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hyundai sonata gls 2012 electrical problems

i have had a problem with the electrical
the radio and all the functions related to it
the controls on the steering wheel all the
manual controls beside the radio freeze

if i turn the car off and on it is ok
but this is not exceptable
is this happening to anyone else


  • I have a 2011 Sonata Limited PZEV and have had intermittent electrical problems since I bought the car in December 2010. My problems are with cruise control set and cancel functions, radio volume, driver door and driver window. I have taken the car to the dealer 4 or 5 times and they "can't find anything". I just took it in today (March 19) with the cruise cancel not working. I turned the car off and, of course, now the cancel works. I am very frustrated and am now going to contact Hyundai. I paid a lot of money for the car and I shouldn't have to deal with this.
  • larry207larry207 Posts: 1
    On several occasions our trunk has opened without our knowledge. One time from over 100+ feet away and we had over $400 in items in the trunk stolen from the open trunk. Last week in St. Augustine in the 15 inches of rain our trunk opened and we had water damage in the trunk.
    Have gone to the service department of the dealership with no luck. Talked to the owner of our local Hyundai dealership this morning and he is researching the problem.
  • kirsh1kirsh1 Posts: 2
    Yes I have a 2013 Sonata GLS and I have the same problem with the radio freeze. My dealer says that Hyundai has never seen this problem before, but then why am I able to find threads like this?? Have you had any luck finding a solution yet?? My dealer put in a new radio for me but the problem is still there. I have not had any of the steering control problems yet as you have mentioned but I am afraid that there will be more issues down the way. There is only 2,000 miles on the vehicle and I am leasing it.
  • We got a 2013 sonata and have the same problem, radio screen will freeze and stick. We have had the radio replaced twice and still have the same problem. At first our dealership told us this is normal for the sonata radio's to do this...after we called the hot line number in the book that came with the car and told them what the dealership told us....the dealership seemed to forget they told us that...they are now in the process the replacing the radio for the third time, which we doubt will do any good.....We are in Florida and called on the lemon law and we were told they have to replace it three times and after the third time if problem has not been corrected, then we can file a claim.
  • kirsh1kirsh1 Posts: 2
    Well good to know I'm not the only one out here with this going on. My dealership has replaced the radio 3 times and guess what ----- still happening. I was hopeful that this last time would do the trick because they told me that the first 2 replacements where floaters, meaning as far as I can gather that they where refurbished. This one apparently was right out of the box BRAND NEW. I know they are actually replacing the radios because I check each one and it has a different serial number on it so I know their not trying to pull a fast one on me but still very frustrating. I also have checked into the lemon law and in Wisconsin it says it needs to be something that is either a safety concern or essential to the operation of the vehicle, so I don't know if I'm going to pursue that or not. I have spent soooo much time on this 1 problem I feel like I have wasted too much of my life on this already. I can get the radio not to do it for a long period of time I just have to not EVER turn the radio off when I shut the car off and when I turn the ignition to start it I need to put it in the forward acc. position and keep it there for about 5 to 10 seconds then start the engine and it works fine. Just curious have you tried this with yours yet?? I don't know what my next move is my dealership said they would contact me a week ago and let me know what the next step would be but have heard nothing yet. No big surprise there because I feel like Hyundai knows they have a problem but seeing as it's not a safety issue they will not put the time and money into fixing this issue. My big fear is that I feel it is an electrical issue that may manifest itself into something much worse than just this radio problem. My only saving grace is that I am leasing this vehicle so after another 2 and a half years I can just walk away if I choose to do so. Please keep me posted on what you find with yours and I will do the same on this end. Thanks.
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