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Jeep Owners: Recalls & TSBs



  • I have also returned to the dealership for attempted repairs on my leaking 2005 Jeep Wrangler. I will probably hire an attorney to help me. The last repair the dealership made was to fill in the areas that leak with a black rubber cement-type of material. If I remove my hardtop it will breach that quick fix. Now, here's my problem.. my car door was scratched in a parking lot one day. My insurance will cover the fix, but the repair shop needs to remove the top to repair the problem. They know about the leaking problem and don't want to cause the leak to resume. They think that might get them involved with my case against the dealership. What do you think out there?
  • I would go back to the dealership and tell them that you want the scratch repaired by their bodyshop -- tell them you want the repairs to be done by their shop because they know Wranglers and will do the best job ;)

    The dealership will know that they ahve to break the makeshift seal to repair the scratch and will have to deal with whatever happens after removing the top to do the repairs. Which is more fuel for your case. Make sure to get receipts from everyone documenting the whole thing.

    BTW: I checked out the dealership web site where I bought my leaky Sport this evening. I see that even though they did a buyback on my Sport because of severe leaking, they are now selling it as a "Certified" used car on their lot. :confuse:

    I am going to get a friend to call up to the dealership tomorrow to ask the salesman point blank why a 2005 Sport with only 3500 miles on it is on their used car lot; why it was traded in -- and if there is anything wrong with the car.
  • pulsox69pulsox69 Posts: 6
    Thanks. That's a good idea. I'll give that a shot.
  • lou62lou62 Posts: 9
    A Toyota dealership in your area might be the solution to yours and all these other
    folks' problems...
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,981
    If you think all Toyotas are problem free, I have some sludge to sell you. :shades:

    Let's try to stick to offering up solutions to problems in here please.

    Steve, Host
    (former Jeep & Toyota owner)

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  • 1finejeep1finejeep Posts: 29
    Wranglers are going to leak, it is to be expected from a 4X4 life size,rag top Lego

    As far as the scratch on your door, if the body shop knew what they where doing they would just take the door off the Jeep and leave the top alone.

    And yes sometimes it is bothersome to have a little water in the Jeep but I pulled the drain plugs in the floor so that it wou8ld not hold the water in.

    One thing you might try is to put a small piece of black tape were the plastic door molding meets the windshield bracket that did seem to slow the leak in mine.

    One last thing, People are either Wrangler drivers are they aren't. The Wrangler is not built for everybody. If you can not handle the ride or the weather then maybe you shouldn't be a owner. I do know the 2007 models are built a little different so maybe they won't leak.
  • A little water, yes. 3-4 inches of standing water on the floor after a steady rain, no. And definitely not acceptable in a brand new car I'm making monthly payments on. In an older Jeep a little water's to be expected.

    The 2005 Wrangler I had was a lemon, plain and simple -- the fact that the dealership bought it back proves that. My 2004 Sport (R.I.P.) was great -- in fact, it saved my life when I was broadsided by a 2005 Dodge Ram Truck two summers ago. That's why I bought another one as soon as I got the insurance check.

    So yes, I think I'm very much a Jeep person. I've had two in less than 3 years. But the 2005 Wrangler I had was defective -- as are many others out there -- and that is just a fact.
  • lou62lou62 Posts: 9
    Steve, I didn't say all toyotas are trouble free. This forum is an outstanding source of
    information regarding the future purchase of a vehicle. It has enabled myself and many
    others to steer clear of jeep products. Keep up the great work...
  • 1finejeep1finejeep Posts: 29
    Two things to check.....

    If you have half doors(not full metal) then the Jeep will leak and the salesperson should have told you that.

    Second, check the trim piece that is removable with full metal doors and make sure the tape is covering the foam were it connects to the Jeep. Close to the top of the windshield. That is how I fixed most of my problem.
  • I had full metal doors on both of my Wranglers. The 2004 Sport never leaked. The 2005 Sport did nothing but.

    Both I, the dealership service dept./body shop did everything we could think of; tops were changed (hard and soft;) all trim and door mouldings were replaced; doors were realigned; actually, all of these things made the leaking worse to the point where you could not take the Wrangler out in any kind of rain, as it would just leak steadily and slowly fill the front and back floors up with water.

    What can I say? I just got a bad Wrangler. It happens. Hasn't turned me off at all...there's another one in my's in my blood ;)
  • The Jeep dealer has our 06 Unlimited hardtop (1700mi) for the leak thing. They know what the problem is and they're talking about having to drop the dash to fix it :mad: .

    This is the first (and last) time I buy American. The dealership we took delivery from and the body shop have had miserable service. It's confirmed everything I thought about American dealerships & cars.
  • pulsox69pulsox69 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try. I visited a Jeep dealership the other day and saw a piece of tape covering the foam where the driver's side door meets the jeep (A brand new 2006 Jeep Rubicon). Looks like there are quick fixes being done before they leave the showroom floor.
  • irishredirishred Posts: 7
    I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport with 60,000 miles. I recently had it to the garage for a coolant leak. I'm leaking coolant from somewhere, although there are no leaks and I don't smell anything. When I picked it up from the garage they informed me that they couldn't find anything wrong even after pressure testing everything but that they had heard that Jeeps from 99-01 were having a problem with cracked heads after around 40,000 miles. This is suppose to be due to a defect through Chrysler when they changed to the coils instead of wires. I am no mechanic and wasn't too happy hearing this especially since it's not even paid off yet and may cost me another 1600.00 to replace heads that, in my opinion, if Chrysler knows this problem exists, should put a recall out and fix their own problem! All in all I was just wondering if anyone else out there is having or had the same problem or heard the same news.
  • We got the Jeep back on Friday and they said they'd fixed it. Well, it rained last nite, the wife reports we got water inside the Jeep again.

    I hate American cars, dealerships and service even more than I used to. :lemon: :lemon:
  • corndogcorndog Posts: 8
    Just purchased a 2006 Jeep LIberty diesel in January am taking it back to the dealer for the fourth time. Dealer says it has some major problem with the transmission with the electrical signals in the transmission, which they (Chrysler) can't fix and don't know how to fix.
    Jeep tells my dealer its normal operating system my dealer says no it is not normal. What it does is acts like it is either trying to cut out or its trying to shift gears resulting in it cutting out. Very frustating when Chrysler won't own up to problem when three guys in the service department all tell Chrysler the same thing. Plus this jeep barely gets 21 mpg. Needless to say I want a car that is new and has no problems like what I was suppose to get when I purchased this jeep. :lemon:
  • bvcrdbvcrd Posts: 196
    Yea, this problem has been out there for a while. Not on mine thank the lord. There is a new TSB out there but from what I hear on my other sight, it doesn't work either. Some folks get new torque convertors and or trannys. Stay on them. Let us know.
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Posts: 168
    Probably a silly question, but does your invoice say "heads" or "head"? The 2.5 and 4.0 are inline motors. They only have one "head", rather than a Vee configuration.
  • irishredirishred Posts: 7
    There's a 4.0 inline 6 cylinder in this Jeep.
  • jtbirdjtbird Posts: 1

    It's raining hard here in LA and I went to the Jeep Dealership to look at a reserved Brand New 05 Wrangler X - did I say Brand Spanking New.I opened the doors to the car and there were huge puddles of water both sides - in the footwells (well being an appropriate name).Not a great start.Needless to say I didn't purchase the car - is this a common problem with Wranglers - half metal doors - can it be rectified ???!?!?!
  • From what I've seen and heard, the leaking is a very common problem in 2005's and 2006's.

    My 2004 Sport never leaked a drop. Unfortunately, it was totalled in an accident. So I got a 2005 Sport. It leaked horribly from the time I got it, as did other Wranglers I checked on several different new car lots. (Wanted to see if my Sport leaking was an isolated problem. Found out it was not.) Chrysler does not know how to fix the problem -- nor do they admit there even is a problem; says they are designed to leak. Some dealerships claim they can fix the problem, but they don't.

    My attorney got the dealership where I bought the 2005 Sport to buy the car back from me. They never fixed the leak. And now the Sport is for sale on their used car lot.

    My advice is if you are considering buying a Wrangler, take it for a test drive -- right through a hand car wash. if it doesn't leak, then buy it!
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