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Honda Pilot: 2013 Touring-RES/NAV Radio Static

t2bost2bos Posts: 1
edited March 18 in Honda
Hello, I purchased a new 2013 Honda Pilot Touring with the RES/NAV package. I live in the suburbs of Boston (within 30 minutes of the city, by no means out in the middle of no where...). I have been getting static on the common radio stations - 94.5, 96.9, 98.5, 104.1, 106.7, 107.9, etc. It's sporadic in different areas and different stations.

My other vehicle also has HD Radio, does not have these issues at all, so I know that it's not dead spots, etc. I recently took my vehicle to the Dealership, and they said they tightened the radio connections, but this did not help. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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