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2013 Ford Escape



  • The dealer finally installed the 12S34 "kit" to fix the brake/accelerator carpet clearance issue yesterday. I was skeptical about how it would work, but I can say now the problem is 100% resolved.

    FYI - MY VIN was NOT on the recall list, so it took a little prodding with Ford. If you have this issue, get it fixed! You'll be happy you did.">

    Cheers, Rollsplat
  • flbentflbent Posts: 5
    i have blis on my 2.0 it is a great feature, especially when backing out of a straight in parking spot, works when you have one of those monster ford raptor trucks parked next to you and you cant see whats coming. VERY USEFUL. didn't think i'd care for park assist either, now i look for parallel parking just for the fun of it, it is a great toy. Backup camera is a must have if their are any children around, takes getting used to having it but once you train yourself to look at the dash, it makes driving easier. Especially when parallel parking without park assist. I really like my escape
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I asked myself the same question when I was about to order. I liked the idea of a few more mpg's (hey, every little bit adds up) but I travel to my home in AZ for a month every winter, which involves mountain driving. I also travel around the region when I'm there, which includes some mountain driving. I didn't want to take the risk of the 1.6 being under powered for this type of driving and regretting my decision, so I went with the 2.0 Titanium and never looked back. Also, I didn't care about leather and I wanted HID headlights. I've been averaging 26.6 mpg (Fuelly stats) in 50/50 everyday driving and got 34 mpg on a road trip the first week I had the car. It has plenty of power when needed, (and sometimes when it's not needed) gets in my book good gas mileage and from what I've read is quieter than the 1.6 which has to strain a little in certain circumstances. Go out and drive both, I think you'll like the 2.0 better.
  • rollsplatrollsplat Posts: 12
    edited September 2012
    Here's the Before and After photo:

    Cheers, Rollsplat
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    You are a wealth of information. Whatever car you buy I am buying when we both get rid of our Escapes. I am up to 8 days with vehicle 2.0--- like it more every day and like you seeing about 26.2 on everyday driving and pushing 30 on extended Interstate. Have seen over 30 a time or two but too short trip to declare that the mpg. Like it more everyday and everything works no leaks, mpg okay, no torque steer. Wow I am grateful and sorry others have had mentioned problems. Like any new car they are great when they work and the ones having problems deserve to feel good about their purchase and hope there is a resolution that they will report back on or at least hear the status.
  • Hi, I'm considering the 2013 escape SE and noticed the exact issue with the arms rests when I test drove it. I really like all other features, but the arm thing is a big issue. I like the idea of the foam for the right side (stupid question, but where did you get your foam btw?), but what about the left arm? How do you fix that?
    Also, I'm wondering if you can telescope the steering wheel all the way out so that you can then move the seat back to compensate for the reach issue? Please let me know as I need to make a decision by tomorrow!
  • Page 64 of owners manual indicates that it will telescope. Would be good to confirm this.
  • Confirmed. It telescopes and tilts.
  • You can telescope the steering wheel and move the seat back, but can your legs comfortably reach the pedals?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..engines that are designed to be efficient.."

    No, a DFI engine with a compression ratio lower than 10:1 is NOT efficient. SkyActive DFI engines are running a CR as high as 14:1. Yours would probably get much closer to 40 MPG were it not for the EcoBoost engines being so severely "detuned" in simple cruise mode, off-boost.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • It DOES tilt and telescope, but not a lot of either. At least as I recall... since ours has been in the dealer's shop for the past two weeks, and a total of three (out of 9 weeks ownership). They have supposedly fixed the cruise control problem... but I don't think they've done anything yet with the MyFordTouch issues. Ford directive is trouble-shoot 'one problem at a time'. I can almost understand that, because it's painfully obvious that the mechanics don't know what to do with any of the electronics. Ford stepped up and paid for a rental (without me having to ask)... but I'm going to wait about two more days before pressing for them to just replace it the vehicle. But would the replacement be any better? I'd be hoping we have an 'early build' problem and they've figured it out by now. Hard to have confidence in the vehicle at this point. :-(
  • bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Posts: 377
    edited September 2012
    No, a DFI engine with a compression ratio lower than 10:1 is NOT efficient. SkyActive DFI engines are running a CR as high as 14:1. Yours would probably get much closer to 40 MPG were it not for the EcoBoost engines being so severely "detuned" in simple cruise mode, off-boost.

    Horrible analysis and regurgitation of falsehoods by an ignorant person.

    No naturally aspirated engine reaches its static compression ratio under
    You have to compress a full cylinder of air to reach 12:1 (14:1 under premium only) At -10inHg, the effective CR of the Skyactiv for example is UNDER 8:1!!!

    From Understanding Effective Compression Ratios article:

    As a general rule, the best available pump gas will work with 8:1 effective compression ratio. To get 8:1 effective compression ratio with the above rod, stroke, and cam intake closing event, you would need a 13.2:1 static compression piston.

    An an Ecoboost while 'cruising' is not 'off-boost'. They either have lower vacuum than an NA engine or mild positive boost at the manifold.

    You would have to be completely ignorant to think that an engine with a static CR of 12:1 stays that high under vacuum. That is not physically possible, and also blantantly false.

    The Ecoboost will be very near the same effective CR as a Skyactiv under cruise, and much higher under accel. The Ecoboost effective CR peaks at 20:1 under full boost, and is higher than the Skyactiv at any throttle level above idle.

    NOBODY should consider their engine 'detuned' because wwest says so.
  • Hello everyone.

    Just curious about what kind of MPG other owners are getting?

    So my wife has had her Escape for 5 weeks. It has 1617 miles and I was ignoring the computer that says she is averaging 19.1 MPG becasue I know how much those numbers flucuate based on conditions. Her Trip B has not been reset since we have owned it and that says 17.9 average.

    Well then I saw her CC statement. She has spent $312 on gas since we picked up the car. There is $272.54 in charges on her card and $40 cash on Monday. Her statement does not list how many gallons she has purchased or even the price per gallon just the total. But we buy gas almost always on base and it averages .20 cheaper than a typical gas station. Im guessing about $3.65 average per gallon. Then take into account it had a full tank when we got it, she has half a tank left now and I am estimating between 85-90 gallons.

    Now I know 1617 miles in 5 weeks is a lot. Here is a quick breakdown of her usage.

    390 miles round trip twice to visit her sister (99% highway driving)=780
    454 miles to visit my parents, again over 90% highway driving. = 454
    For work she drives 11 miles each way 8 of which are on the highway.
    She only works 14 days a month and has driven her escape to work 11 times since she has owned it. 11x22=242
    total of 1476 so that leaves 141 miles of her going shopping and local errands.

    I am just thinking with over 90% highway driving she should be above 25 mpg average. Oh and also, she does have the Eco award for anticipation and acceleration on her dash if anyone thinks that matters.


    I had posted this on a ford forum two weeks ago and have only received one reply so I figured to give this forum a shot.

    So she has had her Escape now for almost 8 weeks and still getting horrible MPG. She now has 1920 miles and shows 19.2 on the trip A (reset after each fill up) and 20.8 on trip B (never reset). Again she still has the Eco Award.

    As if the bad MPG wasnt annoying enough she told me last night after getting home from work that it stalled while she was at a red light and when she started it back up her Myford touch screen was blank. So I am starting to think we got a bad one. Anyway we are going to the dealership in a few minutes to see if they can get her touch screen back on and I will be mentioning the bad MPG also.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated, Thanks
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...As a general rule....8:1 intake closing event...would need 13.2:1...."

    Why are you using an Atkinson engine specification to justify an Ecoboost engine not being detuned..?
  • bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Posts: 377
    edited September 2012
    What are you talking about? The example in the article was actually for a small-block Chevy. Standard Otto-Cycle.

    Why are you claiming a naturally aspirated engine can compress less than 1ATM of air to its static compression ratio?

    Do you think an engine is getting 12:1 Effective CR in total vacuum? (I.e outer space?)

    What exactly is an engine compressing? AIR.

    Less than atmo, your beloved Skyactiv is NOT getting 12:1 Effective CR and you know it. It is not possible :D

    Boosted engines, on the other hand, frequently exceed their static CR, and have a range of effective CRs under boost, up to double their base CR (bone stock, in regular gas)

    That is NOT specific to Atkinson engines. Don't tell me you have your patents screwed up in your head again?

    This is true of ALL 4-strokes.

    ANY boost calculator on any boosted engine shows that more air in the chamber = a higher ECR.

    Effective CR / Static CR = air chamber pressure / 1ATM. Simple calc that shows that under vacuum, ECR less than SCR. Above vacuum, ECR greater than SCR.

    So yeah, your 'detuned' argument falls flat on its face.
  • Ars2010,

    I can speak for the 3.5 Ecoboost in that it has to be broken in.

    The first 6 months I got 17 highway mpg. Now it's more like 23 average highway trip (granted, I'm in the non-economical F-150).

    Of it is stalling at lights as well, that needs to be looked at.

    Sorry cant help more.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I have a 2.0L Titanium and my Fulley stats show I'm averaging 25.8 with 50/50 driving. The one thing I noticed is you have to be light on the accelerator from stops or mpg's suffer.
  • bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Posts: 377
    edited September 2012
    No, a DFI engine with a compression ratio lower than 10:1 is NOT efficient. SkyActive DFI engines are running a CR as high as 14:1. Yours would probably get much closer to 40 MPG were it not for the EcoBoost engines being so severely "detuned" in simple cruise mode, off-boost.

    To summarize, NO.

    Skyacyiv under 'cruising' will have a Dynamic Compression Ratio of only 7.9-8.9: :1 depending on throttle position.

    Whereas Ecoboost will have a cruising ECR of 9.5-11:1 CR. On average, higher than Skyactiv.

    ALL the literature out there supports this. I can link I you like, but maybe another thread would be better so the good people of the Ford Escape forum don't have to hear your ridiculous theories :sick:
  • flbentflbent Posts: 5
    edited September 2012
    OR, only the people with problems post. I Purchased A white tricoat SEL 2.0 With touch, park assist, Navigation, sunroof, blis, (loaded) In July. I now have over 4,800 miles on it Average gas (my calculations) mpg is 28. I had 1 problem with the car stalling on a hard acceleration(not good) 1 trip to dealership who talked with ford while they were troubleshooting, never saw the problem again and that was in the first week of ownership. My Ford Touch works fine for me. It took a while of sitting in the car with the instruction manual and several errors on MY part to get it. Nobody, but maybe Bill Gates, is going to hit the ground running with a new operating system like this. If you own one or are test driving one, the best place to start is ask: "what can I say?" read the screen, find what you deem useful and go from there. If your trying to learn and drive at the same time, GOOD LUCK. My favorite so far is to tell her "I'm Hungry" she ask local or in town and away we go to dine, actually found some great restaurants that i did not know about. But probably the most important thing MyFord Touch has done for me was getting myself to an ER after an injury. I didn't know where the closest hospital was, (wasn't life threatening, just painful) but i declared an emergency, then hospital, and the car guided me to help. It wasn't a lifesaving event by any means, but I think I appreciate this new technology a little more.
    To sum "I like my new Escape"
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