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Edmunds Member Spotlight - Meet Qbrozen!

Qbrozen credits his father for much of his mechanical knowledge: "My father has been a mechanic for over 40 years. He's worked on everything from army aircraft to kids' dirt bikes. A seriously gifted man. I think the most important thing I learned from him (and I'm still learning) is to not be intimidated by a repair. Get in there and get your hands dirty!"

We are very grateful that Qbrozen has helped countless members dealing with mechanical issues by sharing his knowledge and expertise in Edmunds Forums.

What was your first car?
My first vehicle was a '79 CJ7 with the inline 6, 3-speed manual tranny, manual brakes, manual steering, and 33" x 12.5" tires! I swear I will teach my son on such a vehicle! The effort that it took to drive that jeep is astounding. I loved it! Everything else since that has been a piece of cake in comparison. And it was absolutely bulletproof ... just not phone-pole proof, as I found out.

Of all the cars you've owned, which was your favorite and why?
I've never been able to figure this out, so I'll just go with my current love, my '08 135i. It is silly quick, handles great, looks good, and its comfortable. My '98 S70 T5 is still in the running, though.

If you were a car which car would you be and why?
Ummm... how about a Unimog? Awkwardly tall, not particularly attractive, not particularly athletic, but very functional and resourceful.

If you could invite 3 cars over for dinner which would you have?
The last Saab 9-5 because that poor orphan would be in need of a meal and probably a place to crash. A new Ferrari California and Porsche Panamera, both for the same reason: they are underappreciated cars that I personally find sexy. They need love.

What do you like and dislike about today's auto industry?
I very much dislike the size and weight of the majority of today's car. I appreciate, however, the direction they are now being forced to go with reduced weight and smaller, forced-induction engines. I loves me a turbo!

What is the highest mileage you've ever put on a car?
The most miles I've ever personally put on a car was 85k miles on my '98 S70 T5 (bought with 30k and sold with 115k). However, the highest miles on any car I've ever owned was 169k on an '85 300Z. I think I bought that with around 162k.

How often do you log into Edmunds Forums?
During the weekdays, typically every couple of hours. I follow a huge number of threads and don't want to get too backed up.

Which forums do you frequent and why?
Besides Edmunds? There is, Bimmerfest, Swedespeed, N54tech, and the occasional trip through SCCAforums and BMWCCA. Why? Cars are my passion, obviously, and I can't get enough. And, unfortunately, I don't have actual in-person contacts who are similarly minded, so my fix is through the internet. Hi, I'm Rob, and I'm a car addict.

Congratulations, Qbrozen! Edmunds is very happy to enable your addiction!

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