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Suzuki Verona Maintenance and Repair

I am DESPERATE for help. I have a 2006 Suzuki Verona. It has power door locks and one of those types of keys where the Fob is built onto the key itself. The car battery is dead. It was raining yesterday and I think I left my headlights on. I have tried getting in by just using the key on the door but the locks in every keyhole are stuck. I suppose they are stuck because with the Fob you never have to use the actual key to get in so it's possible that all of the locks are either rusted or just stuck from under use. I have tried several different lubricants. I've tried WD-40, a car lock de-icer that supposedly had some special lubricant in it and I have also tried the "Safariland Break Free Cleaner-Lubricant-Protector" spray. But alas, I've had no luck. Is there any way to get under the hood from the outside so I can boost the battery with my wife's car? Like an emergency release or a way to go through the grill and knock loose the hood latch. I am desperate, I have been without my car for days and now I am supposed to work this evening and I MOST DEFINITELY cannot miss work again because of this. Please, I am begging. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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