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Does GM do/have recalls with Saturns?

About a month or so ago, my '07 6 cyl 4WD started having problems with the ignition that others in this forum have noted--where the key won't turn after repeated attempts and many steering wheel turns (when that is not locked up). I Googled it and tried a suggestion of getting a new key made, which has significantly reduced the problem. Unfortunately, just today, I noticed after I turned my car off and started to walk away, I could still hear it going! I went back to my car, started it, and then turned it off and it was fine. But that is troublesome.

I bring this up as a warranty issue as my husband has a Chevy HHR and he just got a recall notice for a key-ignition issue ("some vehicles may develop a binding condition between the ignition lock cylinder and the housing. If this occurs, it may be difficult to turn the ignition key and/or remove it from the ignition. If the vehicle is running, you may not be able to turn the vehicle off."). Hmm, sounds like what many of us (thought not my husband) have experienced.

This made me wonder if we Saturn owners would ever know about a recall considering Saturn no longer exists. I am thinking not, but perhaps I am wrong.

Does anyone know?

I have to think what I (and others in the Vue forum) have experienced should be addressed by GM in a recall. Spending $500 or more to fix an obvious fault (and something that can be dangerous) seems wrong.


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