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GPS wacky trip duration

Brand new Elantra LTD, set a destintion for a known route and the travel times are coming in extremely example a 2 hour trip arrival time reads 3 hours, the closer to the destination, the travel time shortens in large increments. Tried different trip criteria - shortest v. recommended...did not make a difference. Might the GPS be faulty? Is there setting needed to get the accurate travel times?


  • Yeah, this is a problem. Mine is a 2012 LTD with similar problem. However, just had the GPS system updated a few weeks ago because for over a year the routing was all off (a trip to Vegas from Phoenix was off by 100 miles and almost 2 hours since the system insisted that the route should go through Flagstaff). Update fixed this problem but time in transit is still off. Can't understand why a 150 mile trip, on a road where the speed limit is 75MPH shows a travel time of over 2h 35m. The only explanation I can presume is that the system uses the old AAA calculation to account for pit stops. Funny, the Garmin (which is over 2 years old and has not been updated) I use in my other vehicle, constantly and accurately updates arrival or time in transit based on how fast I am going or if I am stuck in traffic. Why a $150 unit works better and more accurately than a $1500 unit is beyond my comprehension.
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