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2013 Ford Escape Gas Mileage



  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    So, you think Ford is admitting they have a lemon... wrong. Ford is realizing that there's a bunch of Chicken Little's out there who will give them a perfectly good car with really low miles to resell at a great profit and then they'll sell you another car with a discount you could have negotiated with a salesman and make even more profit.
  • It's "Hush Money," plain and simple!
  • A friend of mine tracks his mileage on a website called I don't use the site myself, but it does look interesting.
    I checked it out recently for the Escape to see what it showed.
    Basically, it shows that the 2013's are averaging as good or better than any of the previous generation Escapes. Many owners, many thousands of miles reported.
    link title

    My average tank of my first 7 tanks is 24.25 Mpg in my 2.0 FWD. Just slightly ahead of the 2013 reported average. My best was 27.6 and worst 20.6.

    Unfortunately the website does not seem to differentiate between engines and 2WD/4WD. It is just an average of all fill-ups from all configurations.
    Very pleased with my Escape. (mileage and everything else)
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    How can you term it 'Hush Money'? How many owners had a problem, 12 or so, out of how many thousands?
    They want their customers to be comfortable with what they have.
  • Ohhhh, I don't know, because Ford is betting the house on this vehicle and they want to minimize the blowback from angry owners??? And these so called "PROBLEMS" aren't just "PROBLEMS" they are vehicles that are catching fire, and this is the 3rd time they've had to recall the Escape for it! Glad you think it's no biggie, I happen to think it is.
  • I have a 2013 Ford Escape Titanium 2.0 AWD in Southern California and after 4000 miles, I am still only getting 17/20/23 mpg average. There is an article regarding Consumer Reports questioning the mpg on the Ford C-Max. Ford says 47 mpg, Consumer Reports could only get 38 mpg. Ford is talking to the EPA regarding the numbers...but the article brings out a good point. Ford tests according to the EPA "Standards" which includes "Highway" Speeds at 48 mph. When increased to 65 to 75 mph, people lose as much as 20% fuel Economy ~38 mpg from a target of 47 mpg. I noticed in my owners manual for the 2013 Ford Escape it states you can improve your mpg 15% if you reduce your speed to 50 mph on the Freeway...combine that with the 5-10% reduction in fuel economy caused by 10% Ethanol, and you can explain my poor fuel economy. This leaves me with just one question - "Why would Ford tune an engine for 50 mph on the highway? That performs 15% less when driving the speed limit? Do they want to put my family in danger by driving too slow? I'm taking my car in next week. We will see what they say.
  • I wanted to report that I am getting nowhere near the advertised gas mileage on my 2013 Escape 2.0 AWD. On a 500 mile trip all highway, I averaged 17.6-18.2! Half the time my cruise was set at 70 MPH. In the City it's about exactly the same. I have 1700 miles on the car right now. Not sure if there's a "break-in" period, but I hope it gets better. ADvertising 28/29 for the AWD 2.0 and only getting 18 on the highway is a MAJOR problem. Am I wrong? Or overreacting? Any thoughts would be helpful.
    PS- Only other issue is that it rides very rough with the 19" wheels in the city, other than that I love the car. Acceleration is great, features are awesome, park assist etc. etc.
  • Having traded in a vehicle that got about 16 mpg, on a good day, I'm okay with the mpg. It is the peanut sized tank I take issue with (more on that later).

    I have the 2.0L 4WD, and just turned 1,200 miles. Based on my last two tanks I am getting combined mpg of 23.3 mpg. Most of my driving is city (guessing 75% city and 25% highway). based on the real time readout, I estimate that I get around 21 mpg city and 29 or 30 highway. I will also add the mpg indicator in the vehicle provided quite accurate (the readout for each tank full of gas was within 0.1 mpg of the calculated actual).

    So, as I said, I don't take issue with the mpg. What I hate is the range! Refueling shortly atfter the low fuel indicator goes on, I'm getting only 250 miles on a tank! Has anyone confirmed that the tank on this vehicle is 15.1 gallons (run out of gas and refueled to full)? Here is why I ask. Besides calculating my mpg when I fill up, I also monitor via the tripmeter (reset at each fill up). On my last two fill ups (one resulted in 22.8 mpg and the other in 23.8 mpg) the "miles to empty" indicated that I had 46 and 47 miles respectively (matching the mpg reading). Here's the issue -- when I filled up, each time the vehicle took 11 gallons of gas, meaning that with a 15.1 gallon tank, I had 4.1 gallons remaining. Given the mpg, my range until empty should have read closer to 95 miles, and not 46 or 47. On each tank of gas, I traveled about 250 miles -- this was stated accurately on the tripmeter. So, I contacted Ford and asked them to 1) confirm that the tank is actually 15.1 gallons and not 13.1 gallons, and 2) verify whether or not the "miles to empty" calculation provides an intentional false reading, that includes a buffer of 2 extra gallons? After 3 days, Ford responded by saying "take the vehicle to your dealer!"

    Anyone else monitor their mpg and system readouts as I have described above? what are your results? Are your "Miles to empty" reported accurately, or does it seem to under-estimate the actual range?
  • Chris, the 2.0 AWD is rated 21/28 City/Hwy.
    You said your cruise control was set for 70Mph half the time. What speeds were you driving for the other half of the time?

    Cruise control is very inefficient if you are driving on any hilly terrain. Not sure if there were any hills on your trip.
    Were you driving against the wind at any point in your trip?
    70 Mph is not the most efficient cruising speed. If you are looking to get the EPA estimate, you should be driving closer to 60 Mph.

    What kind of gas? I think I sound like a broken record on this topic, but the gas you buy will vary your mileage.
    The EPA uses 91-93 octane Ethanol-free gas for testing.(from everything I have read) Try to find some 91 octane Ethanol free fuel, to see if this has any effect.
    I would not expect more than a 5% improvement after break-in.
  • I agree, the tank is way to small, Ive tracked my purchases on the most i have ever put in the tank is 12.38g and I usually fill up when the lights on and when I have 30-40 miles left on the empty gague.
  • Wistrod, I've taken mine down to the E on the gauge & filled up 13.3 gallons. there maybe another gallon or less in there after that, but what I do know is that I've been told that some of the tank's capacity can not be used and that running it down to the bone will cause your fuel pump to burn up without the gas to cool it down. It is what it is i guess?
  • wistrodwistrod Posts: 14
    edited December 2012
    Thanks for the feedback. That's exactly what I have been finding. There is no way the tank is 15.1 gallons, least not useable gallons. Per your data, if the tank is 15.1 gallons, and you put in about 12.4, you ought to have 2.7 gallons left. If you only have 30 to 40 miles in range, that would mean your mpg is between 11 and 15!
  • wistrodwistrod Posts: 14
    edited December 2012
    Thanks for the response. I've read the same thing about running down to empty (potential problems that can occur). They Ford) ought to be made to specify the "useable" fuel tank size and not the total capacity. Seems to me there is only a little more than 13 gallons of useable fuel on board, providing a total range (based on my mileage) of about 280 miles. More realistically, since I will usually fill up when the low fuel level light goes on, my true range is about 245 miles. That pretty much sucks! Why the engineers didn't come up with a way to mount a 19 or 20 gallon tank is beyond me!
  • I feel you, and im not even in the AWD. 2.0 gas boost engine. The main thing is my other cars I have driven get posted EPA est. Using the same cheap walmart gas, im the same driver, have the same habbits. live in the same area. However in my Velositer I get a check every year because they overstated the MPG's.
    Im not even running the A/C, im know its gonna be worse in the summer, when I use the push to start to cool off the car.... bla still a fun car but the MPG did play alot into me buying the car.
    so now I need to buy high octaine gas, The info I had from Ford said no, that would only give me a boost in HP not MPG. And I need to buy gas with out corn.... I dont think that is possible living by Houston... even out of town gas stops have 10% E . So there is no way I can achieve those EPA numbers. and yes my tires are filled with nitrogen at posted on the door limits. and I have no cargo other then my big butt. I do log my fule at the site. I only see 4 people recording for the 2.0 T :(
    As more of these hit the roads I think alot of people are gonna be pissed
  • mbb21mbb21 Posts: 7
    I have been lurking on this subject for a while and reading up on the mileage results people are getting under various conditions. I have a Titanium 2.0 4WD with about 1675 miles on it. I am in flat Miami, FL - no hills, and drive 75/25 city/highway and also use 93 octane fuel. During all of this time my mileage has averaged 19.3 mpg according to the on board computer. I have also been measuring the mileage by hand and so far for the last few tanks it has been 18.92, 18.70 and 19.26 mpg. Also, when looking in the submenu under the MPG display, I think it is called the EcoMode, it shows my driving with all green leaves, in other words, I am driving as fuel efficiently as possible as judged by the car's own system.

    Given that the car is rated by the EPA at 21/28 city/highway, my numbers are not too far off from the bottom range. However, this is not what I expected or expect! Doing the math and given the EPA numbers, I should be averaging 22.75 mpg given the 75/25 percent city/highway driving that I do. Right now I am under that mark by 16.7%, that is quite a miss! So even if the system improves by 5% by further break in mileage my mpg will still be under the claim by over 11.6%. Not exactly what I expected.

    The second beef I have with the car is its limited range. I now have to gas up almost every week and at most get 250 miles on a stretch before I need to fill up. On the last fill up where I got the 19.26 mpg reading the system says that my range is 273 miles before the next fill. Too bad Ford did not put an extra gallon sized tank on.

    Outside of these two things the car is a blast and I thoroughly enjoy it. It is a great ride, fun to ride automobile that could have been made just great with a little extra care and effort from Ford.
  • usa1fanusa1fan Posts: 68
    edited December 2012
    See my previous posts here and in the 2013 Escape fuel economy topic; I get advertised numbers using regular 10% ethanol (Walmart too!). So it's definitely possible. I've yet to have a single tank that was 100% highway, so my current high of over 29 mpg for a tank can still be bettered. That tank was achieved at around 5000 miles on the car, using non-ethanol 93 octane gas (whether that had a real impact or not will take further experimentation). Regardless, I routinely see 25+ mixed (80% highway?), using that Walmart gas..

    Unfortunately that means one of two things-
    1. You (and a lot of others here) bought a lemon (and I didn't), or
    2. Your conditions / driving aren't really in tune with the car's most efficient operation (regardless of what the DIC tells you).

    No offense intended, but all indications are pointing to #2.
  • I have the 1.6L FWD & only get between 235-260mi of mixed driving, but I have been able to get 408mi / 31mpg on an all highway trip doing 65-75
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    edited December 2012
    So are you going to take the 'hush money'?
    My wife's 2.0 AWD is averaging 250-275 between fills @22 mpg.
    She is going to try premium gas at some point to see if it makes a difference.
    She was filling up between 275-300 in the 09 Escape V6 AWD.
    Fuel mileage was a little lower.
  • No, I'll either trade out to another manufacturer & take the hit now, or wait until spring or summer after I paid it down a little more. I should've listened to the folks who said don't buy a car in its 1st year, live and learn!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    edited December 2012
    Let me ask you this, did you experience the overheating problem with your Escape? Recalls can involve a large number of vehicles, but usually affect only a few.
    I have bought quite a few bleeding edge Fords over the years. Some have had real problems, most not.
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