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2005 Jetta shuts off when clutch is depressed

I have a 2005 VW Jetta GLS Manual Transmission with just about 98,000 miles. I've had this issue since a few months after I bought the car in 2008 and no one can figure out what the root cause of the problem is. When the clutch is depressed for more than just a split second to shift (coming to a stop, slowing down etc) the car quietly shuts off. It doesn't stall or buck, it just shuts off. I am able to restart the car without any hesitation and continue driving. Once it happens it seems to get in a cycle of doing this, upwards of 6 times in a day. But then it'll stop happening and I'll be able to drive it for weeks or months at a time without issue. There are no codes that come up and the check engine light is not on. Years ago the replaced they O2 sensor and it seemed to be ok for a while. It hadn't happened in probably over a year... Then one cay my water pump stopped working and my car overheated and I had to be towed. I had the fuse box replaced, a new water pump, serpentine belt, timing belt and a few other minor things replaced. After that it started shutting off on me again. Then some more hoses were replaced and it still happened. My local mechanic recommended I go to a VW dealer because he was absolutley stumped as to what the problem could be and didn't want to blindly replace parts. The VW dealer couldn't figure it out either. Quite honestly they thought I was crazy until I insisted they drive it until it shut off for them. Upon further inspection they said my engine was running "too rich" and replaced the air flow meter. That didn't fix it. Then they said my battery was bad and also causing the car to "run too rich" so they replaced that and it still continued to die. So thousands of dollars later it still shuts off. I have no other issues, the car runs fine until it dies and then starts back up. Please help!
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