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2013 Ford Escape



  • escapeismescapeism Posts: 39
    edited August 2012
    What was the driving conditions at the time?? Lots of humidity? raining outside? How long had you been driving in these conditions? I only ask because it appears to happen with the F-150 eco when driving for long periods at highway speeds when the dew point and air temp are the same.
  • flbentflbent Posts: 5
    In each of the three times it happened weather was dry and road conditions were excellent. The dealer did call to say they needed another day.
  • flbentflbent Posts: 5
    I live in Florida. Its always humid.
  • Thanks Shark Diver. In my case they have so far taken out the windshield and put it back again as they thought it was a faulty seal. Then they intend to clean the headliner and put it back. I'm not happy and it is hard to get hold of Ford at the best of times. It is just not good enough and I intend to put my point strongly. As you say, it has probably been leaking since it left the factory. Both my wife and I have allergy issues and asthma, so don't want mold or toxic chemicals in the confined space.
    I am sick of Ford already. Should have got a Volkswagen.
  • Yes, we have roof rails, but the dealer seems to think it's coming through the windshield. They have taken it out and re installed it. The annoying thing is that they are putting back the old 'stained' headliner after cleaning it. That isn't good enough in my opinion.
  • Just had our new 2013 Escape for 11 days. Was loving it, but just noticed that water has been coming in through somewhere and soaking the headliner. Reason I know is because of a water stain on the headliner around the top of the frame on the driver's side. I notice from previous comments on this forum about the same issue. Seems like the new escape is prone to this problem.
    Be interesting to see how many people have had this issue.
    We don't have a sun roof on ours so that can't be blamed.
    A previous poster is correct when they say that it sucks the joy out of new car ownership.
    I have been in contact with Ford and awaiting a response from them and will talk to my dealer tomorrow.
    I will post when I find out more. I certainly don't want a brand new car in for repairs for days and a new headliner to hide other damage caused by the water getting in.
  • Sounds like someone on the windshield assembly line needs to be retrained. Of course the caulking could be the culprit. Geez, so many variables when it comes to this kind of stuff. Sometimes when I work on my vehicles the smallest of jobs turns into a big pain in the butt. It just reminds me of "if you want something done right then do it yourself". Of course we all can't go to the Ford factory and watch our vehicles get built, let alone build them ourselves!! Sorry about the rant cause I feel for you folks having problems.
  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Posts: 191
    I hope you had the dealer sub this work to a glass shop, the dealers do not do this type of work if they did your windshield will never be like the original installation.
  • wcutlipwcutlip Posts: 1
    If you haven't purchased a car yet, would like to give my opinion on 2013 Ford Escape. Have had the SEL for almost a month now. Has 2100 miles on it. Downsizing from 8 cyl Mercury Mt. The 2013 with turbo boost was the only 4 cyl that accomodated my 8 cyl lead foot. Also test drove the Honda CRV and Chevy Equinox. No to both, not enough power. Got 28.4 MPG on a trip. About 20 around town. Everyone that drives it is impressed with it's "zippy" "snappy" driving. It does drive like a car, not an SUV. Is fun to drive. The backup camera and blind spot indicators I love. No sign of leaky roof yet as others are complaining about. Although I have noticed that the radio will turn off for no reason. The "kick the foot under the back bumper to open the hatch" is also handy when your hands are full but you seem to have to kick it just in the right spot. And you must kick, waving or swiping your foot won't work. Got the SEL to get the leather interior with power seats but I do have serious issues with the seats. They are hard, uncomfortable. And they are about an inch or two too short. Anyone over 5ft is gonna have issues with the seating. And unless you are 6ft tall and can move the seat all the way back the arm rest is worthless. It is too low and too far back. Arms get pretty tired just hanging there. Have since purchased a large piece of foam to rest my arm on. But then it covers up the only "storage" for cell phone, etc that the driver has access too, which are two cup holders. The storage under the armrest is too deep to be any use. You will have to dig and dig to find anything. Glove box is roomy but driver can't reach it. There is some storage in door. The passenger seat is the only place you have to put purse, keys, phones, etc. So I make everyone ride in the back seat...just kidding. The SYNC my ride is absolutely worthless in my opinion. I seriously suggest anyone buying this car test drive it for at least an hour. Esp if you have back problems. The seats are my main issue with this car. And others that have drivin it notice right off that the edge of the seat does extend out far enough and causes serious stress on your legs. The seats need more padding or some springs or something and the seat bottom needs refashioned. Ford supposedly fashioned these seats after high end office chairs. These seats are not high end cos I have a comfortable office chair and these seats 'ain't' it!!
  • There is a part of me that is feeling the same way. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have bought an American car. The only exception being my Jeep, which is more of a road going tractor than a car. Leaks and rattles are all part of its appeal, and the concept of fit and finish doesn't apply the same way on a vehicle with drain holes in the floorboard. Our last normal road car was an Infiniti G37 and it was flawless. We really loved that car, but we needed something that was baby friendly. I had come to believe that the American auto makers have really done a lot to improve their quality in the last few years and are now on-par with the Japanese competition, and the Escape was the only small SUV that didn't completely bore us. Now we have all these problems. I'm still not ready to say that the problems that others and I have had are anything more than statistical outliers, but we'll see. The replacement car we are getting on the 3rd is supposed to have gone through a much more rigorous inspection and build process. If that car has problems, then I guess I was at least wrong about buying this car, maybe about U.S. makers in general, and it may just make me go back to a Japanese maker.

    I do wonder what is behind them choosing to fix your vehicle, when they replaced mine. Is it because when I had the problem, Ford had yet to see it, and thus hadn't isolated the cause and found a fix? Is it a dealership issue? I'm just curious what determines what customer gets what resolution. Maybe it was my extremely pregnant wife waddling into the dealership with tears in her eyes two days after picking up the car. Also, we did drop the car off on a Saturday and told them that under no circumstances did we want it back. The bank check hadn't even been processed by the finance dept.
    I do hope they can get it resolved to your satisfaction.
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    I have only had my Titanium 4 days but trip home was 31.2 mpg all Interstate at 65mph about 22 miles and low A/C. Some rolling hills. Over the last three days with 60% hwy and 40% stop and go it shows 26.2. So far it has been flawless with no issues.

    Built on 8/14. I will do the calculator mpg thing after just filling it up over the week end. It seems to visually be fine for fit and finish and everything works. I hope all of you with issues can get them resolved because with about 20,000 of these on the road I hope that the ones with issues are the small percentge any manufacturer is going to have. The Honda forum which I looked at before buying about 10 Honda's in a row also had some owners that were not happy. The happy owners usually never post to forums has been my experience.
    I hope for a speedy resolution to all your issues. If you can get things going I think you will like the vehicle.
  • I have a 2.0 SEL FWD on order and I will let you know as soon as I get it. By the way, how long does it take for an order to come in? I didn't get a good answer from my dealer. They said 4 weeks or so.
  • We're planning to purchase a 2013 Escape SEL AWD within the next 6 months. We live in SW Michigan (flatlanders) and I'm thinking the 1.6L would be fine for everyday driving. We like to travel and here's where the advice is needed. We're planning future trips to several national parks (eg Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite) - obviously this involves a lot of mountain driving! Would the 1.6L engine have adequate power to comfortably take on the uphill climbs (BTW we won't be towing a boat or trailer) and enough "kick" for passing the RVs on the two lane roads? or should we upgrade to the 2.0L?
    We're two 60 something retirees and we don't need the extra HP for "show."
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    With the type of mountain driving that you are going to do, I would upgrade to the 2.0. The difference in gas mileage will be neglible. The 2.0 will give you a degree of safety when passing in the mountain terrain.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited August 2012
    You think he really needs the 2.0L for the <1% of the overall time he will own the vehicle...? Really poor purchasing choice.
  • nortdnortd Posts: 13

    2012 escape 4 cyl XLT auto
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    I had same type of decision and decided on 2.0. Titanium. After adding that 2.0 engine to the SEL it puts you close to the Titanium price (comes with 2.0) after also adding the Parking Technology package to SEL. I wanted Parking Technology for the safety features. I would highly recommend the Parking Technology package it is great. I do not need the parallel parking piece but the blind side alerts and reverse camera are very helpful. The gas mileage difference will be small. I had a incident going to Florida where three lanes became two and since I was not familiar with the area I had to floor the prior car I was in to get out of the way of a Semi that was coming over from the third land reduced to two. There was not much happening when I floored it. If you only use the more power in one situation it will be worth the price rather than get in a dangerous situation. That may never happen but I just did not want to being thinking "I wish I would have opted for the bigger engine." Getting over 26 mpg in daily drives of 60/40 Interstate/City driving. Only has about 300 miles but everything works fine and I am really enjoying driving the vehicle.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Yes I do. Much more enjoyable drive. Extra power when required.
  • Thanks for your insight - I'm also interested in the backup camera and BLIS - similarly the auto parallel parking feature has little appeal to me.
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