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Honda Accord CVT Problems



  • While cleaning the dashboard, I discovered three distinct fingerprint swipes on my Accord Sport's LCD. This LCD sits behind a clear plastic lens, so cleaning it is not possible. This is just another example of how Honda's quality control, at their assembly plant in Marysville, Ohio, is not up to par. Luckily it's hardly visible when the screen is on.

  • Thanks to everyone who has posted on several of the issues I have experienced. At least it is good to know I am not alone.

    I have had my Accord for three weeks (700 miles) and have noted these problems:

    1. The transmission has a noticeable vibration at roughly 1500-2000 rpms in most gears. The problem is inconsistent but observable on each vehicle trip I have taken.
    2. At highway speeds (50-65 mph) there is a noticeable vibration and instability that is unexpected and unacceptable for a new V6 sedan.
    3. Twice, the central computer display, which displays a camera view of the right side of the automobile when the right turn signal is on, failed to return to the normal state when the signal was released. The image from the side mirror-mounted camera stayed on for 15 minutes until the auto was turned off. After it was restarted, the display functioned correctly. I have captured this defect on video.
    4. On three separate occasions, the audio that was displayed did not match the audio that was being played. Twice, the audio being played was from another source but the display showed a different one. Another time, the album/song did not match the one being played (from the same source).
    5. The audio sound quality on two occasions displayed a very noticeable tinny resonance for any of the sources played. Turning the audio on and off, changing sources or CDs, made no difference. After the automobile was turned off and back on, the audio returned to normal sound quality. I have captured this defect on video.

    I have tried to explain and document these issues as objectively as possible. Quite frankly, though, I am very disappointed and angered by the poor initial quality of this vehicle that was touted so highly by well regarded automotive and consumer websites and magazines.
  • brdlnbrdln Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    Called Honda Customer Service to see if there was any info, or fix yet for the problem with the radio screeching and not working from time to time, something it looks like a lot of owners are having with the new 2013 Accord. The answer was nothing at this time is on record.

    I was told, take it to the dealer, and if nothing is done, or found, call back to customer service and give them my case number, and Honda would look into it. I asked, why should I take it in, spend the time, only to be told, like others, there is no solution, or problem, or the problem could not be replicated.

    I said the problem is there, people, like on this forum, are having the problem, so it exists. They HAVE been to the dealer, but you have nothing about it. It is being talked about on the net, so it is out there.

    CS--"Sir, Honda does not read, nor follow anything that is posted on the internet. Honda does not read anything on the net, AT ALL. People posting on the net are just talking to the air."

    I asked how my taking the car to the dealer would change anything, if a solution does not yet exist? CS-"Sir, the only way Honda will know if a problem exists, is if a vehicle is taken to the dealer." Yes I said, but the problem is already out there. CS-"Sir, Honda does not read any thing on the internet, At All."

    Wow, the internet is probably the FIRST PLACE problems will show up, with people asking about them. Honda doesn't read the internet? Either it's malarky, or Honda doesn't care, AT ALL about problems with the cars they build.

    If Honda IS reading this forum, here is one for you Honda. I HATE the 2013 EX-L 4 that we bought and would NOT recommend it to anyone. It is the worse riding car I have ever driven, the interior comforts of this car totally suck.

    I have owned Hondas in the past, but I can't tell you how mad I am at myself for falling in love with the looks, power and some features like the cameras, and NOT TESTING the car more, or looking closer. This is the roughest riding and bounciest car I have ever driven. My Tacoma Prerunner on VERY rough roads, with it's harder suspention is SSSMMMOOOOTTTHHH and comfortable, compared to this car on city streets. Every small bump in the road is felt and the car beats you to death. Just wish there had been what is now regular pavement on the test drive.

    There are many things about the car I like, but if I could affort to eat the thousands we would lose, I would DUMP this car in a heart beat.

    I also posted earlier, in the car review section, titled, "buyer's remorse", and the list of what is wrong with this car just keeps growing.

    Like having to buy after market floor mats, because after three months and 1600 miles, the original driver's mat already has a worn spot starting to show. The front brakes dust up so quickly and dirty, the front wheels go from silver to ugly gray, seems like over night.

    No garage door button on an EX-L-4. I think that says it all about the thought that went into this car.

    The list of what is wrong with this car just keeps growing, but I'm stuck with it and there is NOTHING I can do to change it. I doubt we will ever adjust to it, like I thought I would, only live with it, until I can affort to dump this pig.
  • Just a "heads up"...took delivery of CVT Sport on 12/31/12 and no issues until the evening of 1/9/13 when I was driving home in some pretty heavy rain. Upon entering a gradual curve in the road, I suddenly noticed the steering was "Heavy", as if there was no power steering. I noticed a yellow light on the dash and thought maybe the engine had died (I was more worried about negotiating the curve at the time). Quickly realized the engine was still running and just a few seconds later, the light went out and steering was "normal". Got home, verified which light had come on and it was the "Electric Power Steering" warning light. Called dealer next morning and they suggested a "Play it by ear" approach (which I agreed with). Everything fine for next 4 days then this past Sunday evening, when I started the car, the light was back on and Power Steering was not working. The light would not go out. I decided to see just how hard the car would be to drive without power steering (was tough) but figured I could drive it to the dealer the next morning. That afternoon they called to say they were going to replace the Electric Power Steering Motor and the car should be ready the next day (today). This afternoon late, they called to say that replacing the Motor still didn't make thing "right", and they were discussing it with American Honda. The plan is to replace the "Controller" and see if that takes care of the issue. The Service Dept person mentioned a couple of times how this is "New Technology" and could take a while to fully resolve (I do have Honda Care and a rental is being provided so not as bad as it could be).
  • I would like to know if I got a good deal on my honda accord 2013 CVT sport
    I live in Philadelphia with 8% tax and approx 200 titles
    Car price : 21750
    OTD price: 23750

    Also how much smoother of a ride is the camrys?
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    edited January 2013
    Computer chip controlling the steering of my car !!! Not willing to accept that was the main reason why I drove 550 miles (one-way) to a remote dealer to get the last 2012 Accord in Eastern Canada (2012 has the old hydraulic steering system, without electronics). It's manual transmission by the way. So no computer chip controlling my transmission neither.

    No computer chips for me, thank you.
  • akdudeakdude Posts: 2
    I have a similar situation with my 2013 Accord Sport with my case being documented and told to see the dealer and the dealer saying to see the regional manager for Honda at the dealership when he visits one day every 2-3 months. I have owned 9 Accords starting in 1983 and this is the first time I have had to address what I believe to be extremely poor assembly. 1/4 inch body panel gaps are the norm and the right exhaust outlet is 1/4 inch lower than the left. I got tired of waiting for Honda for an explanation or a fix and used the JustAsk web sight and asked a Honda Tech about the exhaust and he said it cannot be adjusted and the only fix is to replace the whole right hand side of the exhaust because it is a factory defect and he has seen it on some other 2013 Accords as well. I'm scheduled to see the regional manager in February four months after my case was documented with American Honda in Torence CA. I really like this Accord Mechanically and performance wise but we will see if they really stand behind their products.
  • bcostinbcostin Posts: 2
    edited January 2013
    My iPhone 5 synced up very nicely with my new, music, Pandora all working beautifully on bluetooth connection without any hassle with settings . Unfortunately, I cannot get the text message function to work. Does anyone know if there is a fix available?
  • Anyone have any new updates on this VERY REAL problem that exists on many of the 2013 Accords? (as of mid Jan)
  • This only occurs at very low rpms for me. Mostly when pulling out of my garage at almost idle engine rpms. Even then, it's only minor.

    There's a thread on this issue at the Drive Accord forums:
  • I have experienced your problem #5 several times already, during the 200 miles I have driven my new 2013 Accord 4DR EX-L V6 (no Navi). It happens intermittently. The audio sound quality will be extremely bad, screechy and so distorted that speech cannot be understood. Changing stations within the same source, or changing between sources (XM, FM, AM, CD), or turning audio off and back on does not fix the problem. Then after turning the car off and restarting it, the audio will return to normal sound quality, as you said. At first I thought it might be related to cold weather, but it happened again today at 45 F.
  • In regards to the 2013 Accord sport, purchased several months ago.

    1. Hood vibration on the freeway, never had a hood vibrate before on any car.

    2. Live in California so weather is not an issue, in the morning my first attempt to start the car. It will not turn over with first attempt. Second time it turns over. Very disappointing NEW CAR?

    3. Noticeable vibration/hesitation when I reach 20-30 mph.

    4. At a stop light, the steering wheel tends to rotate when i accelerate.
  • I have a 2013 Accord Sport and notice the same thing with my radio, the reception really stinks, even with stations that are in the same city I am driving in have lots of static.

    I wonder if this is because of no external antenna?

    Also my Sport does not have XM radio, is this an upgrade or was it supposed to be offered on all models of the Accord? Does it just need to be activated?
  • UPDATE from quality4us:

    I brought my Accord V6 into my local Honda service center to address the 5 problems I identified in my first post (#86). The Honda service personnel were VERY interested and attentive! Here is the status of the five items:

    1. The head technician wanted to drive with me to see if we could reproduce the engine vibration at about 1700 rpm. After a short drive, we both felt the vibration. He reported later that they replicated the vibration in the shop and noted that it only occurs when the engine is in 3-cylinder mode. This appears to be a fuel economy feature found only in the V6. As I understand it, you will experience it more in ECON mode but also at times in Drive (w/ no ECON). The technician then drove two other brand new V6 Accords from their lot and noticed the exact same vibration, which means the problem is NOT isolated to my vehicle. The service center contacted American Honda and was told that they have no indication that this is abnormal behavior. My interpretation of this is that the problem has not been sufficiently reported to Honda to warrant a technical fix. My dealer indicated that they will monitor Honda technical bulletins and report any other customer complaints. Bottom line: this is a real technical issue that will take awhile to surface and for Honda to take action for a technical fix. I cannot imagine that this highly engineered car was designed to have this vibration.

    2. The vibration at highway speeds may be linked to the problem discussed above. We put this on hold and I agreed to conduct more highway trips to better describe the conditions.

    3. The image from the side-mounted camera that did not switch off was due to user error! There is a button on the end of the turn signal that, if pushed, will keep the image on. I apparently pushed this button. However, I will monitor this situation to be sure.

    4. and 5. My Honda service center report that American Honda IS AWARE of the audio issues (screeching, tinny sounds, static, etc.) and will soon issue a software fix, perhaps later this month.

    A few observations:

    It is good to know that there are Honda service centers that care enough to diagnose a problem and be persistent to get an answer from American Honda.

    Honda does seem to be responding to some of the complaints that have come in and appear willing to make fixes, at least to the audio issue.

    Customers must insist that problems they encounter, however minor, are diagnosed, reported, and addressed. I documented the problems I found and submitted a certified letter to American Honda as required under the Maryland Lemon Law. This was not an irate letter -- just a straightforward documentation of my issues. By doing so, I have started a process that gives me certain rights (i.e., refund for my purchase) if Honda is unable to fix the problem after a certain number of attempts.

    I would be interested to hear from others about their experience with these problems.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Funny !

    It's obvious you never played with cars when you were a kid. If you remove a spark plug cable from any cylinder, of any engine, it starts vibrating. When I disconnected two spark plugs on a 4 cylinder engine (30 years ago) it started vibrating so badly that I thought it would break my engine mounts !

    Any engine is weight balanced by design when all its cylinders fire. Example: Stand up and move both your hands up and down at the same time. Your body doesn't move. Now think one hand is disabled (by some useless computer software) and then move up and down the remaining hand only. Your body will shake all the time.

    This is what you bought ! VCM means Variable Cylinder Management. It disables some cylinders at some times. You buy computers, and then you complain because they act ?? Obviously it pisses you off. That's why you worked so hard to earn the money to buy that new car. To get computers to piss you off.

    Memo: next time buy a 4 cylinder. There is no software to disable cylinders on that one. If you buy a manual transmission too, you get no software to change your gears. I just bought a 2012 4 cyl manual. It's smooth like silk. A dream to drive. My fourth 4 cyl manual Accord. The first one was a 1979 Accord coupe. I drove that one till the paint peeled off. Then I had a 1994, and a 2001.

    H.O.N.D.A. means: Happy Owner Never Drives Anything else. Just take care what you buy. They started offering lots of electronic crap. The market begs for it, so they have to offer it.
  • I have also experienced the hesitation/vibration at about 1700 rpm (your item #1) on my 2013 Accord 4DR EX-L V6 (no NAVI). Thank you for posting such clear, factual descriptions of your issues.
  • frogeefrogee Posts: 5
    I have also noticed a strange vibration/clatter on my V-6 Accord. Buying a 4 is not the answer, if you want the power and smoothness generally associated with a six. I realize that manufacturers are desperate to get fuel economy numbers up, but they should not be so aggressive that drivability suffers. I had planned to bring this to the attention of my dealer and am encouraged by the experience of the original poster.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    I wonder if you recently drove a 4 cylinder Accord. Its power and smoothness are incredible. Obviously if you want to shred the asphalt, a V6 is better. But really you can't talk about V6 smoothness when some cylinders are disabled, so the engine becomes asymmetric. It's like a bird flying with one wing only.

    It would be really entertaining to be able to see the engine block running on half cylinders, under load. I am sure it vibrates like crazy. But you can't see it. When you stop and open the hood, it always fires all 6 cylinders. Allowing the customers to see the 3 cylinder operation would be a marketing disaster.
  • davee4davee4 Posts: 2
    I also have the same issue with V6 engine vibration as you described. In fact, my experience was identical to yours. I brought the vehicle in to the dealer, they noticed the issue on a test drive and contacted Honda to determine if there were issues. According to them this was not abnormal.

    Like you, I am concerned that this vibration should not occur and could eventually lead to problems with the engine. Although not described by you, at highway speeds the issues is not evident. If this is the case, my thought was that an eventual software revision to minimize 3 cylinder operation below say 50 MPH would help. I would be curious to see how this would impact MPG.

    I will continue to pursue this with the dealer until resolved.

    One final note, aside from this issue, there are absolutely no other problems with the vehicle.
  • Here is a quick update.

    I was contacted by American Honda this past week in response to my letter documenting the vibration @ about 1700-1800 rpm. I recounted my experience at my local service center in which the technicians confirmed the vibration and noted that it was associated with the VCM (variable cylinder management) system.

    The customer service representative reiterated that Honda has not reported this as a problem with the vehicle. I asked if any other customers have reported this vibration and he said he did not know. Of course, he is a customer service rep and not necessarily knowledgeable about the technical information or may not have access to customer complaints. I asked if Honda maintains a data base of this information and he just repeated that Honda has not reported this as a problem. (Not much help but understandable.)

    I mentioned that I did not consider that my vibration problem had been properly recognized or resolved by Honda and that I intend to send another letter by certified mail to document this situation (as required by MD Lemon Law).

    I agree with other posts that this is probably an issue of poor design and engineering to have three-cylinder engine operation -- an inherently unbalanced and unstable situation-- as a fuel economy measure.

    This is my first automatic transmission car in which I am the primary driver. I would have purchased a manual transmission V6 w/ leather had it been offered but it wasn't. However, my other automatic transmission cars (e.g., Subaru Outback V6, 10 years old w/ 160,000 miles) do not have this type of vibration. Had I observed the vibration in the Honda Accord during my test drive, I would have purchased a different vehicle. (I find it awfully hard to assess every driving feature and make a judgment on a 10+ year purchase based on 15 minutes of test drive.)

    Honda is probably in a tough spot. They implement the VCM to claim the high MPG numbers and have probably done what they can with the engine mounts and other methods to minimize vibration. It seems that they could fix the problem but it would be at the expense of the EPA-reported MPG. It will be interesting to see it their engineers (and management) can devise a solution.

    My approach at this time, and my suggestion to others, is to politely insist that this vibration is not acceptable as normal operation for a vehicle, especially one of this caliber. I will continue to pursue my concern, not as a crusade, but as a reasonable customer expectation for a $30,000+ purchase.
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