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Should I trade up or not

I purchased a 2013 Nissan Altima 3.5 SV in July, 2012. It's black. I love how the car drives; the seats are very comfortable and so far I am getting an average of 26 MPG. This car was on the sales floor - all black and shiny. I really didn't want black, but the salesman offered to reupholster the seats in charcoal leather, add heated seats, and tint the window for nothing. I thought that was very generous, so I agreed. Ir has the rear camera and Nav. Now, I am wishing I had waited to get a 3.5 SL, with the Tech Package, because I really wanted the features it offers; lane departure, blind spot, etc. I am seriously considering trading in the 2013 SV (Black) for a SL -White. I live in the valley of California and I am having to dust my car twice a day. I hate a dirty car. It is driving me crazy. Am I crazy to trade it for a White 3.5SL? The salesman and I haven't talked money yet.


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,924
    Well, you can talk money with the salesperson, but in all likelihood you're going to lose a lot of money trading in since the 2013 you now own is considered "used." I wouldn't be surprised if you take a $5-6K hit on the trade, which you'll either have to pay off in cash, or potentially have rolled into the new loan... if that's even possible. You never know til you ask, though.

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  • I realize that. I paid cash for the one I have now, so there is no loan. If there is a $5k difference I can handle that. Another option, Do you know if the tech package is an after market option?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,924
    OK - just didn't want the financial hit to come as a shock, as it's easier on the nerves to go in with eyes wide open.

    not sure about the tech package - might check with members who are posting in the 2013 Altima discussion here:

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  • Well, the deal is off. I met with my saleman and after much confering, etc., it was way too expensive to do it. The tax alone on the new one would have been about $3200.00 here in California. So, I will keep my shiney black Altima and keep dusting it twice a day. lol. Don't know what I'd do withouot my California Duster. I will definitely see what others are saying about the Tech Package. Thx Kirstie
  • I am in a little diff situation. I pre-ordered the SL with the tech package and the 2.5 engine. I love the car accept for the obnoxious drone of the 4 cylinder on acceleration. ]After doing some research, this is a new problem that was not there in last years model and it is not an issue with the 6 cylinders. So I am considering upgrading to the 6. This engine noise was mentioned in every major car review publication out there and I am very surprised that Nissan overlooked this. My feeling is that Nissan should be held accountable for missing such an obvious mistake and should without question allow people to upgrade out of a model that has issues.

    FYI I am also being told that the talk to text on the Altima does not work with the I-phone.. If that is true, I would find that amazing considering that the I-phone is the most popular phone on the planet.
  • doooziedooozie Posts: 4
    edited November 2012
    I read the same thing about the drone in the 4 cylinder. I am happy with the zip of the 6 cyl. Yes, its true that the text only works with Android. Apparently Nissan and Apple had a feud. Truly a bummer because I have an iphone and that is one reason I liked the new Altima. Right now I am experiencing problems with the entire audio-visual component freezing up. The service guy at my dealership is ordering me a new one, but he did mention that there have been problems reported with it and the iphone as well. I just got home from the coast and that component froze up 3 times in a 2 1/2 hour drive. Frustrating. BUT, if I completely turn off my iphone and then turn it back on, it will start working again. Go figure. I hope you can make a better deal with your dealership than I did. Good Luck :shades:
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