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2013 and earlier BMW X1 Lease Questions



  • That is correct about the original numbers being wrong. It is 59%
  • franzfranz Posts: 16
    I just put down my lease deposit for order of MY2014 X1 xDrive 28i.

    Here are details:
    M Sport
    Mineral Grey
    Black Leather
    Dark Silver Crosshatch
    Lighting Package
    Ultimate Package
    Heated Seats

    MSRP: $44525
    Invoice: $41460 (includes destination $925, MACO $350, training fee $180)
    Cap Cost: $42160 (includes negotiated $700 profit over invoice)
    Adj Cap Cost: $41660 (includes deduction for $500 Loyalty Credit)
    Fees: $1174 (Doc fee $100, DMV/Title $349, Acquisition $725)

    36 Months, 12K/month
    MF: 0.00125
    Residual: 59% = $26270
    Monthly payment = $512.42

    Cash Due at signing:
    $1686.42 (includes 1st month payment $512.42, Fees $1174)

    I may roll the fees into monthly payment at time of delivery.
    I think I may also use 7 MSDs at time of delivery to cut MF in half.
    If incentives are better when I take delivery in Oct/Nov then I'll opt for those.
    Status is already Code 150 (production started).

    What do you all think?
  • Hi there,

    Been reading others experience and it is very helpful. I am getting the following offer on BMW X1 from a dealer in SF. Comes with technology pack, sLine, moonroof, aluminum trim.

    MSRP - $37,625
    Cap cost - $34,499
    Residual - $20,945
    Money factor: 0.00125
    $0 down plus fees (~$1800)
    $444 a month plus tax
    On approved credit

    How does this sound?
  • $30800 2014 BMW X1 sDrive28i
    $0 Jet Black
    $0 Beige Leatherette
    $2250 Technology Package (includes Navigation, BMW Apps, Enhanced Bluetooth)
    $250 Roof Rails in Aluminum Satin
    $925 Destination
    $34225 MSRP
    -$1426 Dealer Discount
    -$500 Conquest Cash
    -$600 Trade equity from Honda
    +$2149.75 GA TAVT TAX
    +$90 Tag, Title, and License
    +$725 Lease Acquisition Fee
    =$34663.75 Net Cap Cost on lease

    $20877.25 Residual Value (61% of MSRP)
    .00125 Money Factor (with approved credit)

    36 Month Lease
    10,000 miles per year
    $452.39 per month

    First payment of $452.39 is all they collect up front.
  • The offer I got
    2014 X1 x28i, ultimate package/cold weather package
    10000 miles per month, 36 months
    445 per month, $3000 due at signing(including title, tax, fee)
    I live in NYC
    is this good deal?
  • franzfranz Posts: 16
    Could I get October residual/MF/incentives for 2014 X1 X drive 28i?

    Terms = 12K/year, 36 months

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    .00125 MF and 61% residual..


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  • franzfranz Posts: 16
    Thanks, kyfdx.

    Do you know the incentives?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    $750 option credit cash and $500 lease loyalty..


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  • rick4rick4 Posts: 11
    Can I assume a 59% residual for 15K/36 mo with the same mf?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704

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  • Dealer is telling me that the BMW lease programs for X1 are same as Oct - anyone know if that's right? Specifically, x28i 36mo/12k. Thx!
  • What are the November MF, 10k/36 mo residual and incentives for the x1 3.5?
  • Hello everyone,
    I need some help. I am trying to get my wife into an X1 and have been talking with 2 dealers in my area. This is my first lease as I bought (financed) my 335d last summer so I have been looking to your experiences for guidance. First, here's the first offer I have been given:
    2014 X1 xDrive 28i
    Lemans Blue
    Heated seats

    MSRP: $44,625
    Discount: $3,205
    BMW Option credit: $750
    USAA/Owner Loyalty: $1,000
    Vehicle selling price: $39,670

    Sales Tax: $2,479.38
    Tag/Registration Fees: $57.75
    Title fee: $33
    State insp fee: $23.75
    Documentation fee: $122.50
    Road and bridge: $10
    Balance due: $42,486.67

    Adj cap cost: $43,126.38
    MF: .00165 / .00116 (w/7 MSDs)
    Residual: 59% for 15K miles
    61% for 12K miles
    $725 acquisition fee

    Option 1- 36 months / 12K miles
    Cash due: $558 or
    $4373 (With 7 MSDs)
    Monthly payment $558 or
    $524 (With 7 MSDs)

    Option 2 - 36 months / 15K miles
    Cash due: $581 or
    $4397 (With 7 MSDs)
    Monthly payment: $582 or
    $548 (With 7 MSDs)

    We'd like to see if we can lower the selling price but more importantly the MF. When I told the CAs that other people are getting .00125 before MSDs, he asked for a source. Does anyone have any advice?

    We are planning on selling my wife's current car (2013 VW Golf TDI fully loaded) this weekend and are trying to get this settled before then.

    I forgot to mention that we are changing to sDrive since we live in Dallas and don't need AWD. I figured that should lower the selling price by at least $1700. The CA said we would have to order one or be more flexible on the options since he can't find one in the BMW Southwest area. Do you the the MF problem is because we live in TX? I have found a few dealers on and Autotrader that match our options list.

    Thanks in advance
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    2014 X1 x28i 36mo, 12K/yr
    .00125 MF and 61% residual


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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    2014 X1 x35i 36mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00125 MF and 62% residual


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  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 182
    I think the sell price is a little high, with the available incentives. They are definitely hosing you on the mf. I would be very leery of any dealer who questions you regarding how you know the base mf. Some dealers will hold you up regarding this, but, I would just tell them your starting at .00125, before your MSD's. I would walk from any deal, that they jacked up the mf. There are direct to dealer incentives from BMW, that are not seen by the public right now. I would price out your preferred car at invoice, subtract all of the incentives and go from there.

    I recommend you check dealer inventories that are within what you are willing to drive and email offers to their internet depts. If you have to order, send the build out to as many dealers as you can, take the best offer and shop it.

    Walking into the dealer is the worst way to negotiate a deal!
  • untdrumsuntdrums Posts: 4
    edited November 2013
    Thanks for the response and advice. I have done a little more negotiating with a little compromising on my part. They couldn't get us a LeMans Blue with heated seats without a transportation fee. If we would have ordered one from Germany, we would have lost out on our VW appraisal from Carmax which is more than what we owe on it. Here's the updated deal. We're hopefully signing this week.

    2014 X1 sDrive 28i
    Mineral Grey
    Dark Crosshatch
    Black Nevada leather
    19" wheels

    MSRP: $42,925
    Discount: $5,060
    Rebate: $500
    Vehicle selling price: $37,365

    Sales Tax: $2,335.31
    Tag/Registration Fees, Title fee, State insp fee: $131
    Documentation fee: $125
    Vehicle Inventory Tax: $68.14
    Balance due: $40,024.45

    MF: .00165
    Residual: 59% for 15K miles - $25,325.75
    $725 acquisition fee
    $726 Deposit

    36 months / 15K miles
    Cash due on delivery: $1,486 (Paying for Taxes and fees up front so I don't have to pay interest on them)
    Monthly payment: $508.71
  • franzfranz Posts: 16
    Not too bad.

    I'm loving mine with exact same build except 18 inch wheels.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    I would note that they are marking up the MF the maximum amount..

    That adds about $26/mo, pre-tax to your deal.


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