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Rear Main Seal Leaking. Do I fix it?

My Scion xb 2005 (got it in May 2004) now has over 216,000 miles on it. I love it. No. I adore it. But, now the rear main seal is leaking oil. Not too much, a teaspoon or two a night on my garage floor. I looked tonight (been in pleasant denial state) under it and saw oil drops near two bolts and some inbetween. I'd taken it to a mechanic who said it probably was the rear main and it's a highly expensive repair. So I do I pay out that kind of money, on a car with that many miles on it? I've never really had anything go wrong with it major, except a coil pack blew a few years ago. I've changed the oil and filters routinely, plugs, had it in once a year for a check out everything sort of thing, changed the rear shocks, brakes, got a new side mirror off ebay motors when it broke, and got electric window switches twice off ebay motors when those failed but that's it.

I haven't got much money. I've run the car into the ground transporting cats by the thousand to spay neuter. The car has probably hauled 7000 plus cats to be fixed. Have had 26 in there at once. I lay down the back seats and have a board cut to fit the back so I have all that room. I've slept in the car too. Ok I love my car and I'm worried now, with this oil leak, that its end days are a coming, that if I lay out $1000 plus, for this repair, the next huge money outlay might not be far off, given the miles on it. The timing chain, I wonder about that and that's another huge thing when it breaks or whatever they do when they fail.

Anyhow, with almost 217,000 miles on it, do I pay some mechanic $1200, if I can dig it up or borrow it, to fix this seal? Do I?

Then I figure I've been ultra lucky with this car. Which jinxes the next, if I can find a way to get a used car. I couldn't be lucky twice I don't figure.
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