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Mazda Protegé



  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    how was the chat on Thursday???
  • rsparrowrsparrow Posts: 60
    I guess it depends on how you'll be using it. I have a '99 Canadian Protege SE with the 1.6l auto and for the most part, I think it is fine. Fuel economy is reasonably okay too. Of course now I'm thinking like Vocus and am *sorely* tempted to trade-in and get an '01 ES!! You'll just have to test drive. I suppose if you're coming from a V6 it will seem a bit underpowered. I went from an old cramped Corolla so for me everything was only better....But I still find myself looking at the '01 ES and drooling...
  • I just wanted to express my thanks to the people on this board. I had never heard of the S-plan until I logged on--I'm so glad I did. It made buying my 2001 Protege LX 2.0 SO much easier! Again, thanks for all the help.
  • Well. We have our 2001 ES 5 speed. SeaBreeze Green .Wow. We took it up the mountains in upstate New York and it handled like a Pro. Of course that is what it is! I am glad I got the moon roof wind deflector. Gonna put the new Judy Collins CD in soon and listen while I drive to Syracuse. Can't wait! Of course, now we have to sell our 1995 Pro. Probably some worthy college grad would like it. We will ask $4000. Is that fair?
    Has anybody used the S plan lately? We are so...pleased that we looked into that.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Selling the 1995: Go to Edmund's and check the TMV on the car. List it for that price or somewhere around that price. $4000 does sound about right though.

    In-stock Protege ESs for sale in Maryland: I stopped by Russel Mazda on Route 40 in Maryland. They have one Premium Pkg. automatic ES in Millenium Red, one 5-speed no options in M. Red, one automatic no options in Seabreeze, and one additional automatic no options Millenium Red. Also, there was one LX 2.0 on their lot as well, and I think it was Sunlight Silver. Just wanted to let people in the neighborhood looking for an ES that there were some available.

    On another point, I have not seen another ES (or 2001 Protege, to think about it) on the road since I got mine on 2/23/01. I now have 1801 miles on my car and still loving it! :)
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    There is no guarantee, nonetheless, it seems VERY likely, based on recent history, that Mazda USA will extend the $750.00 sales incentive or perhaps "improve" on it. They maintained sales incentives/special financing rates throughout all of last year.

  • aceman56aceman56 Posts: 4
    I'm about to pick up a Protege ES. But a couple of questions. First, I only wanted the ABS brakes and the side air bags, but the only way to get them is to also purchase a moonroof which I didn't want to pay extra for - in the premium pckg.

    Next, I hear its very hard to find an ES without a built-in cassette player - which I also didn't want to pay extra for.
    Is anyone else in this bind?

    Also, whats some of your choices on the color to pick?
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    1999 - pushed Focus like a rocket into the market.

    2001 - Time for the Protege to hit the market..I am sure rebates will continue left and right...

    2 years down the out...
  • Hi everyone,

    I just want to do a quick survey on what people think of the ES interior. I know that a few people have made comments on it already. I've been torn between purchasing an LX with gray interior fabric and normal black gauges and purchasing an ES with the black fabric and the white gauges. I really wish that Mazda offered a choice of ES interior colour.

    At this point, I'm not sure if I'd learn to live with the black ES interior. It's too dark, looks like it can get dirty in a hurry, the pattern on the fabric looks cheesy and cheap to me, and I don't like the white gauges either. However, the LX trim level offers far fewer bells and whistles (particularly here in Canada, where you can't even get things like power windows on the LX at all), and I like bells and whistles.

    For those of you who are like me and aren't too hot on the ES interior, has it been enough to dissuade you from purchasing the ES model? If not, does the interior grow on you after a while?
  • norcannorcan Posts: 72
    Maria22 - I have the 2 litre ES with auto. I am constantly impressed with the acceleration, smoothness and 'brains' the transmission has (post # 878). I have no trouble accelerating from 100kmh to 120kmh for example. Compared to my old Corsica 3.1 litre V6 this car gets up to speed quicker and is much smoother.

    pygmalion - the graduate rebate is a Mazda program that should not affect the price you can negotiate at the dealer. Try contacting Mazda Canada directly for information. At the dealer, get the price finalized and then tell them you want the rebate. If they're on the up and up it shouldn't be an issue.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I like the black interior color, I would rather have it than a light colored interior anyday. My integra's interior was tan and it got dirty easily. The only thing I don't like about the ES interior is the fake aluminum center counsol and I think I am going to paint it black as soon as I figure out how to take it off. Any Pro drivers from the Twin Cities in here? I haven't seen a 2001 yet, but I notice the 1999s and 2000s a lot.
  • norcannorcan Posts: 72
    I am now used to the ES white guages and the red backlight at night. Took a couple of days but now is fine. The dark interior shows dust and all the cat hair I drag into the car with me but it doesn't bother. Obviously I bought the car!

    Does anyone have the cargo net installed? What do you use it for specifically? The one I saw at the dealer would not really hold groceries or even prevent them from moving around. Is it worth $74 + tax?
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    I feel your pain, my friend. I have NEVER used the cassette player in my Protege, I sold all my cassettes in a yard sale last year, lol! In defense of Mazda, they don't sell a ton of Protege's, in comparison to say, the Corolla, Focus or Civic. Mazda does try to configure the different optional equipment in "groups" that appeal to different shoppers. Most of the "mass" auto manufactures do the same to a lesser extent, (build more cars offer, more equipment options). Alex, the cassette player and power moonroof options will set you back roughly $975.00 or so. However, they will definitely increase the appeal and value of your PRO-ES at re-sale/trade-in time. I own two, 2000 Protege's with power moonroofs and absolutely love this option. I am 6'1" and the moonroof does not negatively effect head room for me. We have 20,000 miles on our PRO-ES's and have had zero problems with the moonroof or anything else, for that matter!

    If you need the ABS and side air bags and don't wish to bite the bullet on the cost of the moonroof/cassette player optional equipment, you should speak to a sales manager. A top box Mazda dealership should be able to find out if there are any other options. I do not think you can "custom order" most Japanese imports like you can domestics. If I remember correctly, you can ask your local Mazda dealership to contact Mazda USA. Mazda will search for your preferred model, color, and options in their inventory of incoming stock from Japan, for a match with your desired vehicle config. I believe your local dealer will ask for a small deposit ($250 or so, is customary) and have Mazda USA divert that vehicle to their list of incoming cars.

    Alex, we are all on a budget, just ask my wife, hehe! However, the $750.00 custmer sales incentive will almost pay for the moonroof/cassette options. BTW, you will not be sorry you purchased a Protege, my friend. Zoom Zoom Zoom.

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Changes come in twos, right everybody? Well, to go along with the new baby, who's still 10 weeks away from entering this world, Meade also has added a NEW JOB to the pile of changes going on in his life!

    Instead of working in an 80-year-old streetcar maintenance shop doing PR work for the local transit company, I now (effective April 2) will be Public Relations Manager for the Richmond Metropolitan Authority, the local authority that oversees Richmond's toll roads and "The Diamond," home of the minor-league Richmond Braves! (Free tickets, I hope ...)

    So besides extra money, what are the benefits?

    For me:

    - 11th floor office with a window overlooking downtown and the James River! (Sure beats a second-floor window overlooking a bus maintenance yard)
    - More flexible work hours
    - Lower-cost health, dental and vision
    - Power, prestige and importance :)

    For my beloved Protege:

    - his own, free spot in a new parking deck
    - no more tolls - I work for the toll collector!!!

    ZOOM ZOOMMMMMMM!!!! I'll let everybody know my new e-mail address after I make the move. My last day here at this job and address is Friday, March 30.

    Now maybe you'll understand why I've been so vacant on this topic lately! Busy with painting, baby stuff purchasing and JOB INTERVIEWING!!!

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Let me be the first to offer their congratulations, my friend!!! Great job!!! ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! Yea baby!!! Hey, can I borrow a couples of bucks from you, until next payday, hehe.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Meade: Congrats on the new job. The extra money will definitely come in handy when the baby comes. Just to intice you a little, all 2001 Proteges come with the LATCH/ISOFIX child seat restraints in back, as well as INTEGRATED upper anchors for the seatbelts (look neater to me).

    Black ES interior: Mine has the black interior, and I notice it gets hotter than hell inside when the sun is out (my car is black, too though). It also collects little pieces of paper and stuff too, but it's gonna be alot cleaner than the gray I used to have in my DX (mats were shot after 6 months).

    Cassette player: It only costs $150 for the cassette and I am sure if you threw a big enough fit about it, the dealer would eat the cost. I like the dual playback option though, because I still have some cassettes I listen to.

    Cargo net: I went to Pep Boys and got a cargo net from them for $17 or so. I am having it installed in my car when I go for the first oil change, at $35. Total of like $50, which is better than $75.

    Protege durability: Before my 2001 ES, I had a 1999 DX automatic model that I basically beat the crap out of and commuted 104 miles a day in without a problem. I had a little shift issue (never resolved), and the CD player used to like to hold onto the CDs longer than I thought it should. For all the miles and abuse that car took (used to hit redline almost every shift), it held up extremely well. Only a little squeak in the door panel when traded at 37,800 miles, so that isn't bad at all.

    ES color: I liked the Seabreeze when I saw it, and I have black. Black is hot inside sometimes, and hard to keep clean though I don't mind washing it. :) The Millenium red is nice too. I didn't like my 1999 silver DX after getting it, because nicks in the paint and bumpers show up very easily. But you couldn't go wrong with any of the colors on the Protgee palette.

    Happy driving! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!! :)
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Congrats to you Meade. The clincher to your new job must have been the fact that you took your Prote to the job interview. They can see success coming down the road.

    Cassette Deck:
    6 months ago I thought they were a waste, but then I started to get books on tape for my commute. Now, since I am stuck in this DX for two months, I have no cassette and I'm bummin'. My wife keeps asking if I have listened to my birthday presents yet, and I just have to give a tearful response.

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    I know you told us what happened, but I can't remember what you said? Sooo, what happened to your PRO-ES?

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    My lease was up and my next vehicle is not due in until the end of April(at least). Fortunately/unfortunately my next vehicle will be a B3000 Dual Sport. I need a truck for all those runs to Home Depot doing projects to keep the queen happy. However, the Protege always has a place in my heart and I'll make sure that I spend a weekend in one from time to time.

  • I just used the dealer installed cargo net for the first time. I put two bags of groceries in it and they held fast for the 10 mile trip home. I like it. The next time, I will try a gallon of milk; the ultimate test!
    Love the cassette player. Judy Collins rules...
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