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Subaru addict has questions.

Hello. My name is Marc, and I'm a Subaru addict. This is my first post, but will be my 3rd Subaru. I began my addiction in 2003 with a WRX Wagon, then an '07 STI.

After the untimely death of my STI I'm now looking at a '13 Outback 2.5i Limited with Moonroof.

Are there any "must have" options I should get on this car? Anything that "sounded good" but wasn't worth the money? Anything I should stay away from?

What are some opinions of the Harmon Kardon sound system? Is it good enough to just add an aftermarket amp/sub and be done with it?

Thanks in advance :-)



  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 173
    Since the limited comes standard with a lot of stuff that costs extra on the base and premium, I'm not sure what all needs to be added. Mostly comfort and convenience things I would think.
    We're picking ours up today and we haven't decided which cargo net route we're going, the dealer included it in the price but we're going to wait to chose. We decided against the wind deflector for the sunroof because they all seem pretty ineffective and we seldom us the sunroof above 50 MPH.

    We decided on the new OB after 60,000 miles on my '10 Legacy limited (which we're keeping) and trading in my wife's '04 Lexus (she couldn't see the extra money for the Lexus) and some things that were extras 3 years ago are standard now.

    We were going to go with the special appearance package, but after a closer look at the brown seat leather with the "basic black" rest of the interior it didnt' look quite right. So we'd have been paying that money for basically the two presets on the driver's seat!

    Good luck on your OB.

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