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Rally Car

hello everyone. i apologize if this question has been asked or i am in the wrong forum but i couldn't seem to find any answers when i searched. i need help choosing a car! actually what i really need are some ideas. i would like a car that i can use as a daily driver but would also be able to take it to the track every now and then. its always been my dream to race (especially rally) and im now trying to make that happen but cannot afford 2 cars. i used to own a 2006 subaru impreza and i liked it a lot and it would seem to fit my needs but i cannot justify buying the same car again. i drive upwards of 25,000 a year so i would like some DECENT gas milage. my loan requires its a 2004 or newer and i would like it to be about $9000 tops. please ask questions if you are unsure of what i want because i would like to be the best informed i can be! thanks!
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