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Mazda Protegé



  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Speed limits are posted for average cars based on the highway or street they are driving on. The Protegé is an average car most of the time. It may have better than average handling on twisties, but most highways and city streets do not require handling IF you drive at the posted limits. Just good brakes.

    You impress few, if anyone, bragging about speeding. Any number of things can happen. A driver who's car is hidden by trees has looked down the road you are speeding on, and you thought you had it to yourself, looks in th opposite direction and pulls out in front of you...he thought he had a clear road, too.

  • I hate to slow down the discussion of speeding, but, anyone have a good "fix" for a nerfed road wheel? I managed to put 5500 miles on the MP3 without hurting one of the Racing Hart wheel and today I hit a @#$% curb coming out of a tight Burger King drivethru ramp. Scuffed the right rear wheel. After combining various interesting four, seven and twelve letter words for a while and cleaning the wheel to remove the yellow curb paint, it doesn't look horrible (not true) but there is no tire damage. Checking with the dealer, I find that a new replacement is $385 (US) so I guess I'll have to live with it for now. I worry that since the clear coat is gone on that part, it will do something funky. What to do?
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Around here, our rural highways have a speed limit of 65mph. I rarely break 70 except to pass. Frankly, I'm jsut not in a big enough rush to risk a ticket. {shrug}
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    OK, time for another Mid-Atlantic Protege Picnic update! So far we have the following Town Hallers coming:

    Me (mdaffron)
    Larry (protegextwo -- or is that one?)
    Paul (vocus)+ 2?
    Steve (sfrat)
    Jason (krotine)+ 2
    Dennis (yooper53)
    Chow-Chi (mazdafun) -- maybe

    I will be sending an e-mail to all of you this morning. It will contain specifics on what you've offered to bring and what we still need.

    Anyone else interested? We've got space under our shelter for lots more! Drop me an e-mail if you'd like to be part of the Mid-Atlantic Protege Picnic II in Northern Virginia on Saturday, October 6. You can e-mail me at:


  • I guess, I drive a little "QUICK" sometimes. But, this conversation will "serve" as my traffic ticket "reminder" and I'll be more mindful of the posted speed limits.

    BTW, I can't wait for the Mid-Atlantic Protege Picnic(MAPP), Oct. 6th! Listen, if you have decided to sit this out or just can't make up your mind? Remember, life is short you don't want to miss a GREAT chance to "party" with your fellow Edmunds Town Hall Protege Owners. It was really neat to meet mdaffron, vocus and others last year! I'm sure this years picnic will be even better! Great Food, Great Friends and Great Cars, all in one place! Be there or be square, lol!

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I just e-mailed the group the newest details on food, times, etc. Please let me know if you did not receive an e-mail from me today, September 18.

    And as for the rest of you out there ... so far, unless you e-mail me and register for MAPP II, you're going to miss fellowship, fun, hamburgers, hot dogs, lasagna, Virginia ham biscuits and Shoo Fly Pie!!! (And that's just a sample of what people are bringing!)

  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I hope my post didn't come off like that. I wasn't bragging about speeding. I was simply talking about how stupid it was that I did that. Read my post again.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    What'll likely happen is that the exposed aluminum becomes dull, possibly a little pitted (depends on how much acid rain falls in your area). The AL forms a water-resistant aluminum oxide film on the exposed parts, which prevents further oxidation. However, this oxide can be etched by mild acids.

    This is the type of damage I typically see. You can touch up the clearcoat if this happens in the future. Get some of the clear plastic model paint and dab some of this after you've polished up the exposed aluminum.

    If the clearcoat starts peeling off (I've never seens this happen), it means the clearcoat application was done wrong (probably didn't clean off the wheel before painting) and you should get a new wheel.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    That's what I typically practice when driving on freeways in traffic, although I sometimes do go up to 90/10 (I pass 90% and let 10% pass me, roughly). :)

    On back roads where I'm the only driver, I drive the posted limit. Better safe than sorry. I haven't gotten a speeding ticket in over 10 years (I was trying to keep up with another car full of friends on the way up to Tahoe...dumb, dumb, dumb).
  • When I first got the car I may have given the mistaken impression that I'm some kind of speed junkie what with my questions about top end. I actually haven't had a speeding ticket since '87.
    The once or maybe twice a year I indulge myself is on roads where my only problem is likely to be Bambi darting across the road. Which would be disastrous enough. Having achieved top end I quickly lose my nerve because, well see "my only problem" above. White tails scare me. I kid you not!
    As far as the fines go I could live with that but what I'm unwilling to live with is the increased insurance premiums for the next three years. I see the $380 for six months as something I can't get around.
    Having said that I can't say that the rare push to top end doesn't make these old bones feel truly alive, if only for seconds at a time.
  • Hi all Protege junkies,

    I currently own a '99 civic, but am looking to trade up :) I'm considering a protege sedan,
    PR5 and 4-cylinder Altima. The PR5 and altima without a roof differ by around $3500.
    I used to own a '91 protege (sold it at 160,000 miles, great car).

    Questions for you mazda-heads:

    Is the protege5 noticeably slower than the sedan? I know there is a weight difference,
    and Car and Driver timed the PR5 as 9.5 s 0-60. Anyone test drive both? I'm looking
    at a 5-speed.

    After you've lived with it awhile, do you find the protege sedan to be quick enough for
    you? Obviously all enthusiasts would like 0-60 in 4.5s but... I know the sedan has
    world-class handling; my test drives have convinced me of that (so much better
    handling than a Passat). Do you find the power lacking a bit? Comparing the C/D
    review of the sedan and the Automobile review of the '02 Altima 2.5S, it sounds like
    the Altima will run 0-60 about a half-second quicker than the Protege (175 vs 130 hp
    but the Altima weighs 350-400 lbs more).

    I've considered buying a sedan or PR5 and then turning to racing beat or corksports
    but suspect the parts+labor cost would be prohibitive to speed up the mazdas.

    Thanks for your opinions.

  • I just found this somewhere in Edmund's and quote for what its worth. "Its amazing what such a simple mod can do to increase front end rigidity. YOU'LL NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE RIGHT AWAY." (Emphasis mine.)Hmmm. If that's true, I want one. Again.
  • I am a speed junkie. I admit it. However, I have not received a speeding ticket since 1987 driving through PA with the flow of traffic in a red Mustang GT. Enforcement is more for revenue than safety in PA and most states. The speed limit on most sections of I76 is a joke as the road could easily take 10-20mph faster. Anyway....
    This is what I do:
    1) I drive with the flow of traffic or slower (around 10mph over in the mid-west) for daily commuting. I have to admit when I first got my ES I did drive like I was 17 years old for a week or so.
    2) I dont "speed" on short trips. Its just not worth it. On the other hand....I take 2-3 yearly trips of >1000miles each way each way and on those trips I do drive faster. On trips like that (doing them overnight on a week night) and driving 85mph can save 2-3 hours of drive time each way. I can frequently average 60-70mph including the stops. The last time I was on cruise control for 306miles straight at 85mph!!! Keep in mind this is the mid-west where I am frequently PASSED on interstates doing a constant 85mph.
    3) For the usual go fast thrill, I usually stick to on-ramps and off-ramps. Thats where I usually get the biggest thrill and as a bonus there is a very low risk of getting caught if you pick the right ones....there are plenty in the mid-west.

    All my racing is confined to the track or strip.

    I also have a radar detector that I use 3 times a year on my long trips. If the speed limit was set at 85mph on interstates I would throw it in the trash today. I'm sure its saved me tickets but if the speed limit was more reasonable I would not need it. I'm also sure that I'll eventually get caught....I'm still going to keep doing the same thing.....just like everyone else.

    The lesson: raise the interstate speed limit to 85mph now and to 125mph within the next 25 years and finally just get rid of it. Its a crime that we cannot cover 1000 miles in 10 hours by car.
  • I agree with you that enforcement has more to do with $$ than safety. Absolutely! Municipalities base a fair amount of their budgets on "saving us from ourselves." I can see the politicos rubbing their hands and salivating over the untold bounty of photo enforcement.
    As far as Interstate speeds go on long trips I find it fairly common to find the traffic flow 10-15 mph over. Certainly they were designed for greater speeds. Gee. Think of all the lives that were saved when the I-states were posted at 55. :o)
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    anyone who drives 85mph on the interstate is driving recklessly. If you drive at these speeds, I hope my family and I are no where near you. I suggest moving to Montana, I believe certain parts of their interstate have no speed limit. Or you could always move to Germany and drive on the Autobohn.

    I have no problem with you speeding if you want to kill yourself, but since you drive on the interstate with resticted speed limits, you put legal drivers and their loved ones lifes in peril.

    Also, speeding on offramps is suicide. Maybe you need to add rollbars for this manuver.

    Please read my post#4619
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    the Protege will not fill your low end torque requirements, as with all econoboxes. If you looking for a very reliable, outstanding handling, terrific fit and finish, and a compact car that has a larger interior then some midsize cars, the Protege is the only choice.

    The Protege has a sporty feel, can't say that about the Altima. If you need to blow someone off the line, Mazdas aren't know for these qualities.

    IMO, you need to look at another brand and be prepared to open your wallet.

    I own a LX 2.0 and test drove a P5. The P5 didn't seem any quicker. The suspension was alot tighter and responed better, IMO.

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    to 85mph now and 125mph in 25 years? Are you serious? Let me tell you something.

    The Germans use to have NO speed limits on their Autobahns. If cars could go 150mph they did. They were usually three lanes wide and when you saw flashing lights in your rearview mirror (about a mile back) you had better pull over because the next flash would be right on you in seconds. Slower cars hung right.

    These days all that has changed and they have speed limits on most of the Autobahns. They may be higher than here, but it has cut down on what I saw in a field in 1972: A "haystack" made of wrecked small cars like our Protegés -- three stories high. Cars the drivers had not had time to pull to the right lane when racing MB's and BMW's zoomed up on them.

    You have to experience having a big MB pass you at 150mph or 180mph to appreciate the wind blast. And the Ferrari's in Italy! You don't even see them when they go by, it's just a streak of color you catch in the corner of your eye.

  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    And the accidents per capita in Germany are LESS than here in the US. Figure that one out. Having no speed limit isn't good either. There is a happy medium and 70 mph on the interstate is not it. If you crash into something going 70 mph, you are going to just as dead as if you crashed into something going 85 mph. No one has ever linked high speed limits to more accidents in ANY study. No one. If you can come up with some reliable data to back up your theory, go for it, I'm all ears. When the current US speed limits were put in place, what kind of cars were there on the road? Really old cars that didn't brake, handle, accelerate, or protect nearly as well as the current breed of automobiles. Cars have gotten much better, but the speed limits are the same. Pjd58---driving 85 mph on the interstate is reckless? Sheesh. Surely you will say that driving 70 mph on the interstate is MUCH safer than driving 85 mph. With that kind of logic, we should just set the speed limit to 20 mph because that would be MUCH safer than 70 mph. If we want to be really safe, we could just walk, but then again we would have "reckless" people who want to run. The speed limits here in the US are ridiculous. Period.
  • that folks in Europe drive. They don't gab on a cell phone or try to gobble a Big Mac and bend down to get the fries while changing the CD. They drive. We have become a nation of couch potatoes who travel the interstates.

    Ever pass on the right side of a car? Sure you have. Doesn't happen on the Autobahn. If you travel at speeds well over a mile a minute you tend to watch the road and DRIVE. Traveling at 55MPH on highways built to handle much higher speeds (thank you, Ike) is mind-numbing.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I work 35 miles from home, and drive 5 major highways every day of my life, almost. I drive 295 that runs from Baltimore to DC, the Capital Beltway, Route 50 that runs from Annapolis to DC, Route 97 that runs from Annapolis to the interchange at the Baltimore Beltway (695), and the 695 itself for a mile or so. I hardly ever see anyone doing the speed limit on any of these roads. The limit is 65 on all but 295 and 695. I was going 70 today on 97, and was passed by almost everyone. I was on 295 this morning, and the SLOW lane was going 65 mph. Hardly anyone on the road follows the 55mph speed limit. I think it sould be at least 65mph or 70, but then with tougher fines and penalties for speeding.

    I was going 85 in a 55 when I got a speeding ticket, and I admit it was really wrong and careless of me. That's why I paid the ticket and didn't fight it, because I was totally in the wrong with no explanation. Since then, I have learned to slow down a little bit. It's just a little hard though, when everyone passes you light a freight car passing a hobo on the highway just because you are doing the speed limit.
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