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Mazda Protegé



  • duh_sterduh_ster Posts: 102
    i finally went back to edmonton to show my girlfriend my ES...she loves it! (almost as much as me!) o yea, and i just passed 2200kms...

    glad everybody had fun at MAPP. i'd like to attend something like that too (in the calgary region...) but i have a feeling that only myself and pro fan would attend!!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I know this is rehashing, but what was the price again to go from the ES front end to the MP3 front end? I can't help it, every time I see those big old lights it just makes me want it more and more. :)

    I was thinking about the FS_ZE engine swap too. Everyone thus far who has done it has a manual. I wonder if it would work with the automatic?
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Yep, I think you're right about the list of attendees in the Calgary area. Although I've seen quite a few Pros driving around now, I don't think that many people are quite as enthusiastic about their Pros as we are.

    BTW, that code for the warranty is the same as the one that I have.

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Too late, you DO sound paranoid. My reasoning:

    (1) The last time you went to the store, did you take note of the type of car that was parked next to you? Would you remember its make, model and color if you came out and saw a scratch on your vehicle?

    (2) If you did happen to remember the vehicle that had been parked next to you when you entered the store, could you prove that the person who keyed your car was (a) the driver of that vehicle, (b) the driver of the new vehicle that drove in after the original one left, or (c) a passerby? I think it would be really hard to determine who did it unless you saw him do it, which leads me to ...

    (3) If you actually saw him do it, would you have a case? There would be no physical evidence, such as the paint from your vehicle on his vehicle had your car been sideswiped. It'd be his word against yours in court. Even if you got his license plate number, he could tell the judge that he was parked next to you, across from you, whatever ... but he didn't key your car. Innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. After all, you may have been so enraged that you wanted to blame it on anyone -- so you got the plate number of the guy parked next to you. With no proof, I don't see how you'd win.

    (4) If you managed to find the "keyer" by driving around town all day, finding the car, and then seeing him get in it, what would you do? (a) Would you follow him home and confront him? Risky with the present state of the world. (b) Would you key his vehicle? Even riskier not knowing who he is or if he or his neighbors are watching. (c) Would you take down his license plate number and call the police? See part (3) above.

    Disclaimer to the above:

    I don't support vandalism as a cure for vandalism. I'm just being realistic after a few incidents (keep reading) where I was a victim.

    Pete, I know you said you don't want to hear this, but it's a free country. I think keying the guy's car in retaliation was stupid. Stooping even below his mistake violated your own morals (and most of ours too) and was just plain dumb. You could've gotten into huge trouble if someone had seen you do it. I know it sucks -- my 1988 Hyundai was less than a week old when a DUMP TRUCK parked next to me and swung his door into the side of my car, leaving a HUGE dent in it. A year later, the driver of a mid-70s, tank-sized Pontiac Bonneville ran a red light and clipped the side of my rear bumper, sending me into the 270-degree spin of my life at 45 mph. He kept going and MY insurance had to pay the $2,000 repair bill. That's life, and that's why insurance is there.


  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    May I suggest posting your question on the Tribute topic? You might also try the Ford Escape topic since I would bet many potential buyers are considering either -- since they're clones.

  • sfratsfrat Posts: 205
    While your response probably wasn't the most mature thing to do, I probably would have done the same thing. Meade's response is totally correct, and probably the most mature route, but the issue here is not vandalism, its carelessness. The guy in the de ville was careless when he smacked your car with his door. Either he didn't realize it, or he doesn't give a damn about his car. That does not give him the right to treat other peoples cars the same as he treats his. Having your insurance fix the ding is a good idea, but at least now Mr. De Ville will (hoepfully) be more careful when he opens his car doors, and maybe you've just saved others from the same aggravation.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Maybe Mr. DeVille, in his carelessness, never realized he dinged Pete's car, and now feels like HE TOO has been vandalized for no reason and wants to take it out on someone. Maybe now HE is out for a little retaliation, and others may now be at risk not only from his doors, but his keys as well.

    You're right ... the issue here isn't vandalism ... it's carelessness AND vandalism. Carelessness on the part of Mr. DeVille, and vandalism on the part of Pete. Like my wife says, two wrongs do not make a right (but three rights make a left).

    I know one thing ... I'm keeping my car out of Arlington Heights until this vandalism spree has run its course!!!


  • I know this may not work for crowded shopping areas or large city downtown parking, but I always park at the end of the parking lot to get as far away as possible from other cars. Now I'm fortunate to live and work in the burbs which helps make this possible. This always ticks my wife off, but I look at it as a way to help protect my new car, plus I get a little extra excercise by walking the extra distance. I'm still relatively young and in reasonable shape, so I'll make the extra walk. It always amazes me when I go to our health club and see people in there 20's and 30's waiting for that close parking spot, when there are plenty of spots in the overflow lot. Why not start your workout with a brisk walk from your car to the building???

  • Pete, your right about the 8 hour trip may not be worth it. If there were a confirmed group of, lets say 6 - 10 Proteges or more, I'd probably make the effort. Besides, I have a friend that lives in Chicago that I haven't seen for about 15 years. It would give me a good excuse to go see him.

  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    is that those suckers have spring loaded doors. That is why they open up with such a force (owner has no intention) that will and can cause a ding on the neighboring cars' door.

    try to put a ding using the pro's door. not very succesful since it does not have a spring loaded hinge.
  • Umm...doesn't your wife also say "better safe than sorry"???

    Also, why do you assume there's only a downside if you're actually CONVICTED of something? never know who can find out what once you post info on the internet.

    BTW, sight seen this morning: two brutally slashed tires (we're talking OJ style) sitting at the curb in my commuter train parking lot. Looks like somebody got caught talking to someone else's husband at the bar.

    twist (not my real name) ;-)
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    The perpetrator probably remembers they dinged your door.

    Seeing you standing next to their car is probably keeping them away.

    I'd wait some distance away and see who comes up to the offending vehicle.
  • nematodenematode Posts: 448
    I have Mobil1 full synth in my 01 Protege ES. I won a bet and get 4 more free changes (5 total or less than $250). I switched it over at 1000miles and its at 6000miles now. I'm going to change at 7500miles and every 7500miles after that until the warranty is spent. After that I'll probably change every 15-20k or once a year if I stay with synth.
    If I switch back to dino oil: I'm just not a believer in the 3k oil change...Normally I run dead dino oil to 7500miles anyway so for me its really no different other than for the next 4 changes its free.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I would have never guessed. See, my name is Malt Barley.

    I sell swampland in FL.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    I switched over at the first oil change.

    Main benefits for me are faster, smoother starts when the engine is cold, especially in the winter. I figure it's better for the least the engine SOUNDS happier.

    I use either Mobil 1 or Valvoline.
  • draymond2draymond2 Posts: 134
    The activity on the Tribute board is dormant compared to this board.

    As a fellow Protege owner and a frequent visitor to this board, I didn't think it would be out of the ordinary to ask for Tribute information on this board. I've found most folks here are very helpful.
  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    Hello fellow Protege owners, I just wanted to share in the joy of owning a Protege. Finally- I tried getting my dad to buy one in 1994, and I looked for one three years ago when I bought my 1993 MX6, I finally have a Protege of my own. I couldn't resist the 0% apr with 6 mos. deferred payments. It's a Millenium Red Mica ES 5 spd with the premium package. I love everything about it except that the speakers are cheap. And what ever happenned to seatback pockets? How expensive is it to include those? I looked under the hood yesterday and the car has a very interesting spark plug setup. It looks like it has no distributor/cap or rotor- the wires seem to go directly from the leads to the spark plugs. What is this new system? And what's with the toy horn? My MX6 has a nicer horn. I love the handling, braking, and power of the 2.0 engine. It doesn't sound as good as the older protege 1.8L engines, but I'm sure it's just as durable. Sorry for the long babble...
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    twist ... If you're that concerned about people hunting you down using the Internet, you'd better take that photo of your two sons off of Epinions.

    And try not to be so paranoid. As I just demonstrated above, anyone with the slightest amount of talent and a little time to kill can find just about anything. I guess I'm not so paranoid because I've been a ham radio operator for 21 years. Wanna find a WHOLE LOT about me? Simple. Just go to or any of several dozen sites like it ... hell, you can even get the info straight from the FCC's website ... and enter my call sign, K4CMD. If you saw THAT on my license plate in a parking lot (which you can), lookie what you could find out! Want my exact latitude and longitude, so you can drop an H-bomb on my house? How about a map? Or my e-mail address? Just click on "Detailed Info" on that site. I haven't been nuked, dinged or keyed ... yet!

    And since you brought it up, here are a few quotes my wife and I live by ...

    When I look back on all the worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which never happened. -- Winston Churchill

    There is nothing that wastes the body like worry, and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever. -- Mahatma Gandhi

    Worry never takes the sorrow out of tomorrow, it just saps today of its strength. -- Anonymous

    If you're going to worry, there's no need to pray; if you're going to pray, there's no need to worry. -- Tiffany Berry

    draymond ... No problem on posting the question here ... as far as I'm concerned. I was trying to steer you toward the Tribute topic because I've seen the Town Hall managers descend on off-topic posts and forward them to the appropriate topics. To answer your question, the Richmond dealer I deal with ... Whitten Brothers Mazda, which can be found at -- is now selling all remaining 2001 models at clearance prices (whatever that means) and is selling 2002 Tributes for 5 percent over invoice -- which is the highest over-invoice price of any Mazda product they sell, probably because the Tribute is so darned popular here right now!

    pete ... How far away is Chicago from Richmond? Hmmm ...


  • draymond2draymond2 Posts: 134
    Thanks for the info......
  • thanks for proving my point

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