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Honda Accord CVT Problems



  • drjjjjdrjjjj Posts: 14
    If we overlook the jerky trannys, body panel gaps, paint problems and electric whines-it should be car of the year!
  • pgm17pgm17 Posts: 46
    The car they submit for review for that award will probably be very well tested and perfect! Assuming Motor Trend doesn't just go look at any one out there when determining COTY Award.
  • I have the same problem - first my phone connection will say "audio not available", then my volume will freeze and my phone is muted, and sometimes I hear the static and buzzing too. The only way to stop it is to restart the car. I would be interested to hear what your dealer says, I called mine and they said they have not heard of this.
  • Thanks pgm17 for discovering this workaround. I'll use it. :)
  • Recently took delivery of a CVT Sport. A couple of days later, while washing it, I discovered, what seems to be, some small debris caught under the paint during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, with how I tend to fixate on things, it's not allowing me to enjoy my new car completely. After Christmas, I will be contacting my dealer to let them know about this issue. Although I'll expect the typical dealer response, I have no intentions of repainting any part of the vehicle or letting the dealer try to "fix" the problem. Tell me what you think. Should I just let it be and try to enjoy the car?


  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Hopefully as time goes by you will be able to ignore this defect. Sloppy work though.
  • pgm17pgm17 Posts: 46
    maxgts1, I notice from your previous posts you are in S Florida as well. Who did you buy and/or plan to use for service?

    I used largo for sale but may use braman for service.

    I would say leave it. Don't want to mess with original paint.
    On our LX which I got weekend before thanksgiving we scratched up the bumper taking/putting the baby stroller into the trunk.

    On a couple day old car I thought I handled it pretty well. And still haven't even put touch up paint. Sometimes have to let it go and enjoy the sweet ride you got on the sport model.
  • Hi pgm17. Not sure yet where I'll be getting it serviced. I took a drive by [non-permissible content removed] Tech in Broward to get a price sheet. They've been around for quite a long time. Met the owner, who was very friendly. Mostly positive reviews. I believe they have a location in Dade too. My closest dealer would be Rick Case Honda. My only fear is the detailer at a dealer hacking up my paint job with the free wash that's included with service.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    If they try to fix it, it will look worse, and make you feel really unhappy.

    You could bring it here, at a nearby mall, and park it for a couple of days. If you find it in one piece, when you come back, the scratches and dings you will see on it will make you forget that little thing you have right now ...

    Enjoy life !
    Cheers !
  • tobyltobyl Posts: 6
    When I truned on the ECO, I did not feel any changes in the car. Where can I know the ECO is processing.
    Also, when the engine is on, I feel quiet inside. However, When I stand out of the car, I hear the sound coming from the engine. It did not really quiet. Does it normal for a new car or anyone has the same feel.
  • pgm17pgm17 Posts: 46
    I mostly notice it with how the CVT operates. Also if you have the climate control in Auto, you will notice it keeps recirculate mode on for much longer than non Econ mode. So far things I notice in Econ mode. So far not a fan of it. Prefer normal mode and when I ran one tank with it on didn't see much increase in mpg.
  • tobyltobyl Posts: 6
    Thanks for your advise on the ECO. How about the noise from the engine? I feel the engine has a litte bit noise when I stand next to the car.
  • pgm17pgm17 Posts: 46
    edited December 2012
    Yes, I meant to reply about that. The engine seems to have a little more noise when it idles and you stand around the car. It sounds like a ticking noise. More than my 09 Accord 4 cylinder at least. I just assumed it was how the direct injection worked. It is much quieter during driving than my 09 so I was ok with it.
  • tobyltobyl Posts: 6
    You mean the engine noise is normal becuase I just confuse with it. Thank you so much for your professional advise; it sounds good.
  • pgm17pgm17 Posts: 46
    To me it sounds normal. Maybe others can chime in.
    Thanks, but I am far from a professional!
  • My CVT Sport also has the 'ticking' engine sound at idle. But it's very quiet under normal driving. What I haven't done yet is accelerate hard to redline in Sport mode with the paddles. I've only got 100 miles on the engine. I'm wondering how it'll sound then. How many miles should I put on the engine before I can start doing hard accelerations?
  • pgm17pgm17 Posts: 46
    Manual says to avoid that for about 600 miles and take it easy on the brakes for 200.
  • anne99anne99 Posts: 11
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  • ajdreajdre Posts: 3
    Similar defect on my 2013 - ex-l , except the "dirt: is under the rear passenger window. I was pretty upset to.

    Dealer said they would repaint the area and blend in. however they advised not to mess with the factory paint......I can ignore this.......your defect is in a more inconspicuous place, 100% leave it and try to ignore it Just wait until someone dings your door in a parking lot! Happened to me already....arrrrrhhhh
  • ajdreajdre Posts: 3
    Update :

    The squeek on the drivers side front wheel was a loose clip on the brake....fixed :-)

    The steering wheel is now changed and much better.

    The paint defect I can live with.

    Love the car.
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