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Mazda Protegé



  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    I hate it when I am inadvertently humorous.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    than you are entitled to or what a judge would award to you. Yes, it was a stupid mistake, but they are not going to replace crappy sun visers, which are not part of the windshield, as part of the repairs. They didn't total your car.

    This reminds me of something that happened when I worked for a furniture store chain. A woman came in the store ranting and raving about the sofa she had bought being a piece of crap, it had broken down. She was making a huge scene in front of other customers. To quiet her down they offered her another sofa. She picked out one and it was delivered the next day.

    When the delivery men brought the broken sofa back to the warehouse they discoverd the sofa was NOT a new one, but one sold ten years earlier. The woman's kids had used it as a trampoline, among other damages such as stains and ripped fabric.

    There are people who will take advantage of merchants. It isn't always THEIR fault.

  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    I realize maltb's and audia8q's viewpoint. However, what many service stations DON'T realize is that it's a hassle for an owner to bring a vehicle back for additional service due to a mistake made by an employee of that garage.

    What about the owner's time and inconvenience? If that is the type of attitude I come across, then I vote with my wallet (i.e., I never return and I pass on the bad word).

    Conversely, if I like the service and attitude, then I pass on the good word and continue my patronage.

    From my own experience, a local Mazda service department made the same stupid mistake when servicing the wheel bearings on my '89 323. I thought "hey, it's been over 100,000 miles, maybe I should have the wheel bearings replaced." Well, they also forgot the weather seal and grease spilled out all over my nice alloys and up-market Michelins. Not only that, but I had to take a SECOND day off work to get it fixed. Did I get an apology? No. I did, however, get billed for additional labor and parts. What a dumb move. I didn't go back for over a year. I wrote and complained to the dealership and explained why I was't returning. I should've billed them for the time I spent cleaning up the mess and for the extra day of vacation I had to take.

    I must not have been the only complaint, as when I returned for a coolant change on my '99 Pro (checking their service with a "simple" job), their service managers were much better. Still, this is the kind of service that prompted me to do most of my regular maintenance (wheel rotations, oil changes, air filter changes...I'll probably start doing my own coolant and brake fluid changes too).

    Now I'm in a p*****g contest with my health insurance provider and the health care provider. They seem to think I didn't get proper referrals etc. and are trying to pin me with the full medical bill for my physical therapy. I remember and can document my having gone through all the correct procedures, so I'm going to make some waves. I should bill them for my time that they've wasted by someone's incompetence in the medical management system. Oh yeah, the privately run health maintenance programs are much better than state-run A**. The only ones that benefit from this are the top execs who skim a whole lot of profits for little effort and innovation on their part.

    Anyway, take that attitude and stuff it. Your employee makes a mistake, and you just want the damaged customer to just forget it? That's the kind of attitude that makes me avoid Hondas and Toyotas. Don't make me add Mazda to that list.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    It doesn't hurt to ask.

    If they're offering free oil changes, then something equivalent shouldn't be a problem for them. A pair of sun visors should easily be equivalent to several oil changes, it that's what it takes to keep you happy.

    That's how business works. You screw up, you make up for it somehow, if you want to keep that customer. Unless you offer really low prices, all a business (large or single-proprietor) has got is its reputation.

    Of course, I say this, but Honda and Toyota still manage to sell vehicles (although, not to me) despite their dealerships. I attribute this to their reputations for building reliable quality vehicles, built through hard work and time. However, even they've acknowledge that the customer experience at their dealerships is lacking and possibly driving away business (witness their recent programs to improve customer service) to marques like Saturn (OK cars, great service...I'm envious of the service my wife gets at her Saturn dealership service dept.).
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    Bankers, lawyers, HMOs etc.

    Car salesmen actually rate higher, in my estimation. They've really cleaned up their act, IMO.

    Bankers (not the front-line tellers) are definitely held in poor regard by me. Vultures; always looking for a way to fleece their customers (who also happen to be their leinholders, but they seem to ignore that fact). I still hold this view, despite the fact that one of my favorite cousins and a couple of friends work (or used to work) in the banking field.

    Health-insurance workers are close, but not as bad. Most are just incompetent, which is bad enough (I'm surprised they don't get fired). It's only the top-ranking execs whom I hold in low regard.
  • meinradmeinrad Posts: 820
    I couldn't help but relate my story. Had a Sentra which left my wife stranded on the highway. Local garage towed it to their shop, fixed it, then on the test drive smashed it to bits. I was very understanding at first, accidents happen, but then the fun began. The shops insurance company refused to do anything claiming it wasn't their fault (even though the police report stated they were doing 50 in a 30 zone), the shop wouldn't do anything without their insurance. Trying to keep this as short as possible, I was without my car for 92 days, insurance only paid for 30 days of rental car. Luckily my parents had an extra car I could use. I had to take 5 days off of work during those 92 days to visit body shops, insurance agents, etc. I sued in small claims court for the time off work and the payments made on the car while I didn't have it. I thought that was a reasonable request since I wasn't even involved in the accident. The judge asked if I got my car back, I said yes, and she said that was all that was required, case closed.
    I couldn't even look at the car without getting angry so I sold it and lost another 2 grand on top of everything else.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    IMO, we should get tweaked when they DON'T do the right thing. Dale, I understand it's an inconvenience and I would be pushing the dealer to make it less of one by having them pick-up or drop off your car.
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Wow....who was the judge? Judge Judy?? I'd be angry too if they had my car for 92 days.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    At the very least your dealer should give you a loaner for the day. When I go to a Mazda dealer for service, I expect top-notch professional service. Accidents do happen, but most accidents can be prevented from proper training and common sense, some thing your tech seemed to lack. I would ask for a bunch of free oil change coupons, it's the least the dealer can do for screwing up and promote goodwill. IMO, the visors are a reach. Remember, you will only get something if you ask for it.

  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    Hand washed the Pro today, and low and behold, I notice my front bumper was hit by some nimrod. I was so pissed off. It must have happened in a parking lot. The paint is missing, of course. You always find new damage on you car when you hand wash it. My Pro is only 5 months old and was flawless, not one mark.

    I called my Insurance company and I have to pay the $100 deductible, luckily I have such a low deductible. I have a great body shop that matches and blends paint very well and offer a lifetime warranty on their work, as long as you own the car.

    Its hard to own a nice car, and keep it that way, with so many thoughtless drivers.

    Any suggestions from anyone who has had their bumper painted? My color is Mill Red.

    It seems the Protege's bumper is easily damaged. I have noticed many used Protege's with bumper damage.

  • seem to be one of the reasons Pro's are expensive to insure...
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    I would not report scratches to my insurance company. even something that would cost $1000 CDN I would still not report it if the other party agrees to it.

    It just raises your premium for no reason. Just my way..

    Dale: Take some oil changes or visors, get your car back and issue should be ok.

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Actually, that was the rear bumper and the lack of center reinforcement in the '99 model that the IIHS had issues with. The problem was fixed late in the production year, but they had already branded it a problem and as far as I know they never re-tested it. There was no safety issue, but when backed into a pole dead center, the trunk lid could be damaged. The funny thing is that a pole is much easier to see when it is dead center. Why do they not do it offset like the frontal impact?
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    It won't raise my rate, due to no claims in the past 10 years on 2 cars, homeowners with the same company. Damage should be under $750, which is the amt, my insurance company uses as the chargeable limit.

    I only pay $600 a year to fully insure my Protege, I'm a little bit older(43) than the average Protege driver, with a $100 collision and full comprehensive and multicar disc.

  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    had 6 late model Protege's, on their used car lot, and all of them had minor bumper damage, scratches, dings, cuts etc. A very bad design, or paint process.

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    #8071 of 8102 Part #1 "Help, what is going on?" by protegextwo Feb 18, 2002 (04:34 am)
    Time Line: The last two weeks of January

    As many of you already know, my wife and I both drive Emerald Mica 2000 PRO-ES Mazda's. Both cars are equipped the same, and by switching the cars back and forth, I have been able to maintain the cars with similar mileage. Both vehicles get oil changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, etc. at the same intervals. O.K., about a month ago, my wife mentions to me, the check engine light came on today and after a couple miles, the light turned off, by-it-self. O.K., I go out to the car and check the gas tank filler cap for tightness. Seems pretty tight to me, so I pop the hood and check the different fluid levels, yada yada. Everything seems all right. A week later my wife (lets call her Trudy, since that's her name) tells me that the check engine light and now the O D light comes on! Sweet Jesus, NOW what. I AGAIN check the gas tank filler cap for tightness, no prob there. I pop the hood and check the different fluid levels, everything seems all right. I jump in her car and take it for a long drive. After 6 or 7 miles, NO problems, no lights. I explain to my wife about the O D light button on the auto shifter, yada yada. Trudy, we are going to switch cars for a while, O.K.?, I say to her. O.K., Larry she says to me.
    To Be Continued-

    Time Line: The first week of February

    I start driving Trudy's Protege back and forth to work. At first, no problems, however the 3rd day I drive her PRO-ES....the check engine light comes on and stays on. Dang it!!! I call my Lancaster Toyota/Mazda service advisor, Scott Ruhl. He says, "bring it in". I get an appointment scheduled for 2/12/02. I drop it off and he calls me back after a couple hours. He said, "the check engine light issue was caused by a lose fuel filler cap". BULL DUNG!!!, I say to my self. We have fueled this car the same way at the same gas stations for 2 years, however now all of a sudden we don't know how to tighten up the fuel filter cap? He gently implies that "this issue will only be covered under the Mazda Warranty one time?" After that, I'm responsible for future check engine light issues, that code out to filler cap problems. Yea right, ya wanna bet, I think to my-self! He then states, "that they are going to look into the whole check engine light AND the flashing O. D. light concern a little further."

    To be continued-
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    That's some bull dung as you said... So next time you bring it in, they'll charge you? This sounds ridiculous. Take it to another Mazda dealer if you have one in your area. The dealer where I bought mine can make DEALS on car sales, but is HORRIBLE in servicing and has HUGE prices!!! On the other hand, the dealer where I now go to have any issues checked has two young guys working as managers that know what they're doing and do it quickly and for the right price, but their sales staff seems too Honda-like (aka with their heads up their... you know where).

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    dealers after what one did to me.

    I had a 1986 Accord, which was due for service. I took it to a nearby dealer, the dealer I bought it from was 60 miles away, and the weather was terrible that day, heavy sleet and freezing rain. They serviced the car and a friend gave me a ride to pick it up after work.

    The sleet was coming down like heavy rain. I paid the bill and got in my car to start the engine, when I noticed the service manger had followed me out to the car. He pretended to be looking for something. I thought at the time it could wait considering the heavy sleet. When I started the engine the oil light wouldn't turn off.

    By this time he was right outside the car. I told him about the oil light and that is was fine when I brought the car in. He said, "I don't know what's wrong with it but it will cost you $495 to fix." Then -- get this -- "Drive it home and bring it back in the morning." With the oil light on!

    I smelled a rat when he followed me to the car. I also knew that the '86 Accords had a recall for electrical problems (oil light on) and it would probably be safe to drive it, which I did, since I lived only 3 miles away. Nothing happened.

    The next morning we had one foot of snow on top of the ice. I called the dealer I bought it from and he assured me there was nothing wrong with the car, that it was a scam. But to be safe (legally) to call a wrecker to tow it to the other dealer. I did and they fixed it in ten minutes and handed me a bill for $495. I had also called a lawyer to ask him to sue them, his reply, "Not enough money involved." To get my car back I had to pay the bill.

    The scam, if they knew how to correct the electrical problem, they also knew how to make the oil light stay on without damaging the engine. That's what I thought at the time.

    Honda got a long hot letter from me. Never heard from Honda. A copy was sent to the dealer I bought the car from and he displayed it on the bulletin board for eight years, it was still on the board when I bought a '97 Accord from him. My last paragraph warned people to buy from him, NOT the other dealer.

    Oh yeah, I had an extended warrenty which the insurance company refused to honor, said it was my fault or the dealers. Never bought extended warrenties again.

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    I here you Dinu. However, to this point in time the service at Lancaster Toyota Mazda has been Top Box!!! My service advisor, Scott Ruhl is a great guy and to this point, I owe it to him, to try to resolve these problems. It really is not fair to pass judgment until they have a chance to resolve my concerns. Now on with the story....

    Time Line: Late afternoon 2/12/02

    Scott, my service advisor calls me back and leaves the following message on my answering machine...."after investigating the check engine light and the O.D. flashing light, we discovered a problem with the closed canister drain cut valve, it has power and is grounded correctly, however it sometime interminably fails to open properly. We called Mazda and opened a case and we are now authorized to replace this valve. The car is O.K. to drive as is and you can stop buy to pick it up any time. We have ordered the necessary parts and will call you when they come in."

    To Be Continued-
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Time Line: 2/12/02 to the present-

    We picked up the car later that night, the service desks were closed, however the dealership keeps a cashier/receptionist type on to take payment, return keys, etc. regular service hours. She gave us our key back and said there was no paper work or charge. I continued to dive my wife's 2000 PRO-ES for the last week. The check engine light comes on and stays on during longer drives. It turns off after turning off the car and will not light back up until at least 10 miles into a longer drive. It has returned twice. We have not been contacted by our Service Advisor at Lancaster Toyota Mazda since his message on my answering machine last 2/12/02. I will call him Tuesday afternoon.

    Listen, does anyone know what the heck a canister drain cut valve is??? Futhermore, does my service Advisor explanation make any sense to the Mazda regulars here at Town Hall???

    "After further investigating the check engine light and the O.D. flashing light issue, we have discovered a problem with the closed canister drain cut valve, it has power and is grounded correctly, however it sometime interminably fails to open properly. We called Mazda and opened up a warranty case. Mazda has authorized us, to replace this valve and make the required repairs. The car is O.K. to drive as-is and you can stop by to pick it up, any time. We have ordered the necessary parts and will call you to schedule service when they come in."

    aka "LLT"
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