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pete138pete138 Posts: 6
I have 2, 2002 park ave's. one is ultra w/ superchrgd eng w/ 88k mi. other is base model and engine w/ 118k mi. each has very different OIL PSI levels as read from dash cluster gauges. ultra psi ranges from 59-71, base is 129 psi all the time. what should it be? should they be different given engine differences? of course, both are 3800 v-6 series II.


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: US 25 & US 40Posts: 19,798
    Oil pressure sender above the oil filter. About $40 - $50 from They fail showing high oil pressure.

    I replaced mine on 03 leSabre at 120,000 miles approx. If I recalled it went to zero after the engine was turned off, but just went between maximum and minimum.
  • pete138pete138 Posts: 6
    thnx imi for your info. do u know what normal oil psi should be in that 3800 v-6 II engine? should it be different betw the 2 engines since 1 is suprchrged? and, does the psi normally vary (up/down) in transit? thnx so much.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: US 25 & US 40Posts: 19,798
    It looks like about 60 psi is the normal top pressure at which the bypass valve lets oil go back to the sump instead of to the passages to the engine. As the miles or wear on bearings occurs, the pressure will drop off.

    As the oil becomes warmer the pressure may drop too. I believe my 03 shows above 50 or 55 even when warm at 120,000 with synthetic oil and my 98 shows on the dash gauge, not a digital gauge, at about 40 when cold and then drops to 30 when warm. I do not know if that gauge readout is correct. I've been tempted to get a gauge and connect it on to see what the real pressure is.
  • pete138pete138 Posts: 6
    60 psi..that makes sense. the base model was reading 129 w/ no changes at all. but, as u noted, it's probably broken & stuck at that level. i looked above oil filter and wasn't quite sure where the sender was. is it easily located and easily changed? thnx again for your insight/help.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: US 25 & US 40Posts: 19,798
    edited August 2012
    Part #429 in this diagram.


    link title

    Hope this helps.
  • pete138pete138 Posts: 6
    ALSO,...checked rockauto for sender unit but only see "oil level sensor" and "oil pump repair kit". don't see and "oil sender" parts listings. can you clarify for me? thnx again.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: US 25 & US 40Posts: 19,798
    edited August 2012

    It's under Electric Switch and Relay called oil pressure switch. A little hard to find but I've been around Rockauto for years and don't give up!

    ACDELCO Part # 2131650 {#12584940}

    Add Part

    Rockauto has discount codes that can be found various places on the web. Those go in the box that says "where did you hear about us?" and give a 5% discount. I don't have one of my own right now. They always expire before I need the next purchase!
  • pete138pete138 Posts: 6
    Thank you. Found it under the electric section per your instruction. but, couldn't figure out where to find the part on the car. i looked above the oil filter but didn't see anything looking like the part. Unrelated to that, i was changing the spark plugs over the weekend and couldn't get the rear plugs out. Tried using my plug plyers Any suggestions. There has to be a better way than tugging for 1/2 hr on each. Any ideas, or tricks? much appreciated.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: US 25 & US 40Posts: 19,798
    edited August 2012
    The pressure sensor is above the oil filter by a couple of inches and 90 degrees to the side if I recall the picture I saw. Did I post that diagram?


    I used a socket set with a 3/8 inch handle. Others have said a socket with a flexible (wobble) joint makes it easier in tight quarters. Did you get the plug wires off okay? That was my major problem because they stuck tot he plugs after 100,000 miles. A neighbor actually helped with the plug wires. He works as a truck mechanic and his height let him reach in better.. For the plugs, I took off the plastic engine cover and put a piece of upholstery foam rubber on top of motor. That softened the hard metal parts where I had my knees and I worked from the top of the motor down behind the engine.
  • pete138pete138 Posts: 6
    imi....u did indicate the oil psi sendor was part "429 per diagram" in your message of 8/14 but it wouldn't open when i clicked on it. can i access it another way? i also tried clicking on the "link title" but that took me to a GM parts shop. i didn't see any diagram access there either. sorry to trouble you. again, thanks. the spark plugs. yeh, i was referring to getting the wire harness' off the back plugs as opposed to pulling the actual plugs. getting the wire/metal boots off the plugs is my real probelm. i've even thought of yanking the wires and just replacing them too since the car's got 88k on it and i'm sure they've never been replaced. i just bought it used. i may have to do that.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: US 25 & US 40Posts: 19,798
    Plug wires.

    Be sure to pull the metal cover away from the motor. They are designed to put pressure onto the plug boot toward the ceramic. Keep wiggling the boot sideways, all around, twisting back and forth and eventually it may let go. Some have even tried slicing the boot and cutting it off. Depending on how much room is back there--good luck. My next door neighbor is strong and repairs semis as a job now. His hands got them loose after I wiggled for a day on two in about 2 minutes. But he knew they were stuck and he was intent that he would help me out of a jam. God bless him. Height and ability to reach to the plug around the tubes, cables, etc., is the problem.
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