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Slow pick-up

Hi, my husband's car is a G6 (73,000 miles) and all of the sudden, last week, he tried to accelerate on a major highway in NJ and it wasn't picking up! He pressed the gas and it sounded like it was trying to rev-up, but it just slowed and his check engine light came on, then flicked off. He's still been driving the car, and it hasn't had a problem until yesterday on a 2-hour drive (mountainous area). It was super slow to rev up and accelerate, and he pressed on the gas (my husband has no patience sometimes) and it sounded like it gave a weak effort and the check engine light flashed again, stayed on for about 30 seconds, and then went off again. If you take your time, press the gas lightly, it will make it up to a great speed, but it is really slow when you're trying to accelerate from a stop.
What the heck is going on???


  • swheels84,

    What year is the G6? If you had wanted for us to check into any recall or warranty information, please email us the last 8 digits of your VIN at

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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