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Mazda Protegé



  • momgraymomgray Posts: 18
    We're in the city itself. There's Old Orchard Mazda - which I hear has awful salespeople but great service. It's about 15 minutes from where I work, 35 minutes from home in good traffic. Once I get the car I'll be taking it there for service, but not sure I want to deal with their salespeople after some of the stories I've heard. There's Jacobs (maybe 20 minutes away from home, an hour from work), there's Roto (maybe 1 hour away from home, 30 from work), and I'm blanking on the others, they were in the 45 minutes to 2 hours range.

    Thanks for the heads up on the F&I guy ... I just want to qualify for the 0% financing, no extended warranties, no other extraneous expenses.

    As for the trade - well, right now if we get anything we'd be happy (but that's another topic).

    Thanks again.
  • The 0.0% interest is a great deal. Makes you wonder how Mazda is making money.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    My neighbor across the street has been renting cars for over a year now. That's renting, not leasing. When he moved here he was driving a Dodge Intrepid; then a few months later he drove up in a Mercury Sable; the Sable was replaced by a Nissan Maxima which has been in his driveway for at least 5 months; then the first of August he gets a Dodge Stratus. All those cars were 2001 models.

    Yesterday, in his driveway sits...the only car he has had with a 30-day tag on it...a 2001 Mazda Protegé LX 2.0 in silver with a spoiler, painted mirrors, steel wheels with plastic covers, and automatic tranny. After all those other cars I guess the Pro is the best for his needs, too.

    I can’t figure out why no alloy wheels if it has painted mirrors, buying it this late and with the rebates. If he traded those alloys I sure would have liked to have had them.

    Story of my life: add that to the list of the things I've missed. :P

  • fowler: I have a set of 17" konig tantrums that might help you ease the pain :)
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I just went to the parts store today and looked up the Purolator Pure 1 oil filter in the brand new Purolator catalog for my car (01 ES 2.0L) and there is no number for it. There isn't a number for the 99-00 cars either which use the same filter. The DO make them for other mazdas, but not mine. ??????????
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Thank you very much but I think 17" wheels would be too large for my LX 2.0, it uses 15" wheels (four lugs). They might look like those 17" wheels on BMW 3-series. LOL

    Have you ever looked at the wheels in I haven't seen any I liked or as nice as the Mazda wheels. Most are downright ugly. Makes you wonder who buys them.

  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    I'm considering buying some 5-spoke wheels from tirerack for my 95 DX to replace the Bo-Ring 13 inch steel wheels. Don't know which ones, yet, and don't even know if I'll go with 14 or 15 inch wheels. Don't say they're all ugly, I have to pick one of those designs!

    Any suggestions, people, about which size I should upsize to? I'm going to end up in the DC-Metro are in a few months (no, I won't be able to make the MAPP-2, although I wish I could!). So base it on whether 15's would be too low profile for the DC-area winters and the snow there. Here, in UT, I would go with the 14's for sure.

    Also, as I understand it, 14" tires are cheaper. And I have the option of keeping my 13" wheels with all-season tires for winter, unless they'd fetch anything respectable at E-Bay! One score for the 14's and the 15's each!

    Oh, I figured I'd also ask if anyone who upgraded to 16 or 17 inch mags has their Mazda 15's for sale :-)

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    No one on the Protege5 topic has responded to my announcement about MAPP II. And other than the interest shown by the "core group" a week and a half ago, I've seen very few comments here. While I won't be upset if this year's MAPP is merely a repeat of last year's, it would be nice to see some new faces and new cars ... especially since some of us have upgraded on our '99s and '00s and there are a few miles on the odo's now. I'm especially interested in comparing tires, as I expect to have a set of Yokohama AVID T4s on my 2000 ES 5-speed by then.

    If you're lurking and are interested in an October 6 get-together in Northern Virginia, please respond on this topic or e-mail me at

    By the way, how come we hardly ever hear from any pre-99 owners? You're welcome here too, you know, in case you're lurking!

  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    I agree with fowler3, I think the Mazda factory alloys look much better than most aftermarkets.

    The ones I'm considering when I replace my tires are Borbet B, H or T in 14 or 15 inch size. Probably going with Yokohama AVID T4s.

    Funny thing, many of the really expensive alloys are truly ugly, but that's only my opinion. :)

    Hmm. Should check eBay and see if anyone's selling off their stock 15in alloys.
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212

    I, too, am looking at replacing the tires on our 1999 ES with the Yokohama Avid-T tires. They have long tread life, are pretty inexpensive, have good reliability, and handle well on wet and dry roads. Good choice!


    Awwww. Don't pick on my Hyundai. And my Koo-Aid wasn't spiked with any wacky chemicals. ;) I love it as much as I have loved the 4 Mazdas I've owned. They are actually quite nice cars. Just ask mpgman and some of the others who've owned the new Elantra GT. It's worth a look if you don't have the money for a Protege or Protege5.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    The Borbet Type B is close to the Mazda wheels in design, but have you checked out the Mille Miglia Spider wheels in 15", they look pretty good ,too.
    Also the ATP 55 wheels.

    The problem is many aren't made with four lug design. And you have to check to be sure whether the Protegé requires offset wheels: zero, positive, or negative. Most FWD cars use positive offset which pushes the hub surface to the outside.

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    ... are made by Enkei -- at least those for the 1999 and 2000 MYs. I know because a buddy of mine had to take one of his off when a STICK (yes, wooden) punctured his piecacrap Poortenza. "Enkei" is embossed on the reverse side of the wheel. They're a reputable name; I wonder if those wheels are available from Enkei or you have to pay through the nose to Mazda to get replacements?

  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    I know my 323 has an offset (I forget the figure, it's in the service manual), the Pro likely does too. I'll look through my manual. Guess I could just measure the steel rims too (offset being the hub face distance from the center-plane of the wheel).

    Fowler & Meade, thanks for the tips on the wheels. I checked Enkei's website. Can't find the Pro's stock alloys on it.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008

    Filter Application Guide:


    4 cyl. 1.8L F.I. (DOHC)

    Vehicle Part Listing


     PureONE Filter PL14622

     Oil Filter L14622

     Air Filter A25049

     Fuel Filter N/S

     Breather Element N/R

     PCV Valve PV1030


    N/R : No Replacement Required

    N/S : Non-Serviceable Without Disassembly

  • C'mon Fowler..some nice 17" rims, chrome trim around the fenders, gold package, and a coffee can exhaust and you would be cool. Don't forget the stickers.

    I know the 17's are too big or they would be on my car, '01's do have 5 lugs but I think anything larger than 16" would be a little much. The factory rims on my '01 are OK but the Tantrum is way better looking. Looking at those rims on my '01 Accord is one of the things I miss most about it.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    I called and checked, they'd cost 433.35 EACH for my 95 DX. Now I'm not sure if he quoted me the price for 14" or 15" alloys, anyone with a 95-96 ES, which size did those come with?

    So - yes - you would have to pay through your nose for the factory alloys!

    I'll buy them off tirerack, I guess, unless ebay has someone selling theirs. Anyone know which other wheels might be compatible? I see a few Honda and Toyota compatible rims, if they're unlabelled and the right lug-pattern, ...
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Someone is on EBay selling a set of wheels from a P5/2001 ES model right now, as I type. They are up to like $255 or something like that, or were the last time I checked earlier today. The tires are not included, but that's pretty cheap for the wheels.

    Ashu: The 1995-96 ES came with 15-inch wheels and tires. All ESs did actually, up until 2001. They just upgraded to 16s this year.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    The bolt pattern or bolt circle is the diameter of an imaginary circle formed by the centers of the wheel lugs, and is an area that causes much comfusion in the wheel buying world.Verify your vehicle's bolt pattern before buying wheels.

    The center bore of a wheel is the machined middle hole that centers the wheel properly on the hub of the car. Most wheels are hub-centric, meaning that the vehicle is supported not by the lugs but by the center hub. Too small a hole and the wheels won't fit over the hub; too large a hole and the wheels may not be centered, resulting in vibration and eventual damage to the hubs and the wheels.

    It isn't easy to fit after-market wheels unless you check out every measurement.

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    probably have a contract for the use of the alloy wheel style until after Mazda starts using another style, then they may be available to consumers on and in stores.

    You can find copies of older Mercedes wheels on and in their ads. Later sales help to reduce production/design costs and add to profits, if not many cars were sold using the wheels.

    ashi: When I said most of the wheels on tirerack are ugly, I was thinking about the styles with skinny spokes, almost nothing to look at. My main complaint about 5-spoke alloys has been seeing the rust on brake discs through the openings. Who wants to drive a new car with rusty wheels? ;)

    The ugliest stock wheels on a new car have to be the alloys that come on Volvos; they look like a huge beer can lid that was opened with an equally huge can opener, all-the-way-around. Current 5-spoke wheel design goes back more than 30 years, it's time for something really NEW and fitting for the new millennium, something with a tech look.

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Just read the review of the MP3 in the September issue of Car and Driver. Man, what a sharp car. I'm really interested in purchasing one when I am in the market around this time next year. My question... do you think the MP3 will still be around by that time, and if so, do you think that they'll be offering it for close to invoice? The Protege is definitely Mazda's best foot forward, IMO. I can't understand why anyone would pay to own a 626 when this little gem offers nearly as much room, and better performance, all for a lower price.
    Congrats to all you Protege owners... you're on to something that all the Civic and Corolla people (like my dad) are missing out on.
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