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2013 Fusion Hybrid



  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Needs HID's.
  • Does your Hybrid SE with the luxury package have the cool built-in dual tailpipes, as seen on the Titanium? I'm thinking of getting the Titanium for that feature alone, but would go with the SE if I could get the pipes. That, plus the fact that apparently you can't get Dune leather on the Hybrid Titanium - only Charcoal!! (I like the Dune over the Charcoal!)
  • No, just a single tailpipe on the SE Hybrid. I prefer the Dune interior also, but it's not available on the Titanium.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Neither Hybrid has dual tail pipes. Not happening. It may have something to do with the hybrids exhaust system not capable of having 2 exits, maybe not enough restriction, or maybe not enough room underneath for the muffler.

    Going to be a long wait before the HyTi hits the showroom, they have yet to build one.
  • I noticed Consumer reports got 41 mpg on highway. They test on a flat road at 65 mph (going back and forth to eliminate wind factor and I assume they coast without acceleration).

    There are 2 other factors: temperature and battery charge. Temperature shouldn't be underestimated especially for short trips but if it's a long trip you should get at least 41 mpg I'd think.

    Battery charge level is dependent a lot on stop & go obviously which is often why city mpg EPA is higher (or you could hypermile...).

    Looking at you do see several people hitting 45 mpg+ but most likely they drive around 55-60 mpg.

    I'm considering either Fusion Hybrid or the Accord Hybrid which is coming in fall. Might do a test drive and see if I can reach close to EPA.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    If you want to get anything over 40 MPG on the highway in the 2013 Fusion Hybrid you will need to learn pulse and glide. It is not easy to do. If you wish to do the interstate speed limits, 65+ you can forget 40 MPG, you wont get it. So far I have been able to surpass the MPG in the 2013 Fusion with my 2010 Fusion.

    In city driving, where you have stop and go traffic and can maximize regen and EV, the 13 does very well, often over 50 MPG, but you have to reduce your stopping as much as possible.

    I test drove both a Camry Hybrid, and an Avalon Hybrid, and in both cars was able to hit 40 MPG on the test drive with a mix of 35 MPH city and 55 MPH highway with some steep hills involved. Both cars hit their EPA marks in the test drives, in cold weather below 32*.

    I recommend driving all of them before you decide. In the Fusion, dont be locked into the car, it is very nice, but if you are buying to get the best in MPG, you wont get it in the Fusion. You will be more likely to get the best MPG out of the Camry. If you don't mind getting 30's in the Fusion though, it is a very nice car.
  • Interestingly CR got better mpg with the Camry hybrid just like you say, but then got better mpg with the Fusion in the city (probably because of larger battery).

    If you do only highway miles then you most likely get similar mpg with some of the non-hybrid sedans (e.g. Nissan especially and Camry/Sonata slightly lower).

    The energi sounds interesting too but not seeing many local dealers having it in stock.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    You nailed it. The Camry/Avalon Hybrids do very well Highway, while the Fusion excels in city driving.

    The Energi just started production about 2 weeks ago, so it will be a few more weeks before they are physically on the lots.
  • I got mine for about $1500 less than invoice and mine is loaded with 18 in wheelsd and all the safety extras. Only put 400 miles and I am getting 34 mpg in most city driving but some highway but for pretty low distances. Love my Fusion.
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    edited February 2013
    There's 1 dealer that had Energi in stock but it's 80 miles away so I first checked out the hybrid today.

    The interior is really nice. Huge improvement over previous Fusion. It's also quite spacious. The trunk is reasonable for a hybrid as the batteries are pushed to the outer sides (instead of blocking pass through).

    I got around 37-39 mpg at highway at about 60 mpg. With a non-hybrid sedan I usually get slightly better but with little bit pulse & glide it went into 40's. It was a short drive so not sure where I would have ended up. Overall I got 54 mpg. The stop & go is where it increased quickly.
    I had no problem with brakes either. Felt fine to me.

    Still contemplating between PHEV or HEV since I do a lot highway miles but they offer carpool access here and $1500 state rebate. But cargo space is a big compromise with no foldable rear seats and only little bit more than 8 cu ft. The C-Max is better there but don't like design too much.
  • socalfusionsocalfusion Posts: 10
    edited February 2013
    I've had my Fusion Hybrid for about a month now and thought I'd post the mpg so far. I calculate this the old fashion way by filling the tank and dividing the miles driven by the gallons used.


    Total miles driven so far is 1,900. My commute is 50 miles roundtrip with about 60% freeway. I use the intelligent cruise control quite a bit in the Eco cruise mode when traffic allows. I usually cruise between 65-75 on the freeway. Haven't tried pulse and glide yet. Doubt it would work very well on congested SoCal freeways as the driver behind you would quickly get annoyed. The car has run flawlessly and overall I'm quite satisfied with it. I researched the mpg issues before I bought it and didn't expect to achieve Ford's claimed 47/47 mileage. I'm quite happy with the mileage thus far. The car feels very solid and well built. Love the iPod integration, seats are comfortable, brakes are excellent with none of the grabbiness noted in some reviews, handling is better than I expected for a fwd car. I find the driving experience in the Fusion somewhat relaxing actually given its quiet interior and leasurely pace. Even got a wave from another Fusion yesterday!
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    edited February 2013
    I noticed this C-Max review by Wayne Geerdes:

    CleanMPG C-Max review

    He also found that city mpg is good but highway not so much.
    Interesting is the speed to mpg graph. So at 60mph you'd hit EPA.
    The Fusion according to CR is slightly more efficient than C-Max but should be similar in behavior.

    The Camry Hybrid should be more efficient on highway if you look at cleanmpg's review but little bit less in city. The car though is so boring especially compared to the Fusion imo.
  • Well, today is Feb. 25 and I am still waiting for the HyTi I ordered on Dec.4 to be built. They haven't even assigned a VIN so who knows how many more months it will be until I take delivery...unless I become completely fed up and take my business elsewhere, and that's the direction I am heading. The biggest frustration is Ford not being up front about why there's a delay in starting production on this model. The original date was 1/7 but it continues to be pushed back and Ford offers no explanation. I could be a lot more patient if I knew how much longer Ford plans to make me wait.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Rumor has it that they are going to start producing them at the Michigan plant, instead of in Mexico, mainly due to the line being over run with orders. The plant produces the S, SE, Titanium, Hybrid SE, Energi, Energi Titanium, MKZ, and MKZ Hybrids, and cant keep up with demand.

    As it stands now, since I cant get Ford to even call me to work something out on mine, because I know something aint quite right with it, I road tested another Fusion Hybrid and was easily able to get better MPG in it, and also in a Cmax, than I can get in mine, I am more than likely going to get rid of it for a Toyota instead. I test drove a couple Toyota Hybrid sedans and was easily able to hit EPA in them, where I cant even get close in the Fusion even with hypermiling the crap out of it.

    All I asked for was a nice car that got good gas mileage, and I got one that doesn't even come close. :mad: What I got was a :lemon: At 4500 miles all 4 plugs fouled and no explanation as to why. Car runs cold all the time, my feet are never cold in my 2010, but they get cold in the 13, in fact I have to turn the heat up to 74 to get it warm enough, in the 2010, its at 69.

    I easily get EPA in the 2010 Fusion Hybrid, and I should be getting at least as good if not better in the 13, but I dont.

    When you factor in that its cold, burns too much fuel, and fouled the plugs at 4500 miles, That is a good indication something is wrong, but their fancy pants computer tells them otherwise, and they road test using extreme pulse and glide to get 42 MPG out of it, so no problem found.

    Adios Ford.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    "I find the driving experience in the Fusion somewhat relaxing actually given its quiet interior and leisurely pace."
    socalfusion: Thank you for posting this. It is what almost every FFH driver is feeling.
    Lucien4: The Fusion Hybrid is the right choice. You won't regret it. I now have 4,100 miles on mine.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    A TCH owner just posted this on the Toyota Nation site:
    "Now you're making me feel even more buyer's remorse. I really liked the FFH but in the end, I chose the TCH because of proven technology and because the FFH's fuel economy ratings turned out to not be based in the real world. I'm not at all saying that the TCH is a bad car but I just don't feel a connection to it that I have with other cars."
    The emotion you will feel from owning and driving the FFH is a major factor that sets it apart from all other cars.
  • Taking the FFH on a little road trip this weekend up to the Eastern Sierra. About 800 miles or so round trip. No snow expected. Be interesting to see how the mileage works out. Mainly freeway miles so perhaps not as good. Good time to try some pulse and glide on hiway 395 as its not a busy road.
  • bboozebbooze Posts: 34
    Hi. I ordered a Fusion Hybrid on December 31 and was told it would be 8 weeks for delivery. Was getting updates during the production process but suddenly it is March and the dealer is telling me the car was finished in mid February but is now being "held" for some issue. He said it sounded like some sort of quality recheck.

    Does anyone else have one on order and delayed? Just trying to figure out what the deal is.
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    I've heard some models were sent to Ford US for quality inspection as they had initial quality issues. But not sure if that's still the case.

    You could check and track your order with Ford if you have the VIN.
  • bboozebbooze Posts: 34
    I've been told that my Fusion was actually finished being built on Feb 3 but it has been on hold from Ford for reasons they won't tell the dealer. Nor will they tell the dealer what the timeline is for shipment. This is a first for me so I don't know what to make of it but it just smells odd. Hard to believe they can simply finish a car and hold onto it for over a month without giving ANY color as to why.

    I'm also told this is affecting other people as well but given the lack of complaints on here of vehicles not being delivered I'm suspect this is actually the case.

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