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Starts well; Fast Idles at 1500 RPM as rpm slows to 800 RPM dies.

scriptoscripto Posts: 1
edited March 18 in Mazda
I bought this 1998 Protege a week ago and it ran great for but a half hour and then suddenly quit. I had the vehicle towed from Langley to La Conner at great exoense. WEE!
Engine starts well and idles smoothly at a fast idle of 1500 RPM; the RPM then slows to a normal idle of 800 RPM. Then the engine dies immediately when reaching this normal idle of 800 RPM; It will then not restart until after about an hour's wait. During the high idle period the engine sputters when attempting to increase RPM. I have replaced the fuel pump, tank filter, main fuel filter, verified that there is fuel and pressure in the injector ring and burnished the contacts in the distributer cap and checked the EGR. Anyone have any ideas? I really hate to trouble shoot with my wallet.
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