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2013 Ford Escape Gas Mileage



  • First tank of Gas only 175 miles in my SEL FWD 1.6

    getting 21 around town and about 30 or so on the Hwy, :)

    although only had it on Hwy for about 35 miles.

    During the recall I drove and SEL 2.0 4wd for 2 weeks about 4oo miles
    in that I only got 18 around town and 24 hwy
  • drjjjjdrjjjj Posts: 14
    To maximize MPG rating from Feds, design max mpg @ 50 mph for freeway mpg rating! The domestic manufactures don't seem to have the same sense of ownership when designing new rigs like the Japanese-perhaps a culture issue! I won't touch a domestic vehicle any more-too many bad experiences! Wish it weren't so!
  • Read posting #150 and go to the link and read that as well. Your 50Mph notion is out of date.

    There is no doubt that an SUV (or similar shape) will get better mileage at lower speeds. This being said, the EPA ratings are done at a variety of speeds, not 50Mph.
    If I drove at 50 Mph in my Escape, I would exceed the EPA ratings.
    For people who are wanting to drive 70 + Mph and not see their mileage drop off a cliff, they need to look at a vehicle which is much more aerodynamic.
    ( ie, cars )
  • dizneydizney Posts: 19
    I had the AWD 2.0 for a loaner for the recall !
    It was a PIG on gas........
    Glad I bought the 1.6 L FWD. Great gas mieage! :) :) :)
  • dizney... I have put about 10 tanks of gas through my 2.0 FWD. It is getting the EPA numbers. It's all in how the vehicle is driven. The AWD does take about 7% more fuel than the FWD, and if you are using the power that the 2.0T can put out, then you will burn the proportionate amound of fuel.
    If I had a loaner, I might be a little more lead-footed as well.
    This may not apply to you, but I find it humerous when people rent a 2.0 AWD, "drive it like a rental" and then are surprised at how much fuel it uses.

    When driven equally, the 2.0 should be using about 8% more fuel than the 1.6.
    That's a pretty good offset, considering that the 2.0 makes 35% more HP and 46% more Torque. :)
  • I have to jump in here. Purchased a 2013 Escape- SEL- 4wd on Sept 11, and have over 9800 miles on it already and I haven't seen anything better that 22 mpg with this car. I fill my car min 3 x's a week so this gas milage issue startes me in the face all the time. Went to my dealer 3 weeks after I got the car to complain about my TERRIBLE gas milage and they replied "oh don't worry, it takes it about 4-5000 miles for it to break in and it will be fine'. Well I have been in there 2-3 times since questioning this with no luck. I have even been in touch with Ford Customer Care, registering a complaint about this, hoping that dealing with them would lead me to some answers, again, with no luck. I had told the woman I spoke to about this, and while she was sympathetic to my issue, really did not help. But I did tell her that I was going to the dealer again, and she said that she would reach out to them as well before my appmt. So I set one last appmt with my dealer to discuss this and the other issue I'v been having, the supposed 15 gallon gas tank, which when I fill it up, it only takes 12.5 gallons or so. Get back to that later. I met with their customer service person I had been designated and basically was dismissed with my problem here, saying that there is nothing they can do about the gas milage or the fuel tank. The conversation lasted maybe 3-5 mins, mostly me complaining that this is not exceptable. VERY frustrated at this point and I want to pursue this further. When I purchased this car the 'blend' of gas milage on the sticker read 25mpg, and with a 15 gallon tank, I was expecting at least 375 miles per tank, but now I get about 21mpg, times the 12.5 gallons I get whe I fill it up when it gets to empty, or 262 miles, times 3x's a week, that's a difference of 337 miles short ! I'd love to get some direction here- this is totally unfair and I am willing to take this as far as I can.
  • wistrodwistrod Posts: 14
    Agree 100%. As previously stated, I also contacted Ford complaining about my mpg and the tank size. They told me the same thing - it is an issue for the dealer to handle! I didn't waste my time with the dealer, as I know how that would result. I now have about 2,000 miles on the vehicle. My mpg for these 2,000 miles is 22.1. About 75% of my driving is interstate, and the rest in populated areas (city). I always use cruise control. If the speed limit is 35, my cruise is set to 35. On the interstates my cruise is set to 55 or 65, per posted speed limits (yeah I am constantly getting passes as I putz along in the slow lane)! The highest "real time" mpg my readout ever registered was 25.1 mpg. I fill up when the light goes on,usually telling me that I have about 45 miles remaining to empty. It has never taken more than 11.5 gallons! I truly believe there s no way this tank is bigger than 13 gallons. I would really like to hear from someone that ran out of gas, and find out exactly how many gallons it took to refuel. I lie the vehicle, but I didn't get what I paid for or what I was led to believe I was getting. Pure and simply, fraud! Keeping my eyes open for a class action suit, or someone to come out wit an aftermarket 19 gallon gas tank!!!!!
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    I HAD the 1.6L se Fwd for 4 months, most I was able to put in the tank was 13.3 gallons and it said I had 8 miles of range left. Luckily my dealership had a Ford/Subaru combo in another location & I was able to get them to give me 21k for mine & bought the new Subaru Crosstrek. Took a 2.5k loss on the Escape, but I call it money well spent, I'm already averaging 27mpgs in the Subaru and have put in 13.9 gallons without the fuel light even coming on. Best decision ever!!!
  • frank181, I presume you have a 2.0 AWD? If so, the EPA average is posted at 24MPG.
    I too have noticed that the range seems pretty short. I have put as much as 12.9 gallons in the tank, and that took me less than 300 miles. I do find the gas guage and "distance to empty" display are very conservative. I have read the fuel tank level from the OBD-II port before filling up, and it showed a higher number than the guage. (I will document that info and share it with you the next time I fill up)
    Having said that, it is not generally a good idea to run a tank completely empty. Fuel pumps are cooled by gas, sloshing around them. A 13 gallon fillup should be about right for this 15 gallon tank. (yes, 13 gallons is not much)

    I would also add, as many have in the past, that the EPA numbers are a guide and there are many variables to gas mileage. Driving habits, Ethanol content tire pressure, terrain, speed etc etc.
    I have only used Ethanol free gas in my SEL 2.0 FWD,. (not an option for everyone) I have 17" snow tires mounted on steel rims and I have been in winter driving conditions for most if not all of my first 10 tanks. My 10 tank average is 24.3 MPG. Best was 27.6 which was mostly highway.

    I find that cruise control is less efficient. Cruise control has one mandate and that is to maintain a constant speed. It will not anticpate hills approaching and will apply lots of throttle (turbo-boost) when it hits the hill. This is normal cruise control operation.

    I hear your frustration with mileage, but there are so many variables in this eqation that it is a very difficult topic to address. If you look around any forum from any manufacturer, you will find people unhappy with their mileage.

    If you look at you can browse through a large database of drivers who report each and every fillup. Apply the filter to show 4-cylinder gas engines on vehicles like the Toyota RAV-4, VW-Tiguan, Honda CR-V etc, and you will see that the average 2013 Escape owner is right in line. (yet the Escape offers significantly more performance if you have the 2.0)
  • tinycadon, From everything I see on the web, the Crosstrek is smaller and 500 lbs lighter than the Escape and has significantly less torque and HP than the Escape. Not exactly an apples to apples comparison.
    In addition, the little 148 Hp engine should be getting an average of 28Mpg according to the EPA, so you are falling short of the EPA combined average.

    Difficult to slam Ford based on this criteria.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    edited January 2013
    Automelon, go back and read my posts, it's a hell of a lot more than just the mpg's that I'm slamming Ford about. I had a 2010 Escape that had better mpgs & range than this beast & regretted opting for the "better" "superior" Escape!

    Well, if I'm only 1mpg below the EPA figures driving in the winter & using the winter blend, then the Escape was a complete disaster this summer. I guess comparing the two isn't "apples to apples" but considering the two are close enough in epa mpg figures (same hwy, 2mpg difference in city) then the Escape should've had better #s driving in better conditions this summer. I never got better than 22mpgs in mixed driving & it's only when you combine the mixed with the straight highway miles did it go above the 23mpg city rating (23.5). I hand calculate everything & keep a spreadsheet.

    As far as the comparison in weight & hp/torque, the added 500lbs has a HUGE impact on real life comparisons between the two. I subscribe to Consumer Reports, here are the comparisons of the tested vehicles:

    0 to 30: Escape(4wd) 3.4 Crosstrek 3.8
    0 to 60: 9.9 9.7
    45 to 65: 6.5 6.6
    Quarter-mile: 17.5 17.5
    Quarter-mile: 80 82

    So the Escape is quicker to 30 but slower to 60, with passing time (45-65) a statistically insignificant .1 second difference. So all that HP & Torque advantage the Escape has is completely wasted because of the weight.

    Fuel Economy Tests:

    CR's overall mileage: Escape 22 Crosstrek 26
    CR's city/highway: 15/31 19/34
    Crusing Range: 335mi 420mi

    So much for the "ECO" in that ECOboost. The Crosstrek came out +1 in EPA hwy and -6 for the city. The Escape -2 in EPA hwy and -8 for city.

    Yes, I'm slamming Ford, not on the old Escape, but this new Escape that sucks eggs as far as I'm concerned!!!
  • tinycadon, Glad you have found a vehicle you like. For whatever reason, I am able to get 24+ MPG combined in winter driving conditions, with the bigger engine and have trailer towing power and passing power to spare. I have had zero problems with my Escape. Perhaps I am lucky, or perhaps you are unlucky. In either case, happy motoring in the future!
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    There are far more "unlucky" new Escape owners than lucky, maybe you live somewhere where they have pure gas and not 10% ethanol??? I had issues with the MFT system as well, things working, not working, turning on and off for no reason & then 3 recalls for engine fires was enough for me. Glad you are satisfied with your car, I wasn't and I loved it at first, sad.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    I used the Fwd EPA #s instead of the 4wd EPA #s when I calculated the Consumer Reports test figures, the Escape did get +1mpg for hwy and -7 for the city not -2 hwy & -8 city.
  • I understand the variable factors that contribute to the actual MPG that one may see (ie ethanol content, outside temp, head wind/tail wind, snow/ice on the road, driving style etc).

    However, my 2013 Escape Titanium is the 5th new vehicle I've purchased since 1998. With the previous 4 vehicles I was able to obtain the EPA hwy mileage (cruising on the interstate @70 mph - the posted speed limit where I live) after a reasonable break in period. I've yet to come close to attaining the hwy mpg on my Escape (the best I got was about 24 mpg cruising @70). The best I've achieved - about 27 mpg was cruising @ 55 - 60. I'm at 24 mpg overall - just like the sticker says. But I live in a small town and I don't really drive in city traffic. My vehicles have always had a bias towards the highway mileage.

    I have 2,700 miles on my vehicle. I understand the 2,000 - 3,000 mile break in period stated in the owner's manual before we should check the mpg. So far it's not looking too good for the hwy mpg (in my case). But I'm not officially disappointed yet. I'll be patient and give it more time.

    The final exam will be next month when I head to Florida (from SW MI). I'm planning a round trip of about 3,000 miles with quite a bit of time spent on the interstate. I'll post the results after my trip.

    But I'm beginning to think Ford engineered this vehicle to perform on the EPA test and not on the road (wrt to fuel mileage). If so, they may be technically correct and passed the EPA test but could lose in the court of public opinion.

    Overall, on all other factors I'm extremely satisfied with my new Escape! The vehicle's performed flawlessly so far (even the My Ford Touch)!
  • "There are far more "unlucky" new Escape owners than lucky, maybe you live somewhere where they have pure gas and not 10% ethanol???"

    What's your source for this conclusion? or is it simply an emotional knee jerk reaction? I'm interested in the hard data source.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Hey Johnny, read the thread before attacking my assertion, unless you go around personally testing out every single Escape on the road yourself where's your "Hard Data" to support your assertion that most people ARE getting close to EPA ratings? You want "Hard Data" then buy yourself a subscription to Consumer Reports like I did, their "Hard Data" is right there in their "Hard Data" tests. In a 4wd 1.6L SE the "Hard Data" they came up with was 15mpg in city driving, 7mpg under the EPA rating of 22mpg. Is that "Hard Data" enough for you???
  • Pretty much mirrors my mileage experience. Not sure I made the right choice with this turbo.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    Let's try to keep the focus more on the Escape and less on each other please.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • dons8dons8 Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    I have to agree with FortherRock - I have a new 4WD Escape Titanium and a new Focus Titanium in the drive and neither is coming close to their city or highway MPGs. I just did a 3 hour drive down from the Sierras and even with an hour coasting down hill for a 38 MPG average it was down to 24 by the time I got home - virtually all the last 2 hours at 70 MPH on interstate. I like everything else about the two cars and I quickly learned the quirks of the Ford information system, but the gas mileage is a real disappointment ..... especially the Escape which has been averaging around 17.5 MPG in city driving for my wife. I'm really concerned that since MPG ratings have suddenly gotten important Ford is rigging their ratings. Both cars are over 1000 miles now and I'll watch carefully and try to take the Escape on a long level drive (btw - it only did 19.5 MPG going up to the Sierra's).
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