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2013 Honda Accord



  • faischivofaischivo Posts: 26
    edited October 2012
    Sounds like you want a G37 coupe in a sedan ,well this Honda is a family sedan .
    That rides like a hot rod, great on gas and yes it feels great taking the turns so much so it will ask for more gas .Had mine for over a week exl v6 with navi .
    Nothing but pure joy, Honda did a fantastic job. Comfort ,ride, and as a family sedan handels great, ,brakes are good no noise ,I cant say a bad thing about this car and it comes with all the goodies .Test drive it ,,,I think you will like it.
  • okaniokani Posts: 20
    I went to try both 2012 and 2013 EX-L I4, they don't have HomeLink on EX-L anymore - strange, I still park my car in garage and don't want to use remote garage opener, but let me describe test driving experience.
    2013 model has bigger trunk, more leg room for a 2nd row, narrower driver's seat - but men, seat are more softer and comfortable vs what I have. Now, introduced CVT transmission - for some it makes great sound, for me bad noise, I did try to accelerate from full stop and the amount of "noise" this car was producing was not proportional to the acceleration it was making, unlike 2012 model, you can feel how you're picking up and all that without that noise that 2013 produces. My goal is to spend less on gas, so by being spoiled on 09 EX-L V6 it is a hard thing to achieve with 2013 model vs 2012. This is something I'll be considering now, because it will be harder to join highways, some folks will think that there is a woman or some beginner because you'll need to wait for highway to free up in order to get on it, and that great sound will become a noise even for those who like this sound today. The other thing that is not improved is the turning diameter, it makes me back up in places where other midsize sedan can do a turn. I'll wait till end of the year may be to get that car anyways, I just wanted to give some information that could be usefull for others. I'll post my pricing in Brooklyn where some dealer with Plaza name on it offers 2013 EX-L I4 for 27K+TTL. I hope you can do better.
  • If you got a 2013 Accord for below invoice consider yourself blessed! LOL!
  • Well, I am sorry to hear about the gas mileage you are attaining in your current 2009 V6. As you may know the 2013 Honda Accord V6 gets 34 mpg highway with the "earth dreams" V6 and that is not including the Econ button. That's the same highway gas mileage the current 2012 Honda Accord I4. With the Econ button activated you can possibly attain highway mileage in the 36-38 range driving conservatively. So, because you may not like the "noise" the 2013 Accord I4 produces - look into the V6. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Yes the LDW can be turned off, and no you wont have to turn it back off when restarting the vehicle. Hope this helps!
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496
    Yes, my reading of the .pdf manual
    suggests that is true.
    - Ray
    Now waiting for the Coupes to start arriving
    at dealers - Oct 15th, I hear...
  • proeproe Posts: 157
    edited October 2012
    Took my parents to test drive both Sport, which has CVT with paddle shifters and EX-L V6 with 6 speed auto tonight.

    Exterior -
    Both my dad and I feel Sport is the best looking 2013 Accord sedan out there.

    Transmission -
    I noticed that both CVT and 6 speed auto has only D(rive) and S(port), which means without paddle shifters, you cannot shift gears yourself.

    Test drive conditions -
    We have 4 ppl on the car for both test drives. The test drive route consists of a 20 minute drive with good long uphill and downhill with some turns (even a decent sharp turn) that you might encounter in some mountain pass.

    EX-L V6 -
    The ride was pretty good and quiet but I dont like the new 6 speed auto a bit. You have to step on the gas pedal at least mid way of the pedal travel (how far the pedal travel is my guess and I dont like how the gas pedal has to travel that much) in order to force it to downshift to pick up speed. I mean this car has 278 hp and 252 ft-lb of torque :surprise: But, once it downshifts, it picks up speed pretty quick and it shifts very smoothly. In S mode, the response is faster but did not do much comparison, so not sure how much quicker. Did not do a WOT from dead stop, but it picks up speed pretty seamless on the uphill, so I have to say that computer is doing a pretty good jobs on picking right gear. On the way back to dealership, going downhill, on a left turn, I turned the car a little bit too late while just entering the turn, so I turned a bit more to correct the car, then ESC came on, which I think it is a little bit early. Safety first, so that is not a bad thing :)

    The steering feel was good. The effort was just about right for me and it was pretty responsive. From limited drive, it feels like new Accord is hunkered down more during the turns.

    Sport -
    Sport has CVT with paddle shifters and 18" wheel. I like the new CVT a lot, it feels very much like regular auto in terms of the pedal travel and speed, no delay or I did not notice it when you try to pick up speed either from dead stop or when you drive around town. When using paddle shifters (you have to be in S(port) mode to use them), the transmission defaults to 1st gear when you come to a stop. Tried to pick up speed in D on uphill and it picks up speed pretty quick.

    Now, what I like Sport trim is that paddle shifter. I did use paddle shifter to pass a car on uphill, switch to S mode and it was already in 3rd, so I had no issue to pass. Did not hold the gear to see if it will be up to redline. I suspect it will not, but with redline at 6,800 rpm, that should be enough from engine to get the job done.

    The ride is a little bumpy according to my parents when compared to EX- L V6, which has 17" wheel. The only thing I don't like about Sport is that 18" wheel as the ride is not going to be as good as 17" wheel then, the replacement cost for new set of tires is twice of 17" ..........

    Overall, if you dont need those features that higher trims offer, I would recommend either Sport or EX (4 cylinders). Standard features on those cars are pretty impressive. Too bad Honda does not make paddle shifters as a options on all the trims.

    If I dont need 4 doors, I would go for either Couple LX-S or EX.

    Good job, Honda, I am sold on your new Sport trim..............
  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    Did you test drive the XL? At different dealership, I test driven the XL automatic, and both cars vibrate and almost like wobbling when I try to increase speed. Because hp on the Sport was only 4 more than base and nothing else is different as told, there's no reason for me to test drive it. The V6 is a smoother ride, but still it's lacking something. I might test drive the V6 again. BTW, anyone knows how the Accord V6 compares to an Acura TL? Thanks.
  • proeproe Posts: 157
    Correction on the paddle shifters as I did check the Honda press release info about it not told by sales with us last night. Now, it all makes sense now.

    Steering-Wheel Mounted Paddle Shifters
    Whether in D or S mode, special transmission logic programming allows the use of the steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters, which are standard on the Sport (CVT) trim of the Accord Sedan and all CVT equipped Accord Coupes. When the driver operates the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters while in Drive, the transmission responds to the driver's shift command by selecting one of the available seven fixed ratios, and then returns to its normal fully automatic Drive mode if further paddle shift inputs are not made within a short time. This special logic makes it easy for the driver to command a quick downshift without leaving the convenience of Drive mode.

    When in S mode, use of the paddle shifters puts the transmission into full manual mode that remains until another mode of operation is selected with the console-mounted shifter. The paddle shifters allow the driver to select among seven fixed gear ratios. When in manual mode, if the engine redline is reached the Accord will automatically shift to the next gear ratio to avoid engine damage. It will also shift down to an appropriate lower gear ratio if necessary.
  • proeproe Posts: 157
    They only had Sport and EX-L with Navi, so no I did not get a chance to test drive XL (?), I assume you mean LX.
    LX is the base model and it has 16" wheel while Sport has 18" wheel, front shock tower bar and paddle shifters, a must have for CVT, and rest of the trims has 17" wheel.
    Not sure about vibration that you are talking about. Are you talking about torque steering under WOT?
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,405
    has anyone purchased 2013 accord for invoice or below yet in the new york or new jersey area please share dealership and state you got deal in.... tks

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • okaniokani Posts: 20
    I was offered 27K for 2013 EX-L which is $600 above invoice, I haven't bought because my trade-in was low and I didn't agree on a price, but I know you can push them below than that. Try to get internet quote first, that's how I did - they called me back instantly and the guy told me over the phone that the model I'm asking is around $27K on a floow, next day other guy called - offered $27600, when I got on a floor sales rep started with MSRP + 600 prep fee + 350 advertisement fee, and I'm a returning customer, they honored phone quote for $27K + tax, I believe you can do better, it is in Brooklyn and has a word Plaza in it's name. Edmund doesn't allow to publish full dealer names. That was last Monday.
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 1,674
    I've had two great cars from this factory in Ohio, and I'm planning on buying a third. Interesting stuff. It's about 7 minutes long:
  • faischivofaischivo Posts: 26
    edited October 2012
    Hey all ,well as you know when I first posted around 9/28/12 about my 013 accord v6+navi its been a hell of a great ride, One problem ,when i picked up the car the options where not installed . So like a gentleman I waited. After calling the dealership and no response back for 5 days (( One thing I dont like no respect after spending hard earned money )) I called honda customer service. Well they gave the dealership a call ,and wella I got a phone call. Options where in stock and installed .I have to say honda customer service was great. They even mailed me 3 coupon letters for 3 free oil and filter changes .Gotta luv those guys keep posting about your 013 honda Ill Keep you up to date tks..
  • I toke a look see Ben it was pretty cool ........
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,623
    Great video...I want a new Accord!!!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • Just got my new Accord the other day, still learning the new technology so i have a few questions. On the RDS while using the Navi can you set the radio display to show the artitist & song? Also when using Aha & Pandora with a mobile phone does it work thru the phone? I'm assuming if it does it requires using a data plan on the phone. Just curious because i don't have a unlimited data plan. So far this is a amazing car, so much technology, i'm learning more each day.
  • faischivofaischivo Posts: 26
    edited October 2012
    Hey hey ,,so you got the car congrats,,btw. which one did you get ?
    Heck got mine close to a month now and still learning dont have time, having to much fun driving. :) Better ask some tech savvy people about aha and pandora. Me I put in all my cds' and I'am gone. Well tc. and have fun with the new accord .
  • Looks like from what i read it requires using your mobile phones data. I just switched from a Everything Data with Sprint to Verizon w/1gb. Oh well, still have XM, that will do.
  • well i got my blue tooth working setting other things' up but still not done and yes i have a data plan 2 gig its plenty .phone soundes great through the car.
    hey i'am likeing everything................
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