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2013 Legacy IPOD (Nav/Voice command) Question

I bought 2013 w/roof/nav/eyesight. I was reading the manual and it said something about the system could only handle 1000 songs on IPOD. I think this has something to do with voice recognition, but I was wondering if anyone could clarify. I can't get to the manuals online right now but will copy the exact phrase when I am can. thx


  • The statement in the manual says.. "A maximum of 1000 music tracks can be specified (when
    specifying from genre or playlist, a maximum of 100)." Not sure what that means from a voice command perspective.

    Also, I can't seem to do voice command based artist search across all the artist in my ipod. I can get up to the arists in L but not beyond... anyone know the limits of that function?
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