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2012 Optima Owner's Manual

nicasionicasio Posts: 1
The manual that came with my 2012 Optima SX had missing pages and duplicated pages. Section 5 ends on page 5-23 and the next page starts 6-13. Section 6 is shown again after section 7.
The dealer was going to get a replacement and will contact me but they never did. I had to call Kia directly only to find out that the dealer had the replacement manual. I went to pick up the replacement but it was different from what I had. It didnt say 2012 on the cover and the pages were different. Even the service rep was not sure if the manual he had was for a 2012. He was going to talk to his manager who was out that day and will try to get the correct manual and will let me know. More than 2 weeks later, no calls. I called Kia again and gave them my case number, which was given to me by Kia previously. They dont have a copy of the manual and everything has to go thru the dealer. All they can do is call the dealer and will give me an update. The manager was out so they will follow up with him.
For those who owns a 2012 Optima, check your manual. I will never go back to this dealer. Not a happy camper.


  • The dealer should have given you one from another vehicle. Several years ago, I purchased a Chrylers printed service manual with missing pages. I did receive a new one which had the pagess. I would go back to the dealer and flat out ask for a replacement manual from another car, and let him put yours in that vehicle. Your suggestion to check the manual is a good tip. Thanks. rr70
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