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2013 Odyssey vs 2013 Sienna vs 2013 Town And Country



  • jimboy2jimboy2 Posts: 12
    Good for you...congratulations.....soon you'll realize that you made the right decision

    ...just maintain your van and drive it the right way...when i bought my 2001 pontiac montana se ext in 2001 the reviews made by edmunds as compared to that of odyssey and previa (sienna) was not good but fortunately my montana had passed the test of time now at 250,000 km (156,250 mi) with the same never been repaired 3.4 liter engine and auto-transmission while my neighbours 2002 honda odyssey's auto-transmission failed at 150,000 kms (93750 mi) that cost him almost $4000.I'm still using my montana during winter time and my newer 2011 town and country touring after winter.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    I normally never buy extended warranties. But with all the features in our Odyssey Touring, it made sense to me. I went with a 5yr 60K mile bumper to bumper Hondacare warranty for $611. I shopped around online and brought in two quotes and the dealer beat them. We usually keep vehicles 5-7 years and around 50-70K miles so this warranty seemed adequate (although I have sold problem vehicles within 3 yrs 30K miles). It is also transferrable if we decide to sell before 5 yrs 60K.

    My wife really loves the 13 Odyssey vs our 06. It is so much quieter and really has more of a luxurious feel. The kids love it too. My daughter already has some juice boxes stored in the built-in cooler. I suspect this is our last minivan (if I have my say at least) and the next vehicle will be an SUV.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    edited April 2013
    Well I just got rid of a 2005 DGC that also had bad reviews. Kept it 8 1/2 years and only replaced the windshield washer bottle for a crack in it and a wire broke a few months ago that pulled down the two back legs into the floor when the right side rear seat was stowed. Not bad for a peice of junk. As a matter of fact because the 2005 was so trouble free, I just bought a 2013 Chrysler Touring L. It has got everything I ever wanted on a mini van, plus. Almost all the things Admunds, Consumer Report and others complained about has been addressed. Has a new engine that has been rated one of the 10 best in the world for two years in a row. From what I hear, it's even faster than the Honda and Toyota mini vans. It has almost every kind of safety feature you could want on a mini van. While it only seats 7 instead of 8, I have never even had 7 in my vans yet and I have been a mini van owner for over 8 years.

    While others can talk up the Toyota and Honda, have fun. Pay those thousands more to get what the Chrysler has. You still won't have stow-go. You won't have all the storage I have. In most cases, you'll have to pay extra to have those bigger items delivered that I can get in my minivan. While some may say they'll make up for the difference in paying the higher price for their Honda or Toyota come trade in time. As long as I keep my vehicles, trade in value will be a mute point. My last two cars before my 2005 mini van, I kept for over 11 years. I would have kept the Dodge longer, but I fell in love with this Chrysler TC L and I couldn't beat the price I got it for.

    The inside of my new Chrysler takes a back seat to none as far as looks and fit and finish. It has a great console in it with all kinds of storage.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    edited April 2013
    Well resale value is very real. And while you may not care, most people do (and should). Case in point with my 2006 Odyssey I sold. I shopped heavily back in 2006 and the Town and Country Touring model and Odyssey EX-L were considered (along with the Sienna XLE). Price wise, my Honda cost about $2200 more than the similarly equipped T&C Touring model (the Sienna was within about $1K of the Honda).

    Here are the trade in value for a 2006 Odyssey EX-L vs a 2006 T&C Touring:
    2006 Odyssey EX-L w/65000 miles = $13,400
    2006 T&C Touring w/65000 miles = $7400

    I got these numbers via with a "good" trade in condition for both. Pretty big difference in price there, and you can see the Honda holds their value much better over time and you make up the savings when you buy at resale. Honda comes out even further ahead if you sell privately. Reliability is a factor, but all those fleet sales on the Chrysler and Dodge vans (about 60% of their sales are fleet) are the killer. It pulls the value drastically down.

    If you keep your vehicles for 12+ years, probably does not matter as much. If you are like me and keep them 5-9 years or less, the resale value is not something to overlook.

    As for acceleration, you are correct that the T&C and Caravan has the terrific Pentastar engine, that has more output than the Honda or Toyota vans, but the problem is their transmission is not as efficient with shift ratios. Per Edmunds:
    "In Edmunds testing, the Town & Country accelerated from zero to 60 mph in 8.3 seconds, about a half-second slower than the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna."

    The Odyssey also gets better MPG. So quicker, and better gas mileage :)

    If you are someone that constantly is hauling things and needs to take out the second row seats, stow and go system is a big plus for Dodge/Chrysler, IMHO. But, again, there are trade-offs. You lose a third seat in the second row (Toyota and Honda can seat up to 8 adults, Chrysler and Dodge 7) and another drawback is the 2nd row seats are not as comfortable as the Honda or Toyota because they are thinner to support stow and go. Since I might remove the second row seats from my minivan to haul things maybe 3 times a year tops, I would prefer the more comfortable seats and the option to seat 8. With three young kids and hauling friends and neighbors that extra seat gets more use for me than stow and go would. Trade-offs.

    One trade-off my wife refused to make was safety ratings, and the Odyssey got a better overall score than any other minivan out there.

    Chrysler definitely made some big improvements starting in 2011, but so did the other players.

    Buy what fits your needs and makes the most sense.
  • jimboy2jimboy2 Posts: 12
    Honda cars are a piece of junk.A neighbor's 2002 Honda Odyssey with around 150,000 kms (93750 mi) on it had been repaired to a transmission repair shop in 2009 for a failed transmission that cost him around $ 4000.Now it has a leaking engine that's causing him problem in his driveway due the unpleasant sight it brings to his property.On the other hand,i have an 8 seater 2001 Pontiac Montana SE EXT that i'm still driving during winter time with around 250000 km (156,250 mi) on it and with the same never been repaired 3.4 lit engine and auto-transmission...and one thing more it all passed all the emission tests required for insurance renewal without changing or fixing anything.My other newer minivan a Chrysler 2011 Touring now at 45000 km(28,125) is still doing great and doesn't gave me any problems at all.I hope i can keep this van for another 10 years like the Montana. Just like anybody i'm not going any younger.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    edited April 2013
    although the Chrysler has 4 and 5 star rating in crash tests. I was backing out of my driveway this morning in my 5 day old new mini van and using my on screen video of what's behind me. Next thing I hear a peping sound and then see a car go by. I soon discovered my van will also tell me when cars are going to go pass me when backing up. A great feature, especially if in a parking lot and another high vehicle is parked next to you, blocking your vision. I was also going to put on some spot mirrors like I had on the old Dodge to catch anyone in my blind spot when changing lanes. But discovered that Chrysler has that problem solved too. Built into the side mirrors, a light comes on, on a piece in the mirror anytime a car comes into my blind spot. It can also warn you with a bep. Another great safety feature.

    But I'm sure much has to do with how you use your mini van. If it's mostly a people hauler, with the softer 2nd and 3rd row seats, Honda or Toyota would be better. Also if you some times need the eighth seat and will trade it in earlier. All good reasons to buy either of those mini vans. My needs are just the opposit. There is only my wife and I. Some times we carry the kids and grand kids or friends. Never needed eight seats. I do haul a lot moving family and could get more in my Dodge van than I could in my old pickup truck.(I could stack things higher.) When my brother and I drove back to Ohio from Phoenix, I stowed one second and third row seat and put down a air matteress and one would take turns sleeping while the other drove. When My Mom and Sister needed electric carts to get around, like Park and Swap, I bought a metal ramp and was able to get two at once into my van. I delivered my own hot water tank and installed it. Same with a new dishwasher. Saving a $60.00 delivery fee on both. I got a 4x8 sheet of plywood in it to fix some siding on my shed. Took an old refrigerator to the recycle station. So you see, stow and go is important to me. But I wanted a mini van that also looked nice and had all the goodies I never had before, like back up camera, DVD, radio with a screen and hard drive. I loaded up all my music CD's and loaded them up on it and put the CD's back in the house. Remote start, auto headlights and windshield wipers, etc. etc. and the new 5th generation Chrysler fits that bill perfectly. The inside is beautiful. I just have to be more carefull now what I haul and cover it real good. Didn't worry that much about it with the 2005 Dodge GC. Not much to hurt in that one and it was far from pretty in the inside. Not so with this Chrysler Town and Country. I finally got my cake and can eat it to. I'm a happy man.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    edited April 2013
    Not a good picture. But there is an electric scooter and electric chair in that mini van. Just one of the reasons I buy Chrysler vans. It's just not a people hauler.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    (Regarding Hondas) In addition to reading all of the horror stories about Chrysler minivan brakes, the Odyssey is also prone to serious brake issues. TownHall Odyssey forum-brakes We all have our own opinions about this. I can't help but wonder if a lot of the brake issues on minivans of all makes has to do with driving habits. In the case of the 4,400 pound 5th generation Chrysler minivans, my wife and I leave a lot of room between our Town & Country and the vehicle ahead, and then brake gently when needed. But I've been a passenger with friends who like to follow closely and brake hard all the time. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why they have to replace their brakes so often.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    My father in law is like that,. He keeps his foot on the gas up until the last 25 or so feet. I play the lights. I'm looking at them a block away and trying to adjust my speed as to making it or having to stop. I may coast a half a block or more. But not enough to back up trafic. If it's a trip light, I'll speed up so I can get on the trip before it turns read with the last car moving off it. You can save brakes and gas by the way you drive.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    According to NY Times article 04/19/2013 at 1:47pm, Honda is recalling 59,000 2012-13 Odysseys to fix issue where the automatic transmission can be shifted out of park without depressing the brake pedal. Also included are 128,000 2012-13 CRVs and 17,500 2013 Acura RDXs.
  • jimboy2jimboy2 Posts: 12
    That news in not new. Honda cars are a piece of junk and just wondering why they keep on soaring in sales,is it because of their modern and sleek design
    and buyers just forgot about quality and reliabilty concerns.A neighbour of mine had a 2002 honda odyssey and having transmission problem at around 150,000 kms (93,750 miles) that cost him around $4000 for the repair done in 2009.Now it's the engine that's leaking in his driveway and to add to that the almost every year brake problems.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • You'd be well advised not to try and outrun any of the 2011 and up Chrysler minivans with either a Honda or a Toyota. You'd lose!

    I don't know where Edmunds got their acceleration times for the Chrysler minivans, but it's obvious they never actually drove one! The 3.6 engine with the six-speed trans will run away from any other minivan out there. I've got a neighbor with a new, 2013 Toyota..., and it's nice..., but very 'plasticky', (to coin a word), all over the inside. I will admit it may be a touch quieter, but it has more wind noise than my Chrysler and my brothers 2012 Honda Odyssey that he used to brag about doesn't seem so quick to him anymore, and he does have the one with the six-speed trans.!

    It's not that any of these three vehicles, or the others from Nissan and a couple of others that don't come to mind, are 'sport sedans', but they are far better than most people realize. Back when I was a lot younger, I used to race an A Production Corvette in the SCCA..., so I DO know what I'm talking about.

    As for resale value..., yes it is less, but you also pay much less for a vehicle with the same or better content than the Honda and Toyota that some of the 'consumer magazines' just love to rave about!

    Fiat just announced a new engine for their Maserati line..., a 3.2 liter V-6 that puts out over 410 HP. It's based on the Chrysler Pentastar!
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    For years I listen to Honda and Toyota owners talk about how great their mini vans were compared to Chrysler's. I had a 2005 Dodge GC for years and there wasn't a lot to brag about besides Stow N Go. But that all changed in this 5th generation of Chrysler mini vans. Yes, in some ways, Honda and Toyota still have a (small) advantage ove the Chrysler minivans. But on a whole, the new style Chrysler vans can stack up with any of them. That includes power, safety and looks. There isn't anything Chrysler didn't improve in these vans over the older style. To top it off, they are beautiful inside. My 2013 Chrysler TC L has so many safety features it blows my mind. They even thought of things I never dreamed would enter their mind, like storage place for umbrellas and a built in self charging flash light. I love the blind spot warning system and the Cross Path detector and warning system. They have kept me out of trouble several times already.
    They made the middle fold down seats softer and wider and they fold down easier.

    I could care less about seating for 8. Have yet to even carry 7 in my van. But With 3 children and 11 grand kids, I use Stow N Go a lot. That is something none of the others have and what sets Chrysler mini vans apart from all the rest. I could care less if one can go from 0-60, one or two seconds faster. I try and drive mine as easy as I can to save gas. I only stomp on it when I need that extra get up and go and Chrysler has that too. This is the best mini van Chrysler has ever made. I can't think of anything they left out that I'd want.
  • I hear the present town and country van is going away to take the place of the Durango what then the Dodge grand caravan? I need a van Looks like Honda Or toyota only vans to look at and the future of Chrysler and Fiat worry me when I hear Dodge name could be going Away How much longer is the Import from Detroit going to be around I would love to look at one but will it be here 5 years from now any helpful responses would be nice Thanks
  • jimboy2jimboy2 Posts: 12
    I heard that Chrysler will continue to produce T/C but will stop the Caravan.Sharing my experience re the T/C,i purchased a 2011 T/C touring model on August 2011, exactly two years now at 51,200 kms. mileage at present (32,000 miles ?).This minivan is very reliable and powerful and doesn't give me any headache at all.I'm just hoping the good performance of this van will continue for years and just planning to keep it for a long time. My neighbor has a 2012 Honda Odyssey LE he leased last year but to tell you the truth he visited already to his dealer several times regarding some complaints of his van...and regarding Toyota Sienna i heard that it is not really doing well ranging from less power and failed fuel efficiency. You will only know how well really your vehicle is doing based on performance and reliability after driving it for several months or years That's why i don't really mind those reviews made by Automotive Review organizations like example,my other van which i am using until now since buying it in 2001,a Pontiac Montana EXT 8 seater,on it is 251,000 kms.(157,000 miles).Everything that are major parts of the van are still original like the 3.4.L engine and auto-transmission and never been repaired nor changed,though it got a low review from the Review bodies.Another neighbor's 2002 Honda Odyssey at 150,000 kms blew-up its auto-transmission that cost him around $ 3,500 to $4,000 fro repair.Considering the harsh climate here in Canada where i live,both 2011 Town and Country and 2001 Pontiac Montana in view are the most reliable vehicles i ever had.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    I really don't worry about what is going to happen to Chrysler Corp. They will be around for a long time. Fiat came through at the right time to help Chrysler where they needed it the most, a new, fuel efficient four cylinder engine to compete with the other auto companies. They didn't have enough money to develop one themselves.

    What they are going to do in the mini van field, I'm not sure, but I am sure Chrysler will have one to offer. I'd rather see it be a Chrysler mini van than Dodge. They are classier looking. It could be that Chrysler is planning to drop the Dodge name, as they now call the Doge trucks, Ram trucks.

    But as what to buy, I think that depends on how you want to use your mini van and how long you want to keep it. If it's just hauling people and you want to keep it only a few years, Toyota or Honda would be your best choices. Same thing if you need seats for eight. They hold their value longer. Although I think these new Chrysler mini vans will keep their value better than the older ones did and you will get more for your money with a Chrysler mini van.. My choosing Chrysler mini vans is because of stow and go. I don't use my van to just haul people. I have put dressers, chests, 4x8 pieces of plywood in them, I even carried my new dishwasher and refrigerator I keep in the garage in it. It's an apartment size refrig. It saves me time and money paying delivery fees. My old Dodge was a work horse. I bought a steel ramp since my Sister began using a wheel chair to get around. I have easily been able to put that in my new Chrysler mini van and take her places she wants to go, but can't walk it. So I really think it depends on what your going to use your mini van for. Let that be your deciding factor, not whether Chrysler will be around or not. They will be.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    We are on our 4th Chrysler minivan since 1990 (would be 3rd, but our 2nd was totaled by a lady on her cell phone running a red light; luckily, no injuries). If and when Chrysler announces the last year of producing the T&C, I will most definitely buy a fully loaded Limited model before they are all gone.
  • Hi Marine2 thank you for your response I really like hearing from people that drive these vans. All I get is how BAD Chrysler Vans are but they are everywhere you go. I love the room I have in my 03 honda but The Town and country Has very much improved, Again any help from actual owners Help Thanks Again
  • jimboy2jimboy2 Posts: 12
    Chrysler Town and Country is the best minivan you can buy today...power,hi-tech,flexibility and class...
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