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Chevy Traverse Stabilitrak/Traction Control problems



  • Jlg7, did your warranty help cover any costs. gm did nothing on my side, thank god for my extended bumper to bumper warranty. Now I think I might trade mine in before something else happens... I hear Nissan has some good rebates on the armada right now... :shades:
  • jlg7jlg7 Posts: 16
    No, it was all out of pocket expenses for us and GM didnt even return my call from yesterday. Im gonna check these forums for sure before we purchase anything again. Im looking forward to getting rid of this car!
  • amm240amm240 Posts: 4
    I hate to have to write this. The same thing happened to me. All the same problems. Long story short...I paid around $700 for the new throttle body module at my local mechanic's shop. It was closest place I knew to take it and I have had terrible customer service with our local Chevy dealer (surprise, surprise). After going back and forth a bunch of times with Chevy and GM, the outcome was they would not pay for it, onlt because I took it to a third-party mechanic instead of a Chevy dealer. It's juts an excuse and has again shown their AWFUL customer service. The car seems fine now, which is really the important thing, since I have three children under 6 frequently riding in it. I am hoping nothing else goes wrong (well, actually I kind of am, because my husband and I agreed three strikes and you're out...time for a new vehicle), but I will NEVER buy another GM vehicle again. It just really frustrates me that this was a recalled issue in 2010 models, but they won't cover it in our 2011 models, when CLEARLY the problem still exists.
  • jlg7jlg7 Posts: 16
    Reply to amm240...Im so shocked by your comments that this was a recall for the 2010 vehicles?? I had no idea. Makes the issue even more maddening for me as the dealer has done so much to my car!!!! Ugh!!! :lemon:
  • amm240amm240 Posts: 4
    Yes, it was a private recall, so not released publically but they'd fix it for you for nothing for 2010 models. This of course, added to my outrage as well. I had the throttle body did you, right? Then it still did the Satbilitrack error and loss of power after that? It's just scary because I have three little girls and we travel frequently to grandparents house about 2 hours away, at least once a month if not more. I don't feel safe in it and GM apparently could give a crap...
  • jlg7jlg7 Posts: 16
    Yes, I had a throttle body replacement too. I did have the error one more time but without the loss of power this time. However, you get so conditioned that you are about to lose power that it still was a frightening experience when the error chimed as you never know what is about to occur. They blamed this last time on my car being out of alignment. So maybe the throttle body replacement will help, however I have read other boards that it didnt so really its a wait and see kind of thing. I dont feel safe either and Im furious that the 2010 had a recall. The dealership I went to claimed they never heard of such problems before and the things they did to my car before they actually got to the conclusion that it was the throttle body is maddening!!! Total waste of time and money . Ugh- so done with GM!!! Never again and Im a lifelong Gm buyer.
  • amm240amm240 Posts: 4
    The only reason I know it was a recall is because our mechanic just fixed the issue a few weeks ago in a 2010 model and Chevy covered it due to the recall. He couldn't beleive they wouldn't cover ours.
  • How many miles were on your traverse, mine had 56,000. Extended warranties covered all bit a $100 deductible on a $490 bill. Also came with a 12month 12,000 mile warranty.
  • amm240amm240 Posts: 4
    mine had about 45,000 on it.
    no extended warranties.
  • I just had the problem of my stabilitrak, traction control off and reduced engine power happen. We took it to the dealership and were told the throttle body needs replacing. I spent 103 for the car to be diagnosed and then 383 for the repair. Now it's about 2 weeks later and all of a sudden the same warnings happen again. I called GM and they got the fee to redignose my car waived, so I've got to wait and see what the dealership says Monday. My uncle said he has the same issue and it was a traction control sensor and it cost about $800 to fix.
  • I have a 2010 chevy traverse LT with 48000 miles. Last week while driving my kids to school the "traction control off, service stabilitrac, service traction control" message appeared on the DIC and the car went into "reduced engine power" mode and would only drive 15 MPH! I live in the country with no cell service so I limped it home (thank goodness not too far away yet). Tried to turn it off and wait then restart as manual suggests but it didn't help, the message reappeared. Several hours later, went to drive it to nearest shop and it was fine! I took it in to see what codes it threw and everything pointed to TPS/throttle body but it was acting fine so no parts were thrown at it. Chevy dealership said "probably just fluke, hopefully won't happen again"! Not a good answer for me because I drive around with 4 kids in my car and dropping down to 15 mph at random is not safe! 1 week later it displayed the message and did it again! The dealership says its most likely not covered under the factory powertrain warranty, if it is the throttle body, and it is an expensive fix! It sounds like this is a common problem and I don't know how to proceed. This should be covered by Chevy! I don't feel safe in my traverse and can't afford to throw parts at it. Any suggestions?
  • Where do I find out about the recall? I have 2010 traverse.
  • Just had the samething happen on 2010 traverse LT at shop now waiting on what they say
  • jlg7jlg7 Posts: 16
    I am fairly certain for many previous posts about this issue that the 2010 models had a recall on this so it should be covered. However if you are still meet with resistance from the dealer look at the earlier posts with the #800 number to Chevy. They will work with you can call the dealer. This should be a covered repair. I called both Chevy and GM and have to say I was happy with the customer service I received.
  • Same thing just happened on our 2009 Traverse. I called Chevy to find out if there were any recalls and they said no but that there is a recall on your water pump shaft seal. Like several other posters we too have had this car in more than any care we ever owned. Love the car but feel like we should have waited and not bought it the first year it came out. We just hit 60,000 miles on it. I will be taking it in next week. If I learn anything new with the issue I will post it.







  • I seem to be having the same issue as everyone else. My stabilitrack and traction control went out. I finally got it into the dealership and they say its the throttle body causing the problem. Its a near $600 repair. I want to know why GM knows this is a reoccurring issue in the traverse and have not notified owners and sent out a factory recall.

  • proudmom4proudmom4 Posts: 2

    Stabilitrak light comes on and traction control shuts off on 2009 Traverse. I called Chevy to find out if there were any recalls and they said no but that there is a recall on your water pump shaft seal. Took Traverse in on 12-6-13 to have a diagnostic run. Get call later that afternoon that the part they need to fix it is on backorder. My response was ok can you order it and we will bring car back in to get it fixed. I am told that the car is not safe to drive and that they will order the part get in on Sat and car should be ready on Monday. Today is 1-5-14 and we still do not have our Traverse back. We are told there is a national parts back order on the part. We were issued a rental. Got a call yesterday that said Chevy was only going to cover up to $532 of the cost of the rental. We are obviously well over that cost now and never told we might be responsible for the cost of a rental. The part that is on national back-order is 20833157 F-harness. We reached out to corporate late Friday after we got the call from the local dealership. We are supposed to hear back from the local dealer and corporate tomorrow. Not sure how there can be a national back order on a piece yet there is no recall. This entire situation is completely unacceptable. We have been extremely patient through this process but are just about at the end of our rope.

  • proudmom4proudmom4 Posts: 2

    I need to give credit where credit is due. I did get a call from GM yesterday and they reached out to the local dealer and they are going to take care of the rental. Still no word on the back-ordered piece that we have been waiting on for a month now :( Still asking questions like how is there not a recall on a piece that is on national back order.

  • I hvae just experienced this same issue. I live by chicago and my traction control went out on me on Christmas Day with 4 little girls in my 2011 Chevy Traverse driving back from my moms house out in Dekalb. After taking it to Advantage Chevrolet in Bolingbrook Illinois, the outcome was a throttle body. After seeing all these issues with the same thing I'm blown away at GM... When does the manufactorer take ownership and actually want repeat business? Wonder why people start buying Hondas?? I have already replaced the window solvent motors in the truck and now this.. For a truck thats three years old is utterly ridiculous... I will contact the numbers I saw on here, but with all the help the dealership has been i doubt anyone at GM really cares... Just cash that check!!!!

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