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Ford Focus Recalls and TSBs

silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
Go to and you can search their Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) and recall databases by year, make and model - and even refine your search by system (such as "brakes" or "A/C"). You will find quite a few duplicate entries under the TSB section, but you also might uncover evidence of a bulletin that you can bring to the attention of your service advisor.

Currently, the recall database contains six recalls affecting the 2000 Focus - keep in mind that some (like the rear wiring harness recall) do not apply to the hatchback.


  • silver bullet, Very good info.

    Also, I think that most of the recalls have been voluntary on Fords part. Nothing forced by the nhtsa.
  • Is anyone else having the same problems with their ZX3? I had my car for 3 whole hours before I had to get a tow truck. I took the key out of the ignition and the whole ignition came out with it. It took Ford 2 weeks to get a replacement part. I have had the car successfully for 4 weeks now and again I am having trouble with the ignition switch. Now my key only goes in part way. The tow truck driver said that this was the 8th Focus he has had to tow with the same problem.
    It is now in the shop again for an unspecified period of time. I am beginning to regret buying a Ford from my usual Chrysler.
  • Maureen9,
    Considering what the tow truck driver told you, I think it is something that should be reported on the nhtsa site. The instructions are there to tell you how to do it. I havn't had the problem, (yet).
  • I have not been able to get the fuel gauge to read "full", even if I top off the tank. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Hi,

    I have not had the problem yet but my brother has. In his case, the garage kept the car a couple of days. His key wouldn't go back into the ignition once he had removed it. They had to drill the old one out. The tow driver said he'd seen 3 just that month (January).

  • I called the dealership yesterday(Monday). They told me that I was going to take 3 days for my part to come in. But my car was towed in Thursday at 9am,last week. Should the part not have been ordered that day? And should the part not have been in by Monday, giving me my car back? What's with Ford? This is the second time that this has happened to me since I bought the car. I only picked it up December 29th, 2000. Enough is enough. I will never, ever buy another Ford product!!! Does anyone know if I have any options? I do not want this car any more. My second payment isn't even due yet.
  • If you read through the warranty section of your manual, you'll see information regarding the chain of command at Ford. If the service manager won't help you, try the dealership general manager. No luck? Contact the zone representative for your region and call OwnerConnection and rattle a few cages. Your dealership should have placed a priority rush order for your part - although that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to arrive overnight. Thanks to Ford's "lean and mean" approach to manufacturing, the part may not be in stock - Ford might have to order parts from the OEM. I know what you mean about never wanting to buy another Ford product. Corporate short-sightedness like this is going to kill the domestic car business yet... and I'm amazed you've had better luck with Chryslers!
  • It's a very dangerous statement. I don't care what problems you have with Ford, you can also have them with General Motors, Chrysler, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, Toyota, Subrau, Nissan, and even Rolls Royce. When you say Ford, do you mean Ford or a independant Ford dealership. Don't blame Ford for a bad dealership, but do let Ford know what you think of the Dealership. And ask your friends with Fords what their experiences have been with their dealerships and pick a new one to deal with.
  • zx3beastzx3beast Posts: 661
    i do blame ford for the bad dealership because they sold them the faulty products and set-up the poor delivery system of needed parts.
    the dealer is also at the mercy of the factory,which is ford. so yes,by all
    means the blame begins with ford. i can tell you that ford rushed the
    launching of the focus and escape. you can bet they are still apologizing
    to the dealers. there is a good reason why the new t-bird has taken so
    long to come to market,also the new explorer. they dont want to repeat the same mistakes. unfortunately, for a lot of us we werent part of the
    rethinking live,you learn, sometimes.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    Get your money back.

    In the most states 20-30 days out of service (not necessarily all at the same time) will qualify your car as a lemon. Or two or more visits to the dealer for the same defect.

    Check out your state lemon law.

  • this happened a few weeks after my son purchased his focus last march. there was a recall of it
    later, but he went to dealership right away: there was something wrong with the fuel pump and they had to replace it. you might have the same thing. like i said, there was a recall later. it was all day repair.
  • Only because dealership wanted it to be a all day repair. That way they could do other work around it.

    Out of all the recalls the foci zx3 has had none of them have been all day affairs. I waited and had my z back within the hour. Only time it was kept overnight was while dealer was waiting for wheelbearing and spindle. And then I had z back next afternoon. Plus they gave me a loaner. And they have offered me a loaner each time I have been in for the recalls.
  • Well, my Focus ZX3 was towed to the dealership February 15. It is now February 26 and no sign of my car being repaired. Unfortunately, I am in Canada and we are wimps when it comes to Lemon Laws. The dealership is being great about the whole thing. So far they have given me the option of keeping my Z or trading it in for another car. They did not specify whether it would be another Z or anything else on the lot with a comparative value. I really like my Z but I am afraid that my payments will outlive my car.
    They want to keep our business because I bought the car from the dealership that my trucking company leases all of our trucks from. I don't know if they are sucking up because of this or not. Anyway, thanks for listening. I hope no one else has this problem.
  • You do fleet business with them? I'd hit them up for a new car - FREE. If they want you to keep leasing trucks from them, they need to get with the program and make you a happy customer.
  • I agree. But I don't think that they will give me the truck that I really want. Today is day 23 of my broken down car! Canada really has to develop Lemon Laws like the U.S. They only Ford that I have had any luck with was my '71 Mustang. I spoke to my rep at the dealership and he offered me (in jest) another '71 Mustang. Oh, to dream.
  • zx3beastzx3beast Posts: 661
    had car at dealer on saturday, seems ford will replace squeaky rear brake shoes at no charge, these are a new design. they are also replacing what they are calling a fuel injector switch, this is in response to the 2000 rpm stumble. there may or may not be a recall
    for these issues. if you have these issues with your vehicle , ask your dealer to remedy usual,i have a parts wait.
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Posts: 516
    May not be a recall persay, but should be covered by a TSB and placed in the class of a secret recall. Interesting they finally found something, especially something to do with fuel injectors.
  • maureen9maureen9 Posts: 8
    I happened to be talking to a mechanic at a local Ford dealership (he was trying to place a courier pick up for parts going back for warranty work)and he told me that there was another recall coming. He told me that Ford was having a real problem with, yes you guessed it, the ignition switch. I guess I found out the hard way. But I still love my ZX3. Ford, however, is another story.
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Posts: 516
    Maybe it's only on the Califorina models.
  • cgsangelcgsangel Posts: 79
    If there's a recall on this, I hope they get it out soon. I mean, the recalls for seatback hinges and A pillars are one thing... but wheels and ignition switches :(

    I haven't had any problems with my ignition switch yet, but I know of someone who was left stranded because of that. It's like he knows his Ford hotline phone number by heart now :(

    We'll all be watching this forum for updates.

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