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2006 Mustang GT question

Hi im considering buying a 2006 GT with only 24k miles on it, never seen snow, barely driven. Lots of upgrades, x pipe, performance chip, under pully, tower brace, and its in mint condition. They want $15000 for it, private seller. Do these cars have a lot of repair issues since its off warranty? Im worried about some costly repair, even though i probably wont own the car for much more than a year before I get sick of it and get something else. I just dont want to have to pour a lot of money into it. Thanks!


  • The 4.6 GT engine is very reliable & durable. As long as the car wasn't abused, which it seems it hasn't I would go for it. Fun car to drive. That is a great price for the miles. Most in Ohio are going for 18-20K with low miles. I prefer a private owner vs. a dealer - you can tell if they take care of the car. If you want to learn more try, excellent site for Mustang owners. I have a 2003 GT with 35K - no issues ever. The 2006 handles much better than the previous model. Good luck!
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