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battery problems

patfotipatfoti Posts: 1
edited October 2012 in Nissan
2011 nissan altima battery goes dead on going problem for 10 months- thel lattest drove 60 miles and then check battery and it read low and needed charging.-took it back to the dealer and the said the battery was low but the altanater was charging. i said the charge was not going to the battery. they are doing some other checks. like checking the alarm system. the changed the auto start and the start button earler. it sems like the battery will charge and not charge if that makes sense. had it back to the dealer 5 times and they have it now for a week. do you think the lemon law will work----pat


  • You might check our Lemon Law discussion, but you'll need to provide more info over there - like, did you purchase it new, and in what month/year you purchased, and what state you live in (law varies by state).

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