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2013 Hyundai Sonata Steering Issue - Vehicle Wanders



  • joto1000joto1000 Posts: 22
    Glad I could help .Just make sure that they don't tell you otherwise. The Sonata's are pre-programmed to steer in comfort mode. There are three modes to select from once the tech hooks it up to the diagnostic machine, comfort, normal and sport. You want sport mode which tightens up the steering considerably. Good luck!!
  • As a Hyundai Platinum Technician for many years I can say that this thread is technically incorrect. Yes you can Change the settings in "Motor Driven Power Steering" but not like described in this thread. The setting is to tell the EPS (electric power steering) module what trim level the unit is installed in. Settings are GLS, GE, and Sport. Yes it will change the steering feel like described but not as a "personality" setting but as an installed setting. Feel changes due to pre-programmed settings internal to the EPS module that give it the ability to be installed into different vehicles with different tire and wheel packages, depending on trim. I.E. a Sonata Turbo with 225/45R18 wheel/tires installed will have different setting/feel as compared to a base Sonata with 205/65R16 combo installed. With all this being said, this is not a warrantable repair/correction but is a modification to the vehicle and is not factory correct. Just thought I would clear up what this setting is, its not like the system installed in the 2013 Santa Fe which gives the driver the ability to change the "personality" setting with a press of the button on the steering wheel.
  • pdo850pdo850 Posts: 1
    My dealer and the Hyundai 800 number folks deny ther is a software setting to select one of 3 modes. Can you tell me the dealership that fixed yours or the name of the service advisor who did it? I'd like to speak with them to get my dealer to fix mine.


  • Pete, please see my previous post. It's not a software selection or a fix. What it is, it's a option selection that is selected by a technician when installing a new module into a vehicle. It "tells" the new module what trim level Sonata it is being installed in. It is not a "ride" setting not is it a "fix" to anything. Hope this helps.
  • joto1000joto1000 Posts: 22
    It is a steering option in the software. The modes are comfort, normal and sport. Sport is what you want as the current setting is comfort which
    "In Comfort mode, the steering effort is much lighter, with a looser on-center feel. Hyundai says Comfort mode comes in handy for the long boring cruises or for situations when a higher-speed road is heavily crowned."

    The service advisor that did fix my steering issue is located at Auffenberg Hyundai in O'fallon, IL, Kevin Quayle. He can be reached at 618-589-1354. Your service advisor is obviously not doing his research. All he would need to do is contact his Hyundai engineer rep and they would tell him the same. Let me know how it goes.
  • joto1000joto1000 Posts: 22
    Just a heads up that it did fix my steering issue and it was a software selection that the dealer can adjust. I did not have a new module installed. I now have better handling and a tighter on center feel.
  • It doesn't "fix" anything, just changes the setup in the module to fool it that it is in a different vehicle with a different wheel/tire combo. You don't have to install a new module to do it rather set the "correct" vehicle when installing a new one. The options (as stated before) are GL, GLS, and sport. Which are YF (Sonata) trim levels. In essence by changing the setting you are "fooling" the module that's it's in a different car. You where just unhappy with the "feel" before the change but with the new setting selected its a "feel" you are more used to coming from a hydronic power steering which had "slop" where an electric does not and the second the steering angle sensor sees an input (in degrees) left or right the electric motor will assist. I knew I shouldn't of posted here because blog people always know more then the experts...
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    Re: All these comments,etc.
    How will making a change in the "software" affect the warranty? or will
    everything be OK ? It would seem to me that that change should not make any difference, but if you are speaking as a "company man", I would like to know what you say about it.

  • As this is considered a modification and not a repair would not be covered under warranty. As to affecting future warranty can't say 100% as that is above my pay grade, but it should not affect anything unless you have a direct issue with the module itself. I'm not a "company man" just Master (Platinum) Technician with Hyundai for the past 7 years...
  • joto1000joto1000 Posts: 22
    In my experience, if something is causing abnormal tire wear and posing a significant safety risk, as this steering issue has been widely reported by many consumers, I don'tsee why it would not be considered a repair. My dealer happily changed my setting without charge. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before a recall is issued for this engineering screw up.
  • Driver feel or perception is not an "engineering screw-up". As stated before, hydro-driven power steering as compared to electric-driven power steering are two totally different feels. electric is instant input/instant assist. in other words if a driver has a tendency to hold a steering when with slight pressure left or right the system will attempt to assist. Changing the trim level option to different vehicle other then installed may lead to other issues or lack of assist when needed, which in turn creates a possible safety concern. as to tire wear, there is no way this setting can affect or help. aggressive driving is the lead cause to premature tire wear or lack of rotation a close second. But I digress and concede that I am a lonely Master Tech and blogs are the true experts...
  • joto1000joto1000 Posts: 22
    This is not perception that we are talking about, this is reality. I hate to sound redundant, but when multiple drivers are reporting the same safety issue with being all over the road and tire wear occurring at a premature rate, then that is what I consider a serious flaw in the design of this vehicle. This has nothing to do with aggressive driving as I have been driving for many years with zero problem with premature tire wear on any other vehicle. When one constantly has to compensate (left and right) for the car drifting then that would account for added tire wear as you are increasing the amount of surface area hitting the pavement. The change in trim level to "sport" actually helped to assist in keeping the car on the straight and narrow, when all it took before was a slight cross-wind to knock you into the next lane. My personal feeling is that they should either include the steering mode button on all of their vehicles or get rid of the "comfort" steering mode which is defaulted for the GLS models. Just my thoughts and thanks for your feedback as it is appreciated, but taken with a grain of salt (respectfully) since you are a Hyundai tech trained to sway owners from thinking there's something wrong with their vehicle.
  • I give up, because obviously you are missing the point of what this setting is. Further more I am not a "company man" I am in the business of making money, and to do that I need to fix and or repair vehicles or I don't get paid. With that said, if what the nonsense that you believe in your mind is a fix and or repair and it will satisfy you, I will gladly tell you that it is a fix for you. What you have missed is now your steering is set wrong for the vehicle that it is in, FYI just corrected one yesterday that was improperly set for the incorrect trim and the system did not operate correctly. Now that is a safety concern, at least for me, but who am I to say. I'm just a lonely expert who works on hundreds of YF's (Sonatas) in a given month at a high volume dealer and not a "Blog-Expert"...
  • missisudzmissisudz Posts: 1
    Well I am at the dealer for the third time to try and solve the drifting of my sonata all over the road.
    We had the mode changed to sport, we had the tires checked and the wheels aligned but the problem persists. Its so bad that My drive to NY from Fl was terrifying. Now the dealer is telling me that there is nothing wrong with my car and that they can not help me!

    It is less then 30 days since I purchased this vehicle and I want something done about it because I do not feel safe when I am in this car.
  • joto1000joto1000 Posts: 22
    Well that stinks. You may want to see if they can change your setting to Normal mode to see if that works. The change fixed my steering probs. Although, after buying two new tires after 12000 miles, the other two that came with the car are making extremely loud noises at highway speeds like a belt is off. If it's not one thing!
  • civic2001civic2001 Posts: 30
    I have been reading all these wandering / warranty discussions with interest. I recently bought a 2013 Sonata GLS. The car does go straight on an open highway. However, I do feel it requires a fair amount of attention in holding onto the steering wheel. It seems I have to constantly making adjustments. The Platinum Technician at the dealership drove the car with me and concluded it is mainly due to the EPS design. This is the first car I own with this design so I have no prior experience. He acknowledged there are different settings they could change. He also suggests to give some time. If still not comfortable, they can try a different setting.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    Since the car does go straight on the highway, I think "give some time" is good advice. I drove a 2010 Sentra with slushy EPS for over two years before getting a 2013 Sonata for my wife. So I had already made the adjustment to the different feel of EPS. And the Sonata's steering feel is much better than that of the Sentra (which I no longer have, lease was up earlier this month).
  • joto1000joto1000 Posts: 22
    I wouldn't wait too long. I had to replace my front tires after only 12000 miles because of the constanct corrections that I had to make to the steering. I had them change my setting to Sport mode which resolved that issue... now I'm having transmission issues!!
  • civic2001civic2001 Posts: 30
    Thanks for all your suggestions.

    I will try to get used to Sonata EPS system. It is most noticeable when there seems to exhibit a "lack of feel" a few degrees left or right from center (hard to describe). If still not comfortable in three weeks, I will ask the dealership to change the mode.

    Various posts suggest the three modes are Comfort, Normal, and Sport. Yet there is also a post stating the choices are GLS, GE, and Sport. I assume they are equivalent. Most said the Sport mode provides a tighter grip and do seem to resolve the issue. Would Normal mode also work?

    Regardless whether this change from Comfort to Sport is a warranty/repair or modification topic, if the change really does resolve this wandering concern, then it is worth it in my mind.
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    a 2011 Sonata w/16s and 3K on a 2013 w/ 17" wheels.
    No steerage issues with either.
    Khumos & Michelins
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