when my service mgr
    Says. "hmmm. New trans, new engine, new computer, can you leave it with us for a few days?"
  • shark_diver. tks again for info.
  • southtxsouthtx Posts: 14
    It's now 8 days since we took the Escape to the dealer (last Monday). They kept it overnight, then told us we could come get it Tuesday because they couldn't do anything until they heard from Ford. I understood this to mean they were waiting for guidance on WHAT to do... but also think I heard that they now need approval before doing ANY kind of warranty work on these vehicles. When we checked yesterday evening, they still hadn't heard back from Ford. This didn't seem resonable to me. It's been 8 days. So I subjected myself to the frustration of Ford Customer Care this morning and opened a case for 'elevation'. What I learned was that they see nothing associated with our VIN other than the recall work. So nothing from when dealer #1 worked on the cruise control, windows, memory seats and MFT bugs... and nothing from dealer #2, who is waiting over a week now on a call back from Ford. Which probably isn't a surprise because Ford doesn't know there's a problem!
    So now I wait for 'up to' 48 hours for someone from Customer Care to contact the people that were supposed to be talking to each other all along and find out what's going on. Sigh.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    What was the humidity..?

    Sounds like the intercooler condensation problem Ford is having with the F150.
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