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2013 Ford Focus



  • they are replacing the clutch plates in my car but they are 2 months on back order I have to drive my car the way it is until they get the parts
  • I bought my 2013 SE Hatch (automatic) late last year after agonizing for a year that I had bought the wrong car and traded in a 2012 Hyundai Accent Hatch. I first noticed this problem within the first 60 days of ownership. I've had it into the dealer 3 times now to have them do something (being told either "it's normal" or "we did a computer re-set and it should fix the problem"). I had it back in yesterday as not only has the rattle not ceased, but it's gotten worse, and now the car is "lurching" into gears many times at lower levels of acceleration, and rpms have gotten hung up a number of times upon braking and deceleration. Sorry, but even my wife is like "This doesn't seem right!!??"

    So, yesterday here is what my dealership did:
    Reprogram the PCM/TCM
    Inspected for transmission fluid leak
    Perform IDS Transmission Clutch Adaptive Learn
    Road Test and record PIDS
    Review and Perform Calculations

    I was told that this "should" smooth everything out, but some of that rattle was probably always going to be there. WTF? Car is making noise and by design then?

    So I've been driving it all day and the car behaves really no differently than it was prior to yesterday's analysis. Perhaps that is the problem - no one at the dealership actually knows how to work on cars and is relying on this computer stuff to fix a problem that requires physical work??

    I'm thinking about my options, but I now have ZERO confidence that the dealer can and will solve the issues. Thinking about taking it to a transmisson shop I took my old Mazda 3 to who did wizardry and fixed what one mechanic called a complete transmission job with two parts and the low, low price of $250.

    I'm still under warranty at only 14000 miles. Any suggestions as to how to go about this? Already inconvenienced me for a whole week of time with 4 total trips to the dealer's service department.
  • I have a 2013 SE Sedan, with the SelectShift or whatever that 6 speed automatic is called, 22000 miles and 13 months of ownership. I was getting shudders moving through gears 1-4, 5 and 6 weren't really an issue.

    They told me they were going to do the same procedure as you have listed, reprogram, it'll always be there a bit, etc. However, they informed me that 3rd gear is essentially destroyed. The won't release the vehicle to me until the "rush" parts come in a few weeks from now.

    I recommend everyone with the transmission problems, have the dealer actually physically look at the parts. It seems to be something they aren't doing, and they should be.

    I'll put an update on here when I get it back, as to what it's doing after an actual fix.
  • jhall- thanks for stating your case. I don't believe for a minute that the mechanics at my dealer have physically looked at the transmission - my feeling is that they are relying on the computer to tell them what is wrong and either the computer can't do it or they simply want to reset the system.
    In another online forum, I actually had a Ford customer service rep contact me in a private message and is sending my case to a regional CSM. We'll see if anything actually comes of it, but HIGHLY disappointed that the mechanics at the dealer can't do what they are paid to do and not have me keep coming back.
  • Elvisruns, I believe that relying on the computer a certain amount of times for a vehicle is probably part of the training now, it is incredibly cost efficient to "fix" things with a 20 minute reset. Don't get me wrong the onboard computers are great. But the only tell you where to start.

    Personally, I would demand they inspect it properly. The fact that my mechanic at Ford will not even release the car to me says that the underlying problem is a very real safety hazard, not just an inefficient shifting issue.

    I hope your escalation gets you somewhere, because this whole thing on Ford's part is unacceptable. I don't blame them for putting something out that wasn't perfect, it happens. I know some of the 2012 owners got recall notices on theirs. I've received none personally for my 2013. I just can't believe they would stick to telling people it's normal, when they can't possibly still not know that it is not.

    As an update, I have driven 2 other Focus cars a 2013 and a 2014 both without the SelectShift. The 2013 is my rental, 1 shudder in about 1000 miles of driving it. The 2014 owner doesn't have the problem either.
  • My 2013 Focus HB has 17-inch rims. I want to buy 15-inch rims and 15-inch snow tires for the winter, with the same circumference as the OEM 17-inch wheels.

    I know the bolt pattern (5x108) and believe the 15-inch rims are 7 inches wide. Does anyone know the "offset" or "backspace" for 15-inch rims?
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    Step downs can be done easily at one inch. I did this with my 04 Focus for many years. Those Focuses had 205/50 x 16 inch 4 Bolt rims, which I switched to 195/60x15 for winter. Offset was never an issue. Remember that tire circumferences will need to remain the same after you make the switch, otherwise that finicky transmission will certainly have a nervous breakdown.
  • I purchased a 2013 focus hatchback last March, always feel a little jerking. Then last week, I heard loud noise when accelerating. Take it to dealership, and they said the clutch in transmission needs to be replaced. It's kinda pity, and nervous. Anyone else has this problem? Is it common? What may I do next? Thank you.

  • cherrockcherrock Posts: 1

    My 2013 Focus with under 11k miles has been in the shop three times for transmission problems. At Thanksgiving time was told that there was a leak, immediately given a rental, said was unsafe to drive. At the time was told was replacing clutch. End of December car acted up again, brought to dealer. Said was leak in clutch seals, waited 3 weeks for part. Again two days with a rental. Now is April, car again lurching, rumbling etc. Dealer says prior visits nothing replaced, clutch only cleaned. In a rental again, dealer now says replacing the clutch. Bought this car for the long haul, very upset cant afford a car that will continually have problems. Ready to call to see if I can in-act the lemon law.

  • derfokusderfokus Posts: 9

    When I started this post I was very high on my purchase and thought many of you were unlucky. Eh, we are all unlucky. I took my vehicle in 6 days ago and after the first business day they called to tell me my clutch was leaking fluid into the transmission and that the seals for the clutch need to be replaced, and the transmission "cleaned" of the leaking fluid. I don't have a status report yet. Based on the recent comments I know I'm in for a lot of BS and more repairs. I hope to be trading this in around Memorial Day when car deals start to roll. FYI shortly before I took this in to the shop I read in consumer reports this vehicle has the worst possible rating for reliability. I need my vehicle for commuting and need reliability. My bad for not doing research first. They wouldn't give me a loaner since I didn't buy the extended warranty which included loaners in cases like this...Stay tuned for updates.

  • derfokusderfokus Posts: 9

    BTW, I have just over 17000 miles on this thing..

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854

    @derfokus said: BTW, I have just over 17000 miles on this thing..

    Almost sounds more like a quality control issue with assembly and seals rather than a mechanical issue

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  • guido65guido65 Posts: 17

    I own a 2012 Focus SE hatch. I have the sunroof, winter package, convenience package and winter package. The only problem I had was the transmission jerking issue. I had the car reprogrammed at about 10,000 miles and not had an incident since. I average 34.7 MPG per the computer. This car is fun, sporty to drive. Once you learn how to use the sport shift it is actually pretty quick. I now have over 26,000 miles with no other issues. I would recommend this car.

  • tjs427tjs427 Posts: 1

    I have a 2013 focus hatchback will just over 20,000 miles. It has been in and out of the shop 4 times in the last 30 days. This last time they had it for a week. The time before that, a week also. They have reset the TCM twice, replaced the TCM, replaced the clutches, and replaced the actuators. When driving with the technician yesterday, my car was making grinding noises, shifting hard and shuttering. He told me that was normal operation for this transmission. I asked him if he thought Ford purposely designed a transmission to perform horribly and require major service at 20,000 miles. He laughed. I think Ford is aware there is a problem, but they have not come up with a fix. I hate having passengers, because its just embarrassing. I went on a road trip last weekend, and even if my car wouldn't have been in the shop there is no way I would have driven it any long distance. This car has proven to be horribly unreliable and unsafe.

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