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2013 Ford Escape Gas Mileage



  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I've traveled thousands of miles traversing the Country east to west and north to south. I drove the Lincoln Highway coast to coast and was never in a situation where I couldn't get fuel when my gauge was between 3/8 and 1/8 tank. I drove from Tooele, UT to Ely, NV through the Great Salt Desert and was smart enough to fill up before I set out. Unless you live in the wilderness of Alaska, there's never a situation where you can't get fuel if you plan ahead.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    You need to fill up when the gas gauge needle is on E. Whats 2 more gallons going to get you, maybe 70 miles, so what.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I guess I don't find having to stop for gas as much of a chore as you do, I can go two weeks between fill ups.
    Since you know that the DTE readout is not accurate, go with what you know, drive another 60 miles and fill up.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    Lets see, you either have to fill up when the needle gets close to E, or with some simple math, based on the average mpg's and miles traveled, you can cipher how far you can travel.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    16 mpg x 19 gallons (to empty) = 304 miles. 21.5 mpg x 13 gallons = 280 miles. not sure how that work into extra fill ups over 350 miles, but some people are upset in that they feel like they should be able to drive more miles on a tank.
    My wife fill up with 11-12 gallons, as she doesn't like to go too far below a quarter tank.
  • Sure wish more would take a look at the Mazda CX 5. I bought one a month ago and get 28 MGP right out of the box in 50/50 city highway. Grand Touring AWD. Great handling and I bet more reliable than a Fix Or Repair Daily Ford.
    Got all the bells and whistles for $27,900. Has plenty of power here in Salt Lake, and if you want more the 2014 model will be at 185 HP. Test drive a
    CX 5 before you by the Escape.
  • I liked it, but no power.. why cant they through that sky diesel in there . i would have got it
  • It's old interior styling, not-for-me exterior (not dated outside), and underpowered engine just didn't do it for me. I'm sure it's fine for some, but I'll take the Fix Or Repair Daily over the Made At Zoo By Demented Apes, thanks.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    edited February 2013
    Any new 2013 Ford Escape Gas Mileage reports? :shades:

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  • I am getting in my 1.6 FWD 21.5 city around 31 Hwy although haven't logged in many Hwy miles lately.
    I have 1150 miles on car and have an lifetime avg. of 23.5 with 25% hwy 75% city. No problems with anything :) .
  • usa1fanusa1fan Posts: 68
    edited February 2013
    I drove mine hard over the past tank, in colder weather, just to see what the effect would be. That means I accelerated briskly (racing from light to light), and in general drove like an impatient roadrunner. Highway speeds were 8 over the limit everywhere I could manage it (traffic letting me by having a large effect). The only think I didn't change was where I drive, so this was still maybe 70-30 hwy / cty. The overall came out to just over 22 mpg.

    Still not too bad.

    Interestingly, I evidently can't help myself about anticipating stops and such, because the green display for anticipation still had all 5 leaves. On the other hand, I had no leaves on the trip meter for speed (and a warning lecture to slow down to improve fuel economy). The overall trip meter (never reset) had 1 leaf, but the same warning.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    and a warning lecture to slow down to improve fuel economy

    LOL, I'm old enough to remember when the only nag was "your door is ajar".

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  • Hehe. I remember when cars that did that were 'high tech'. This was along about the time that Night Rider originally aired on TV. When that show first came on, most cars still just dinged at you or something, so a car actually talking was amazing! Now they not only talk, they analyze our behavior.

    The worst part is that it agrees with my wife. :P
  • Consumer Reports JUST came out with a report about Turbochargers & their Real World power/mpg claims, they tested a Ford Fusion with the 1.6L engine. Game Day Bucket Go BOOM!!!!

    "the magazine singled out turbocharged versions of the Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Fusion, which it says don't boast the real-world performance or fuel economy figures their makers have suggested. Instead, Consumer Reports seems to be indicating that the engines have been tweaked specifically to perform well in the EPA-mandated fuel economy tests." nes.html
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    That's the rap against Hyundai/Kia and they have suffered (a bit anyway) when real world reports didn't match the EPA ratings. Kind of a risky strategy if it's true.

    You see this with crash test results; after the IIHS or NHTSA adds or changes how they crash test, the engineers design cars to get 5 star ratings on those tests. So we see added tests to address other shortcomings, like the new frontal offset crash test, aka "small overlap test".

    If they made the automakers test with E-10 gas, you'd see an immediate drop in EPA ratings. :P

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  • I guess my point is that we now have some real world confirmation that people who are experiencing terrible gas mileage aren't just getting it because they "don't know how to drive" their vehicles properly. It's a shame because the vehicle itself is great, comfortable and handles like a car, unfortunately the mpgs don't come close to the EPA ratings & the small gas tank leaves a lot to be desired on the driving range front. A shame really, I could've lived with the lower mpgs with an 18 even 17 gallon tank, but the aggrevation definately was not worth it.
  • woodinvawoodinva Posts: 17
    edited February 2013
    UNFORTUNATELY..the EPA doesn't do mileage tests with ethanol gas; they report their tests using 100 percent gasoline. Yet 95 percent of the buying public can only get gas with ethanol in it. Gasoline without ethanol is priced above that of diesel in most places where you can get it..[near marinas] check out website pure .org for availability. So everyone take a 20 percent reduction off of what dealer invoices say. IF YOUR IN AN AREA THAT USES e15 gasoline take 30 percent off the mileage estimates that are reported. e15 gasoline has been legal for sale in the USA SINCE JUNE 2012. Most sellers are supposed to tell you before selling it. However I would NOT be surprised is some gasoline retailers are bending the rules.

    Another thing I did notice on the invoices of some TITANIUM suv's some of them have been ordered to meet CALIFORNIA emissions then they are shipped and sold on the EAST coast. California emissions are MORE stringent then what the epa requires in other areas; wonder if this is also affecting some of your reported gas mileages; especially those not living in California. JMHO Explorer 4wd owner [20mpg and 335k miles] wondering whether we should wait for a diesel engine or something better before upgrading into this situation...yikes.
  • I've NEVER owned a vehicle that didn't come within 1-2mpg of the EPA figure, WITH ethanol gas! My 2010 Escape gets better mpgs than the 2013 Escape with that "ECO"boost fuel saving engine, right on par with what CONSUMER REPORTS tested. PLUS who says Consumer Reports tested with E-10 gasoline??? I never saw it mentioned in their report???
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    I don't see it mentioned in their blurb on how they test cars.

    A while back they compared E15 to gasoline*.

    The asterisk indicated that the gas they used in the comparison was a 10% ethanol blend.

    The great ethanol debate

    Maybe a subscriber can find the footnotes or can contact them.

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  • I traded in my Jeep Wrangler for the 2013 Ford Escape Titanium 2.0 ecoboost titanium. I wanted something nicer, better ride and better mpg. I'm happy with everything BUT the mpg. I have just over 5000 miles on it so it's pretty well broke in at this point. My daily commute is a little over 17 miles, about 15 miles of that are freeway and rarely stop and go. The freeway speed here is 60, I usually drive slightly over that, maybe 63-64. My mpg average is 22. not even close to what Ford is touting in their adds...seems more than misleading. BTW I use mid-grade gas ( or plus ) seems that premium gas shouldn't be a mandate for what's considered an economy, small sized SUV.
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