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2013 Ford Escape Gas Mileage



  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    I'm not snapping specifically at you, I'm snapping at the ones who are getting the EPA MPG #s and seem to know how everyone else on here drives. Like I said, most of the people on this thread, MOST not ALL, know how to drive to get EPA #s, flatly dismissing them because you can do it is flat out WRONG! I see a lot of overweight people at my office complain about losing weight but eat a bag of chips and big gulp of coke at lunch. Then I see others who eat good and still can't lose weight. So do I just say, oh, because those other people eat bad but you eat healthy then obviously the problem is that you eat bad when you get home because all the other overweight people eat bad, even though I have NO IDEA how they eat at home. It's an absurd argument!!!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    Maybe we can get a fresh round of real world mpg numbers? Thanks.
  • pdawg1pdawg1 Posts: 22
    I would think that most of us want to see constructive ideas and how we can get Ford involved on a solution vs [non-permissible content removed] for tat banter. There are obviously enough well informed owners here, that know how to drive for optimum mpg and not getting close to those numbers, that are frustrated. Again, getting Ford on board, that there is an issue, is what I hope we are all here to accomplish. All other communication to me is a waste of time............
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Good Luck with that, according to Ford and a few "well informed" drivers, there is no problem!
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    After seeing this: in your post, I checked it out online and decided to purchase one. My thoughts are to set a 4-quadrant main screen to Avg. MPG, instantaneous MPG, vacuum pressure and gallons/hour. This should answer the age old question...
  • sven7sven7 Posts: 1
    In the 1000 miles since Ford returned it after the recall, my 1.6 eco has averaged just over 28 mpg in 80% highway driving using 89 octane 10% alcohol (the cheapest grade in Iowa). If the computer is to be believed on the highway 32-33. I'm hoping to improve a bit more when (if) spring ever comes. It doesn't appear to be getting much worse at 70 mph than at 55 (unlike the long-term rental I had with the 2.0 AWD whose mileage fell off a cliff between 65 and 70). It does appear to use a lot of gas on cold startups, perhaps the turbo runs full time until its warm.
  • usa1fanusa1fan Posts: 68
    I did. I know, it's lost in the rest of the post. I mentioned my current worst-ever results being 19.7 (hand calculated- 20.4 indicated), cold weather, snow, remote start, windy, etc.

    I also just filled up again today. This tank was 22.3 mpg (again, hand calculated), with 23.9 indicated.

    These two tanks are both lower than my usual, but we've had three successive weeks with Sunday+ snows, wind, etc.

    FWIW, the DIC is all over the place, not just high. It reported 26.7 for the 28.5 mpg tank three weeks back.
  • usa1fanusa1fan Posts: 68
    Not using higher octane fuel here. Like you, I tried it, with inconclusive results (aka- basically no significant difference). It's most likely not the octane, but could very well be affected by additives, like ethanol.

    If the latter is true, I still pay .30 less per gallon of 10% ethanol than the local Pure usually charges, so any savings in fuel economy are at least a break-even proposition in terms of cost / mile.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,442
    In the first 2 months of 2013, over 44k Escapes were purchased.
    How many are complaining about the fuel mileage?
    I expect March sales numbers to be higher.
    Our 2.0 AWD is averaging about 10% below the EPA average so far, but we are expecting it to improve as the weather warms up.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I'm not complaining, I've been one of those addressing driving conditions, driving style, speed and climate, I just wasn't named in the indictment. Last summer when it was very new, I averaged 26-28 and as high as 30 city/highway and 36-38 on a autumn road trip on two lanes at 60 mph. As I mentioned before, I averaged 25.6 at 70-75 mph over 1700+ miles from Phoenix to Mpls. I don't know, I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'...
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,442
    I was trying back up what you posted. With over 44k Escapes sold in the first 2 month of this year, there are a few less owners than that posting here about lower than expected fuel mileage. ;)
  • labrylaolabrylao Posts: 1
    I bought the new ford escape 2013, on dec 30th. I have been babying the pedal to the point I have been sworn at for not hitting the gas at the light. And coasting to turns. And I still in the city (with no hills but lots of lights) am getting only 20mpg. I have noticed that the tachometer sometimes even when coasting at 40 mpg I am at 2200 rpm...not sure what to do to make this any better.. One of the most important s things I wanted in my new vehicle was good mpg. I had a 2004 Toyota rav4 and was getting 22mpg even with it being 9 yrs old. I used to get 24-25. Wishing now I had just had my rav painted....
  • automelon48automelon48 Posts: 101
    I am still holding steady at 24.3 MPG combined average after 19 tanks. 2.0 FWD
    However, I have recently started testing my fuel at the stations I have been using, and I have found them all to be Ethanol free in both the 87 and 91 octanes I have used. I have not seen any marked fuel efficiency difference between the two octane ratings.
    I have identified a station nearby that sells 94 octane which I tested the other day as having 7.5% Ethanol in the mix. I will try that or perhaps some 10% if I can find it.
    I don't know if it will make much difference, but I have seen on some F150 Ecoboost forums, some owners claim a significant difference. I will only believe it when I test it myself.
    If the difference is a few % then big deal. If the difference is more significant, then it may help explain some of the challenges that some are experiencing.
    I will let you what I find.
  • automelon48automelon48 Posts: 101
    Which engine do you have? FWD or AWD? How many miles on the odometer? do you live in a cold climate?
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Let's see what people really think about the MPGs after the honeymoon is over. I wasn't aware that the 44k Escape buyers were mandated to come to come to the Edmunds Escape Forum, let alone know that this forum even exists!?!?!?!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    Plenty of other sites have owners reporting mpg numbers, including the EPA and Lots more reports would help though.
  • mbb21mbb21 Posts: 7
    I own a 2013 Escape Titanium 4wd with around 4,300 miles on it. I am in Miami, FL, flat as can be with mild to hot temperatures. Last tank of gas I filled up with Shell midgrade gas. I also own and use a GoPoint BT1 bluetooth OBD reader paired with an iPhone 5 using Dashcommand software. Most of my driving is in city, not during rush hours. Here are the numbers based on two typical trips(#1/#2) that I measured;

    Avg. MPG 20.5/20.5
    Distance – 11.9/9.9 miles
    Avg no idle speed – 28/28 mph
    Avg with idle speed – 19/20 mph
    Max speed – 48/48 mph
    Fuel Flow avg – 0.8/0.8 galph
    Fuel Flow max – 4.8/4.8 galph

    My driving style was extremely conservative, making sure to avoid turbo boost if possible during the trips and as you can see the vehicle is delivering pretty close to the EPA city number, which for this configuration is 21/28. I still have not taken a long all highway trip in order to measure those numbers. I will publish them once I do.

    So, does Ford deliver what it says? In a way, yes, but the way you have to drive the car in order to make the numbers sure takes away from the fun that driving this vehicle brings when you step on it. I guess we can’t have the best of all worlds in one package just yet. I still think the car is a blast, fun to drive car.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,732
    " ...So, does Ford deliver what it says? In a way, yes, but the way you have to drive the car in order to make the numbers sure takes away from the fun that driving this vehicle brings when you step on it. I guess we can’t have the best of all worlds in one package just yet. ..."

    Ford had the best of both. The Escape Hybrid 2005-2012 has both power and excellent fuel economy (especially city). It was more expensive on the initial purchase, but other than that it is a great vehicle.

    I suppose Ford could have put a hybrid option in the 2013, but I suspect they chose to use the batteries for the C-max.
  • evorkerrevorkerr Posts: 1
    well sorry to inform you but the EPA does not use 100% gasoline when they do there testing they use a liquid called indolene. cause it has a research octane of 96.5 and if you do the math for research octane + motor octane divided by 2 it has a octane rating of 92.25.
    Also just about every grade of octane gas on the market contains 10% ethanol unless the gas retailer chooses not to include it in the formula with the other fuel additives.
  • automelon48automelon48 Posts: 101
    evorkerr; You are right, the EPA does use indolene, but that is just a name that they give their specially made test gasoline that contains no additives. So loosely, it could be called 100% "gasoline", especially when it is compared to what we get at the pumps. Yes, it does have a pump octane number around 92.

    I think the reason for the discussion, is to understand that the EPA uses one type of fuel for their testing (as would Ford, and then it goes on the window sticker) and we need to use something different. Perhaps these Ecoboosts are more sensitive to fuel additives, such as Ethanol. We here on the forum don't know for sure, but it is a discussion point. With some owners seeing very good mileage and others are struggling, despite their best efforts, MAYBE fuel is playing a partial role in this. I have the luxury of finding pretty much any kind of fuel I want to where I live, so I am doing my own tests to see if I can add anything on that front.
    I have started testing the fuel at my local stations, just so i know what I am putting in the tank.

    When the sticker at the pump says that the fuel "may contain up to 10% Ethanol" then it would be good to know. Is it 0%, or 10% or ???
    The numbers can sometimes fluctuate depending on the season, the region, the availability etc.
    If in fact, some Ecoboost owners are suffering because of what fuel is available locally, then Ford can't control that. That becomes an EPA test standards issue. Ford needs to follow EPA rules which call out indolene as the test fuel.
    Hopefully we will figure it out.
    If the fuel and its additives make little to no difference, then this whole conversation becomes a moot point. :)
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