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Mazda Protegé



  • There is an excellent article, on H rated touring tires, in the most recent edition of Consumer Reports. I recommend reading the article, not just the graph/results. I am re thinking the idea of sticking with the tires that came with my ES.
  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048

    What are you thinking about instead?
  • I will have to reference the article to answer your question. I remember being impressed with the one that rated an "A" in cornering, and a "B" in stopping; instead of the two that rated visa versa. I'll try to remember to bring it in tomorrow, but I still recommend reading the whole article - useful, general, tire info.
  • In catching up on some of the postings, for the last two weeks, I noticed one stating that the Pro is under powered. That perception is lost on the drivers that want to goad me into a street race.
  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    You know, my 11 month old daughter thinks I can run really fast.

    When you need to get up to highway speeds on a extremely short entrance ramp, does it matter if it's a Honda Civic or a Porsche 911 turbo that is about to rear-end you?

    Actually it does - the Porsche has better brakes.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I dunno, maybe they are looking for an easy kill? Doesn't make sense to me either. When I had my 5.0L, slower cars always wanted to race. Why? I don't know, but it was fun.
  • A Protege might be underpowered to somebody who is used to driving faster cars. However, somebody coming out of a Geo Metro would feel that the Protege 2.0 was downright fast.
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    I have no problem merging, getting in front of someone if my lane ends, and passing on country roads. Now a 5spd PRO will be much better at this (shift into 4th and see the tach run above 4500), but even my auto does the job.

    Previous car: 93 Civic with a whooping 106 hp.

    Still happy with the PRO 15mths and 45.000kms (28.000miles) later :)

  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I am used to driving much faster cars and I don't think the Protege is underpowered. "Underpowered" is a relative term. Underpowered compared to my old 5.0L? Yeah. Underpowered compared to a Civic EX? Hardly. The cars that have more power in the Protege's class don't interest me. What? I could get a Dodge Neon. I could get a homely, rear beam axle havin', built in Mexico Sentra SE-R. I could get a Hyundai, or how about a Cavalier Z24? Hmmm... Heck, even the Toyota Corolla is faster but NONE of them are a Protege. They all have at least one thing about them that really sucks.
  • I have to echo one of Fowler's remarks on the subject. Yes I have a digital gauge with a life long lithium battery. But the head is angled , which means if you don't get it positioned right over the valve, which I can never seem to do, you let about 3 pounds out.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    I had a Greaaaaaat time this weekend driving my PRO over the windy and misty roads of the Appalachian Mountain Range. I was up at Wellsboro,PA - home to the Grand Canyon of PA.

    Mileage: 31 miles/gallon with AC on.

    I had my AC on all the time for my 5 hour trip(each way) to prevent fogging my windows due to the 100% humidity and trunk full of luggage.

    This is really a miracle because on my last long trip,couple of months back, which was on plain jane flat roads, my Pro averaged not more than 27mi/gl.

    So what was different this time?

    Hey....I have a new transmission in my car.

    Wow!! never thought my pro would break the 30mi/gl barrier, especially when the advertised mi/gl on my car was 24/29 -- city/hghwy.
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    But isn't the Civic EX "faster" than the Pro in an all out "who's faster" comparison. I mean why argue between two cars which only have just enough power to get out of their own way.
    I mean look at the C&D 10 car comparison. Looks like the Hyundai is the speedster, absolutely killing the others. Maybe the Hyundai should have been the one with the "V" rated tires instead of the Aerio and Protege.
    Or the Corolla, near lowest hp fastest times and near Protege handling numbers on 65 series "S" rated tires.
    The underpowered argument is all relative.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    It matters if it's a Civic or Porsche that's gonna rear-end you. You will get a better settlement from the Porsche driver! :) Just kidding.
  • My Pro can cruise happily at 80mph, climb mountain passes in the coast range at 70mph without kicking down into 3rd (it's an auto), and get on the freeway with no drama. It may not be extremely fast, but it's not underpowered.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I used to have trouble merging in my DX Protege with the AC on. The ES was a little better, but not great. I had always had big V6s in my cars though, so going to a 4 was a change. The DX Pro did have better pickup than the Cavalier.

    I won't bother to compare my current car with the Protege, since the turbo is (of course) going to make it alot faster.
  • absolutely unbearably slow with more than two people in the car. With just one, the power is adequate. It's the only thing I really dislike about my car.
  • I agree the 1.6 is a little "challenged" (I had a '99 affectionately known as "the gutless wonder"!). The 2.0 liter is fine and all those maneuvers I described were with the a/c on.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    "They all have at least one thing about them that really sucks."

    I looked at most of them before buying the 01 Pro LX, in MHO, they had ten or more things that sucked. Some times I wonder if the Japanese don't make most of these small cars for undersized people, not average USA folks.

    the_big_H, hope you are keeping your head down when you buy gas!

  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    hiding inside the car while pumping gas!
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    The tires also aid in the Pro's excellent handling. You could stick on tires that are not as low-profile with a lesser speed rating, but the P195/55R15's (at least on my LX 2.0) aren't just about speed rating. Handling, handling, and handling.
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