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Elanta 2013 GL remote starter question


I got the dealer to install the remote starter for my car. The problem I have is that the remote ONLY starts the car (do not allow me to open the doors or the trunk). This wouldn't be an issue if the regular remote (the one that comes with the car by default) worked when the car is on (it seem to only unlock the doors when the engine is off).

I call the dealer to complain, and the answer was that I did not specify that I wanted my remote starter to open the doors. I got really upset, as I did not recall anybody mentioning this was an option I had to pay extra (why would I? I had already another remote that had the buttoms to open the doors, the truck and a panic buttom).

Now they say that it would be $40 bucks to reprogram the remote (the one part of the remote starter), no big deal if it were just that, but driving 2 hours to the get to the dealer is a pain in the a...

Any idea why the original remote doesn't work when the engine is on? is it some sort of security feature? If so, could it be disabled?




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