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Steering rack issue???

Hello all,
I own an 02' LS 3.0. Recently I was turned down inspection do to the steering rack leaking. I had the work done on the car got the sticker and a week later it seemed to be leaking worse. I could actually see the fluid on the ground where I had never noticed it before. Took the car back and had another rack installed. this time it was placed off center. I could turn the wheel right and go in a circle standing still basically and could hardly turn left so again I brought it back. The mechanic has told me that alot/all of the replacement racks made for my car were built defective and that his supplier is having one made... I personally find this hard to swallow and I cant find anything online about it. They have had my car for about 2 months now. does this replacement part defect hold water or should I get a refund and go elsewhere???? thanks in advance.
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