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2013 Nissan Altima SL with Tech package no (Voice Adaptation)

I just recently purchased a 2013 Nissan Altima SL with the tech package. I found out the hard way, that voice adaptation is not available. This makes the bluetooth system useless to me. Without the unit knowing my voice, it cannot interpret names that I call. I have been to three dealers as well as contacted the regional office for my location about this situation. Here is the best part, after Nissan has spent some time trying to figure out the problem, they reconized that the unit does not have this feature and they are not going to replace the NAV unit with a unit from a different vendor that has this option. Nissan does not think it is an important feature for the comsumer to have despite having VR (voice recognition) which may work propertly from time to time, not to mention, having a tech package that is now useless. Though the lower SV model has the Voice adaptation installed. Go figure that one out.


  • Surprise to know that SL doesn't have VR. My SV has it but we haven't yet taken advantage of it.
  • Hope I've interpreted your quesion correctly. You have cannot operate the dashboard gadgets with voice?

    I've 13 altima with tech package and I can access all the features with voice commands. The sales guy went over with me explaining me all the functions that this altima has including how to use remote starter and how to add address in navigation. He even demonstrated the voice command for using nav and phone.
  • My vehicle has VR but not voice adaptation. It is in ch 4 of the owners manuel
  • But you cannot train your voice to the car. You do not have voice adaptation. This is where the problem is. When you call some from your address book does it work correctly. All the time.

    Check your owners manual and look in chapter 4
  • I have the voice adaptation in the G and I think it's useless.
  • What is the G??
  • Infiniti G37 coupe
  • Does your VR work consistently when attempting to call someone from your phone book, navigation, audio, or google text?
  • I have the exact same car, and having the exact same problem. I've posted a description of my experience in the "nissanclub" altima forum; I'll cross-post here if anything turns up in that forum.
  • Thanks. Also do you ave a problem with the fuzzy back up camera?
  • everyone has the fuzzy camera.. Camera quality is really bad....
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