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Ford Focus Recalls and TSBs



  • zeteczetec Posts: 2
    My Focus Zetec just developed the same fault
    Did you ever find a soloution
  • Other sites have recommended a locksmith in San Diego that will pin a cylinder based on a digital photo and ship it to you, with instructions for less than $100. I was skeptical at first, but was pleasantly suprised when they came through with a working replacement at my doorstep in 2 days. If you have nut drivers, a T20 torx driver, a small slotted screw driver, and half of a brain, you can replace it in less than 30 minutes.
  • i have a 2001 wagon with 40K on it and I started smelling a burnt oil smell in the car especially when the heater is on and I'm in stop and go traffic. Anyone else have similar problems? i replace the valve cover gasket about 2 months ago and it hasn't helped.

    thanks for any input you might have.

    best regards,
  • conanhconanh Posts: 5
    I dont think the tumbler likes too much weight on it. I got to the point of just having the one car key on the ring and I havent had a problem after that.
  • Greetings,
    Just happened on this thread and thought I'd offer some balance. My 03 ZTW has had (see subject...) Awesome car. Sorry to hear about you folks having issues, I, apparently, got a gem. Oh, only have 40K on it in NoDak and FL.
  • Can I put a twin cam motor into an SE that had a SOHC?
  • Has anybody been having any transmission problems with their focus ? I've got a 2000 wagon with 117xx miles on it.Coming home today it started reving up.It did this at least 6 times in 25 miles.Can't tell if it's trans. or electric problem.
  • I believe that you and I might be having the same problem with our cars. I own a 2001 ford focus SE sedan, with 180,xxx miles and for the past several months there has been an intermitten problem; while driving down the road the car momentarily shifts nito a lower gear, causing the rpm's to increase by about 1000rpm's, then it shifts back into the correct gear. I do alot of hi-way driving so I experience this problem mostly when I'm drivng at around 70mph, but I have also noticed it in town when driving 30mph.
    Much like you stated I can't tell if this is a transmission problem or electrical. I have sent the car to a transmission shop, while they had it, the car would not act up. I have also since then taken it back because it was acting up, I happened to be close to the transmission shop pulled in, did not turn the car off, got the owner to go for a ride with me, and then the car ran fine. So far I have had the car scanned for codes twice, and codes are found. I have also had a sensor replace to see if that would fix my problem; it did not.
    If this sound like your problem let me know, I'm trying to figure this out, I'll let you know what I find. David
  • I am hearing a noise, sounds like an ehaust pipe knocking on the right front side of the car most of the time i go over even the slightest bump-at low speeds. seems not to happen if it is very cold outside. i had it checked out and was told it was probably the right tie rod so i had it replaced and aligned-the noise is still there. now i am told that the noise is coming form the front strut- the vehicle handles well, no bouncing, no dipping on corners, etc- just that noise at speeds at 0-30 kph. any one out there have the same problem, it will cost about $700 to replace the front strut assemblies and i don't want the same noise after the work is done. this is a 2001 focus with 138 km on it
  • zeteczetec Posts: 2
    Had this noise from my 2001 UK focus.
    Turned out to be the anti-roll bar link.

    This bolts from the Shock to the end of the rollbar
    It Has a ball and socket on each end shrouded by a rubber "boot"
    If this boot gets torn or ripped dirt and grit gets into the balljoint
    and can causes wear - causing it to rattle.
    Lucky it is cheap and easy to replace.
  • I have a 2003 Focus SE. I bought it brand new and the switch is wearing a groove
    on the end of the key. I went to the dealer last year and showed them what it was doing. They said eventually that I would have to replace it. I asked if there was a recall on it and they said no ,that it would cost about $300.00 .
  • Yes, I have a 2001 Focus with power windows. I have replaced 1 each plastic piece that is the window is the piece that holds the glass secure while the window rolls up and down....(cheap part) but not cheap to replace...Thusfar I have replaced that particular part on 3 windows....each time I took it to the dealer the manager said "the rubber needs cleaning"....thennnnn when I would leave it would still "screech" and of course at different times each window finally broke (that piece I was telling you about) and then I had to go back to the dealer again...the manager just laughed and said "what are YOU doing to these windows to make them all break?"....Not funny!
  • I also have problems with the transmission jurking when riding down the highway,doesn't matter what speed you are going. It will jurk without warning.I took it to the dealer when it first started in 2005 and exsplained the problem to them.I asked them to put it on the computer and try to find out the problem. All they did was hop in the car and drive it for two miles and come back telling me that they didn't find anthing wrong. One year went by and the jurking started getting worse. It didn't do it all the time, just once or twice a month. In 2007 I took it back complaining that the problem was getting worse. They test drove it again ,and nothing was wrong they said. So I kept on taking it back, and nothing was done. Early last year I took it for an oil change and to have the transmission fluid change.I bought a manual for the car and looked through it,searching for where the pcv valve would be located.The reason why is, I know that the pcv valve has something to do with the transmission changing gears, don't know exactly what yet because I haven't gotten that far in my schooling yet. But I found out that the pcv valve has a filter located in the air filter box at the very bottom in the left corner on the 2003 models. You will have to check the manual for different models. It is about a 1 inch by 1 inch foam spongy like square filter. You can only get the filter from the Ford dealership and they will have to order it.I got and changed the filter and so far I haven't had anymore problems out of it yet. I don't know how often that it is suppost to be changed because noone at the dealership knows[ some mechanic]. SORRY FOR RAMBLING BUT MAYBE THAT WILL HELP SOMEONE IF THEY RUN INTO THE SAME PROBLEM.
  • I have the same engine is shot and would like to put a D.O.H.C. engine my focus has a S.O.H.C. in it.
    Cane this be done and have you done it? thanks
  • marked1marked1 Posts: 15
    I own 03 focus se model. Ignition switch doesn't bother me yet. Just wanted to replace it before it quits on me. For some reason i can't remove the lock cylinder.
    I removed steering column covers, turned steering wheel 90 degrees to the right, turned key in acc position, located small hole in the ignition switch housing- I don't
    see small button inside the hole to press.
    Any ideas, please advise
  • I have a 2001 Focus SE....Have had 2 previous issues with the ignition locking and was unable to turn it to start the vehicle...I am able to insert the key but unable to start the vehicle based upon the locking issue...I have been told from a local locksmith this can be resolved by drilling out the tumbler (gutting it, less costly) and or replacing the ignition (more costly)...took it to the local dealer and they (acted as tho they had not heard of this problem) also quoting $464 to replace the ignition...I checked my other spare keys (3) (which I had to pay for since they only sold the vehicle with 1 key to me) and I requested which key had the PATS II computer programming to start the vehicle and they said they cannot tell if the key has been programmed for my vehicle and yet I had it programmed at this dealership?....Meanwhile I frustratingly insert the key and tap it gently to allow the key to actually unlock and function....this is only a temporary fix...Ford needs to initiate an actual RECALL and replace this defective part...
  • terryxbterryxb Posts: 2
    Check this out. Very common and it can be done much cheaper then quoted. DIY
  • Thank you so very much for this information...I certainly appreciate it.
  • My experience is much like Ed's -- during slow turns it'll ping, almost like a spring is twanging -- but I don't notice it in the gentle turns on the highway.

    It also makes the noise when I go over a bump in the road, but otherwise handling hasn't been affected.

    I'd much rather not face a steep repair bill, like Ed. -- any thoughts? (And thanks for the help!)
  • conanhconanh Posts: 5
    I have had a check engine light on for a year now. The code is engine lean bank one. I have had smoke test done on this car and replaced two O2 sensors. And still no luck. Where I live it will not pass the emissions test so soon I will not be able to drive my car. Has anyone have the same problem.
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