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Saturn Vue ABS System Problems



  • fubarvuefubarvue Posts: 3
    thecardoc3 Tried your advice but ran into a problem with the scan tool which i did not mention originally. With the scan tool hooked into the abs diagnostics it disables the abs, the abs light comes on and the system is off. Test driving the vue in this mode , the pump activation cannot be duplicated, thus unable to check the datastream during an event.
  • fubarvuefubarvue Posts: 3
    Thecardoc3 along with all Saturn vue owners. While my problem may not be indicative of all abs vue troubles, double check all abs circuit connectors, while they may appear solid, oxidation and corrosion are evident. Open the connector and apply di-electric grease to the terminals. The problem of the abs pump kicking in at speeds of 5 - 0 mph has been eliminated.
  • I am having same issues. I already had my rear stability changed out. But my  2009 saturn vue rpm is accelerating but my speedometer is slowing down. I just noticed that  my brakes lockedup. I can be driving and it starts to slow down and I can floor it but once I pull over ,its not going anywhere. I thought it was my transmission going out, since it was giving the symptoms of it. But I had a mechanic, look at it and told me my transmission is strong. It has plenty of brake fluid and feels like my powering steering is going out. I notice that when it rains, it  seems to cause my stabilizer, abs lights to come on. I usually can tell when its about to happen ( usually after 14 miles ). I don't like it when it starts act up ,especially when I have my kids in the vehicle.  Has anyone truly figured out the cause? I wouldon't rather just let it go, but I owe too much on it and can't afford to ruin my credit anymore than it already is. I tried to record what it is doing
  • I had the same issues you have all described with my 2008 Vue. Took it to a very reputable mechanic. After some time they figured out the ABS pressure modulator assembly had totally failed and needed to be replaced. Because of this, I also had to get an all new brake master cylinder.

    When they were working on these, they saw metal chips in the brake fluid. So that had to be drained out, flushed and replaced.

    Total cost in Las Vegas for all of this was $1,827.
  • Had to sign up specifically to reply to this post! Had same issue going on with my 2008 Saturn Vue. Took it to my regular mechanic who couldn't find anything wrong. Did receive a low brake fluid code but said level looked fine. Suggested I take it to a dealership but thankfully I found this thread first! Added brake fluid and problem was solve! Thank you for saving me potentially thousands of dollars on what is clearly a problem that a recall should be issued for, problem with that seems to be they don't really know what is causing it!
  • I have a 2003 Saturn Vue with the same brake lock up as discussed. The brake does not release on the left front and gets hot to the point of smoking. I took the wheel off and removed the caliper off from the brake pads. When trying to push the caliper pistons back using a "C" clamp, I found the pistons would not move. My first thought was the caliper was frozen, but I found when I loosened the brake line, the caliper pistons moved back easily. I have done at least 100 brake repairs and I have never seen a condition where you could not push the fluid back in the reservoir by depressing the caliper pistons. Something in the line or master cylinder is acting like a check valve and allowing flow to the caliper but is not allowing the fluid to return when you take your foot off from the pedal. I plan on figuring this out. I've been an engineer working with pneumatics and hydraulics for the last 40 years.
  • This is the answer. It cost me lots of money and frustration to find it and I stumbled upon it by sheer luck and us just giving it a try just out of frustration. I ever called Saturn to complain after seeing that this problem is ALL OVER THE NET and they gave me the run around and refuse to recognize their Saturns have a faulty break system.. Seems they are more comfortable with their consumers sitting on the side of the road with their tires on freaking fire, then recognizing any responsibility.The line to the caliper corrodes at the clamp, and blocks the fluid from flowing backwards and releasing the break pressure. Mine actually got so hot it melted my A/C hoses and lug nut covers.
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