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Towing with a Panther? SURE!!!

I have just completed a 1000 mile trip, towing a 3200# boat to the Finger Lakes of Upstate NY, from Long Island, NY. The only enhancements to my 2000 GM LS are an 18,000 GVW transmission cooler and Moog progressive coil rear springs, both installed about 5 years ago, when I purchased the car, with 72,500 miles on it. I have changed a few things over the years, like the intake, COILS, COILS and...MORE COILS!!!, belts, hoses, etc. Oil changes with new MOTORCRAFT filter, every 4K or so.

I would advise two things; First, NEVER tow in OVERDRIVE, the rear end is geared too long for there to be any benefit, and I'm sure the tranny would blow up in short order. Second, I found towing over about 60 was pointless, since things got pretty lively with the trailer. I have about 250# tongue weight, so there wasn't any sway, but I have bias ply tires on the trailer, running 50 psi, so they tend to get bouncy at higher speeds.

I do change transmission fluid about every 50K and always add friction modifier (FORD).

One last thing, the car just turned 197,000 miles this morning....


  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Since 1994 our "panther" (94 Town Car) with Class IV hitch & Tranny Cooler has been towing ,from time to time, a 3000 lb load consisting of a 17' SeaRay, 302 OMC, on an EZ Loader single axle trailer & NO brakes all the way from Lake Shuswap in BC to Shasta, CA.

    It has been my experience to tow in O'Drive on the level without any negative results. Naturally, when I cross the Cascades I lock it out. When going up the Columbia George, I leave it in O'Drive.

    I agree "towing over 60 is pointless. 153,000 on the odometer. Around here it is rare to see a sedan pull a boat or a motorhome w/o a toad. :)
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