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2013 Fusion Hybrid

b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
edited January 8 in Ford
I have had my 2013 Fusion Hybrid for five days now and I love it. My first trip of 200+ miles got 32 mpg. My second yesterday of 400+ got 34.4 mpg. Both were at speeds of 70-75 mph 80% of the time. It appears the mpg gets better the more I drive it. I don't expect to ever get 47 mpg. I just don't drive that way. I'll be very happy if it settles into 40mpg.
Mine is White Platinum with Dune interior, Luxury and Technology packages, luxury wheels, navigation and moonroof. Most convenience features can be programmed to how you want them. MyFord Touch has been very easy to use so far. I traded in my loaded 9 1/2 year old Chrysler Pacifica (which was very good to me). Since I'm now getting twice the gas mileage, I love driving my Fusion everywhere. My friends think I have purchased a BMW when they first see it.


  • Thanks for the info....I'm currently debating between this or the 2.0 Titanium. Can you update what you are in getting in city on this?
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    The Titanium was never one of my options since I think the car looks so much better with the Dune interior. We're in a small town so there are not a lot of "city" miles. Currently I have a ten mile commute to work that gets 33 mpg in the morning (I think due to cold weather) and 40 mpg in the evening. I first drive to a restaurant for breakfast. The one mile drive to work from there has been all electric and registered 79.3 mpg this morning. I may just drive around town this weekend for 15 minutes and see what mileage I get.
    I highly recommend the Hybrid over the 2.0 Titanium. I feel the only things I didn't get are the Sony stero and the ambiant lighting (which I really wanted!). The economy and the quietness of the hybrid more than makes up for this. Below is the full review I did for Edmunds tonight before I had to edit it for their space restrictions:
    I’ve never hit a home run or flown first class, but I feel like I have now. I’ve had my Fusion Hybrid for a week now and have put 680 miles on it. I really couldn’t be happier. I think I would have to spend $25,000+ more to get a car that would provide me with more satisfaction. But then, I’d feel guilty for spending too much money.
    Mine is White Platinum and Dune interior, which I feel add a more opulent feel. Along with the Moonroof and the Luxury and Technology packages, I feel the Luxury Wheels are well worth the extra cost, and put my vehicle at $33,436. I have been mistaken for driving a BMW twice so far. I did not get any of the Driver Assist options. With the mirrors adjusted correctly and the rear view camera, there are no blind spots, and no false alarms.
    I didn’t buy my Fusion expecting to get the official 47 mpg. I don’t drive the way it takes to get that. The engine gets increasingly better mpg. I currently get 40 mpg on my 10 mile daily commute, which is mostly at 65-70 mph. The Fusion Hybrid will entice even the most stubborn driver (like me) to drive more efficiently and safely. My lifetime mileage is now at 35.4 mpg since I had two long trips with a lot of 75 mph time, but I’m confident it will be pushing 40 a few weeks from now. I’ll be very happy with that. To me, it’s not worth it to get an extra 7 mpg if 19 out of 20 cars are going to be passing me.
    Some professional reviewers complained about sensitive brakes. I think it is a non-issue. The brakes are great, along with the steering. MyFord Touch and Sync have been very easy to use so far. Most convenience features, like door Autolock, can be customized easily to the driver’s preferences. If you don’t like a feature, turn it off. The only thing I would like to see changed so far is that when you tap the Direction Indicator Lever, it flashes the turn lights three times for a lane change. I think they should flash seven times. I was going to complain about how difficult the fuel filler door is to open, but last night I discovered that you push it to open it.
    This is my first time driving a Hybrid, and I’m hooked. Ford has made my transition so easy. Up to now, I was one of those who always said “I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Prius”.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    I just took the time to do a city test. Some stop and go and speeds of 30-40 mph. I went a total of 9.7 miles that included retracing my path so that climbs and descents balanced out. I am now a true believer.......53.2 mpg. When I ended the battery still had 2/3 of its charge.
    I am amazed by the brakes. You should find that you will make your smoothest stops ever. The only thing I'm missing is the Ambient Lighting. Please Ford, make this available in the non-Titanium Fusions.
  • Hi

    Thanks for the informative write-up. I test drove a ginger-ale colored hybrid the other day for 3+ hours. My average mpg was 28.3 (and climbing). The salesperson told me it was never re-set and I believed her because in one of my short trips (after turning car off and on) I averaged 45.2 mpg. I didn't care for the wider center console but I think it's something I can get used to. One thing that bothered me though was that "ledge" on the floor in front of the driver's seat. It's about a half-inch high, three or four inches deep and runs the width of the seat. I sometimes bend my left leg and let my foot rest up on the floor against the seat and with that ledge there makes it impossible to do so. Just a little thing I'm used to doing on my Camry.

    Are you saying the Dune interior isn't available on the Titanium? I think it is. Black or Dune. I am leaning black leather on the tri-coat white one I want to get. But I've seen the Dune and it's very nice. I am torn. The dune will probably be much cooler in the Chicago summers here.

    I personally am going to order the Titanium Hybrid in the near future. They're not due out until early next year but I think you can order them now. They come standard with the Sony dual sub-woofer, twelve speaker sound system (which I heard in the normal Titanium and it sounds unbelievable), moon roof and rear spoiler; just to name a few things. The rear spoiler is not available on the existing hybrid (if you go with the 504A package that is). You can get the best of all worlds on the Titanium Hybrid. Not crazy about the wheel choices though.

    Can I ask how much you paid relative to the sticker price? What was the total with all your upgrades on paper and what was your out the door price? If you don't mind telling me, that is. I don't have a clue of what to expect to pay. I signed up with Car Quote dot com and there's only one dealer in my area who is affiliated with them, but supposedly they have to sell you the car for just $300 over invoice and any upgrades at invoice. So that's why I asked--if around dealer's invoice (or less) is possible or if people are paying sticker because the car is so damn popular already.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    The give and take on the Fusion options is a little frustrating. A black interior was not an option for me (the only option for the Titanium) but even if Dune was available, I wouldn't have chosen the Titanium since I had a self imposed 34K limit. The three options I gave up with this decision are the Sony system, the rear spoiler and ambient lighting. The spoiler looks nice, but it would become the most difficult part of the car to clean. I'm very happy with the sound of my audio in the SE, so I don't feel cheated. The ambient lighting I miss after seeing it in a Taurus a year ago.
    I do feel the SE's Luxry wheels do look better than the Titanium options. I know this is just personal preference, but I think the Dune color makes the interior look bigger and more opulent. I just feel much more comfortable in it. And with the floors still being black, you don't have to worry about them getting dirty as much.
    Moviefan, you must be over 6' 2" for that ledge (a major structural member that is well padded) to be a problem with seating position you described. I'm a hair under 6' and can bend my knee as far as is comfortable and still have my foot in front of the ledge. I don't think this would be a deal killer for you, anyway.
    The MSRP for my SE was $33,865 and I got $500 off that. Three other people wanted the car and I wasn't going to haggle over price. The fact that I can be writing this now made this worth it to me. My dealership is in Woodland Hills in So. California (where you always see the latest cars) and I was very pleased that they let an outsider (although I grew up within 8 miles) from over 200 miles away buy their first Hybrid. I can't say enough about how well I was treated by Vista Ford.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    The following are the optional settings that have worked best for me. Of course, others may prefer something different:
    1. Make sure the MyFord Touch is set to display the time and not the date. For the Rear View Camera, activate the Delay option, which keeps the picture displayed until you go forward to 5 mph.
    2. For the left information display, I recommend that all the functions under My View in the Display Mode be activated, then set the Mode to Engage. This gives you all the information you need for efficient driving and braking, and makes the Green Leaves redundant, so that you can use that display for Audio and other info.
    3. In the Settings Mode under Driver Assist, make sure ECO Cruise is off and the EV+ Mode in on. Under Vehicle, turn the Easy Entry/Exit on. For Autolamp Delay, I set it to Zero. When you open the door, one of the front lights is dimmed anyway so there is no need to have the full headlight on (virtually the entire ground is illuminated 360 around the car when you open the door). I turn the Autolock Off and keep the Autounlock on. The Manual talks about Autorelock, but this is in the system as Mislock, which relocks the doors after 45 seconds if a door isn't opened. This should definitely be turned off. I also definitely prefer to have all doors unlock with the first push of the remote, and this is set under Remote Locking. Under Display, both the Brake Coach and Lifetime Summary should be selected on.
  • Sounds like you're very happy with it. I hope I will be too. Yes, I'm around 6'1. I see what you're saying. If the seat doesn't need to go back that far to allow for longer legs, that ledge wouldn't be an issue. Thanks for the info. I guess there's not that much haggle room on a new, desired vehicle. I wish I was in So Cal--I would for sure visit Vista! Now you really got me thinking about the dune interior. I was so sold on black leather, but now I'm going to think twice about it.

    I've seen the ambient lighting and although it's a neat feature, I think I probably wouldn't use it that much if at all after the first week or so after the novelty of it wore off.

    I'm also considering the 2012 Fusion Hybrid because of the 0% financing, lower price, cash back, and roomier cockpit. But I just can't help lean towards the beautiful styling and better mpg of the 13; not to mention the fold-down back seats among other things.

    I'm excited talking about it too; getting ready to order one and all. I just don't want any buyers remorse (I should've gotten the 12, etc.). But being the over-thinker that I am, I would buy the 12 and say "why didn't I get the 13?"!

    Oh, and thanks for your Optional Display Settings---I'll definitely have to save that info!
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    Considering some of my oddball actions and independent opinions, many people probably see me as not worried about what others think about me, but I'm human, and I do. The car that I drive is a big part of my self image. Some may not think that since I drove a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica for the past 9 1/2 years, but I got one of the first Pacificas made and I drove it in my area for six months before I saw another one. That made me feel good. I have an even better feeling driving my 2013 Fusion Hybrid. It makes you feel proud to be driving a vehicle that others consider beautiful, sexy, etc. I can't help it. I'm a man. The fact that it is a vehicle that the majority of Americans can afford to buy and that it gets 40+ mpg makes it an unbeatable combination. If the 2012 Fusion had just been updated with the new hybrid system but kept the same body style, it would not have been on my list of cars to consider.
    Last August I had narrowed my list to the Optima, Altima, Santa Fe Sport and the Fusion. My experience so far is that the Fusion Hybrid beats the others in every aspect, except for the cargo capacity of the Santa Fe. That is the one thing I will be giving up with my Fusion compared with my Pacifica: I won't be able to load up my empty trash cans on the street into the back of it every week. I'll have to walk the 600' to retrieve them. I need the exercise anyway. My wife's RX330 can take over of all the other oversize cargo duties. I also won't be able to carry six people, but I did that only four times in over nine years.
  • Agree totally. I really don't care much at all for that obnoxious grill on the 12 that screams "look at me, I'm chrome". The rest of the car I can tolerate.

    Say, on the radio---do you have any reception problems? I've seen this mentioned on the internet how the HD radio goes in and out of good reception. I too experienced this on my weekend test drive of the fusion hybrid. One second it sounded ok and the next it sounded like the band was in the trunk of the car next to me. I sat and listened to the stereo on the Titanium a couple weeks ago and the Sirius was stellar. Unbelievably crystal clear and dynamite sound. Don't remember what the regular radio sounded like though as I was sitting in the lot talking with the salesman next to me.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    You'll get used to the grill. I happen to love it. It's a lot better than Lincoln's or the new Lexus front end look in my opinion. All my local radio stations have come through perfectly clear so far. Sirius also. I'm very happy with the audio quality. About once an hour, Sirius will go dead for one second. That's the only glitch I've heard.
  • I think you misunderstood. I didn't like the grill on the 12. I love the grill on the 13!
  • Hello again

    Would you consider doing something for the Fusion community? Would you please post your mpg numbers to the website? So far, there are only two reports up there so far and the Fusion is averaging around 35 mpg. Not good. We need better results such as yours posted. There's an article here that doesn't sound promising either: ive-up-to-epa-ratings/

  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193
    I posted 39 mpg on the gov site Saturday night. The average on the site is now 37.1. I hope to be very disciplined over the next two weeks and post my figures for that period. I still have the tendency to be the leader of the pack on the highway, especially on my trips to So. Cal. on the Orange County freeways. Even with way too much time at 75+ mph and getting stuck on a closed freeway due to a police chase, my holiday trip still averaged 37.8 mpg.
    A C-Max forum says that quick acceleration to your desired speed and then letting off the pedal to get it to EV Mode is the best way to improve mileage. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I'll see how it works this week.
    After 1,400 miles, there hasn't been one squawk to report.
  • Great! Thanks! Car and Driver tested one too and they only got 32 mpg. I hope it's true what they say; that the mpg gets better with age with the Fusion hybrids. We can only wait and see I guess. Seems that everyone who cares to talk about it is getting in the 30's so far which is extremely disappointing. If you're advertising 47, you should be getting 47, be it highway or stop and go. Don't you agree? I am days away from ordering a Titanium Hybrid but I may give it a little more time to see where the mpg is going on this. I hate to play the waiting game but I don't want to prematurely jump on a 12 either. Do you have a commute where you are under 40mph for any length of time? I'm curious to see what your non-highway mpg is. Thanks again for being diligent. I (we) appreciate it.
  • This comes from a dealer I posed the question to about poor mpg in the beginning and here's his response: "It's common on(all)cars. Some cars can take up to 6-9000 miles before actual gas range is accurate." So I guess it's true. All the people posting low mpg on their 13 Fusions aren't giving them a chance to break-in. Encouraging news to me.
  • I just picked up a 2013 Fusion Hybrid last weekend and have about 500 miles on it. I have similar options with the Red/Black color scheme. So far, I am extremely pleased with my new car. I have seen several blogs now that are slamming the Ford hybrids saying that people are not getting the advertised mpg, and I am struggling to understand why they are having such a hard time.

    My longest trip so far was 90 miles of mixed (50/50) hwy (55 mph sustained) and gridlock traffic. The reported mpg was 47.3--right on the money. I have made several city-only trips of 4-10 miles and have seen the displayed mpg range from 40 to 51 upon completion of the trip. The drive home from the dealership was 8 miles of suburban driving and I got 46.9 mpg.

    I have zero prior seat time in any hybrid and the only techniques I have been using are those common to the average Prius driver. I literally watched a few videos online and started driving. In the Fusion lifting off the gas will put it in EV mode most of the time unless the battery is drained or you are going up a hill. Most of my runs are displaying 40-60% of the total miles in EV mode. The brake regen works great and the back-and-forth between the gas engine and the electric motor is seamless.

    I have noticed that a stiff headwind and temperatures below 40 degrees will definitely impact your mpg, but that is really to be expected. The car cannot violate the laws of physics and battery chemistry. I can't believe people are expecting the advertised mileage in all conditions and driving styles. Do athletes perform the same when the weather is at an extreme hot or cold temperature or the wind is in their face? Didn't think so.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 193

    You've made my day! Thank you for the report. I'm anything but a car nut. All my cars have been practical. Driving a Pacifica for 9+ years proves that. The new Fusion is the first car that makes we want to just close up shop and drive it around all day. I've had dreams of driving a Corvette, Audi, etc, but I knew my practical (and cheap) side would never allow that to happen. The Fusion Hybrid has now given me a great looking and practical car that exceeds these dreams (I've never been into high g acceleration and turns) by not requiring me to live beyond my means. It has even inspired me to buy my first Smartphone today so that I can really be considered living in the 21st Century.
  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    edited December 2012
    Everytime I look at the Fusion I can't help but think what a great looking convertible it would make! My TCH XLE just wouldn't cut it in that respect! (But my 06 Solara XLE Convertible did!)
  • Hey guys,

    I am looking into buying a sedan with good mpg and this is one of them. I would like it if you could tell me how much you payed and how much I should expect to pay for a 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Also if there is anything with the car that does not quite appeal you (something you do not like about the car) I would love for you to inform me of it.

  • Hey Nate. I'm looking to get one too. Check out b25nut's posts. Very informative.

    I've been researching this for months and driven a few of these on different occasions so I'll give you my 2¢. The first thing that struck me was that the center console is pretty wide so if you're taller than 6', your right knee may feel a little bit confined by hitting the center console. I'm used to driving in a relaxed position in my 04 Camry and now in that same position my right knee rests on the console. Not a deal breaker but just something to mention.

    As far as mpg, don't let the low reports trickling out fool you. Cars need a "break-in" period and that can take around 5,000 miles or so. People are driving them off the lot, driving it for a few weeks and are freaking out because they're only getting in the 30's. During my test drive on one commute I averaged 45.2. Of course driving habits and weather come into play but overall give it some time.

    The battery in the trunk isn't as big as some hybrids and although the space is less, there is a nice ledge in the middle of the back of the trunk (battery's underneath) you can put stuff on (small luggage, perhaps?) and also the rear seats fold down--something you don't see on a hybrid.

    Lastly, as far as price, since I'm in the market to order a Titanium Hybrid, I've been getting some quotes from various dealers here in the Chicago area and all the best deals are at invoice. Not sure if I have any more wriggle room (hey, we all want to pay as least as possible, right?!) so I may just have to go with the flow and pay invoice. If someone reading this thinks I can do better or if this is a great deal in and of itself, please let me know.

    Anyway, hope this was of some help.

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