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mods power vs. fuel 2500 sierra

So I have a '00 2500 sierra 5.3 and I'm outta answers....gas just dissapears. I got it with 180k and i could run 300-350 miles per tank, but recently I had some problems with it. So I took it in and they said we can fix it. so $3500 later it runs but I lack power below 25k rpms and gas ...yeah well i get maybe 10mpg ...i dont even tow its just a daily driver.
so I am wondering if the parts that I've scouted will help only with power or also with mpg?

- superchips flashpaq tuner
- k & n 77 series cold air intake
- Pulstar Eco-MPG Series Spark Plugs
- BBK Performance Exhaust Headers

Also if anyone knows mods that will for sure add mpg for this particular vehicle I would love to know.
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